Case Study on Solid Waste Management Under Agaratla City

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    1   CASE STUDY ON SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT UNDER AGARTALA CITY AGARTALA MUNICIPAL COUNCIL BY Dr MILIND RAMTEKE, IAS CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AGARTALA MUNICIPALCOUNCIL AGARTALA, TRIPURA      Brief Agartalin NortAgartalAgartalcity is literacy rate.    T than ocontaithe citarea bvariousplanneriver i   actualltheBan488sq.surrouNH-44. Businefacility.  ASE STntrodu a   is the -east Ina lies on a has te99,688 accordine Nobel lce and a   s all inci remainet from 1 fields al as of 20 Tripura srcinatgladesh m. The ding it, It is the s,indust  DY ON tion of apital of dia afterGthe bankples and ith aroung to 2011ureate Iso built ents and in a neg81 Agartng with 11 with a. Agartals in Barorder. T city ofAgpecificallCapital & ial, Educ  SOLID AGAgartal the   India   uwahati, of    Haora   palaces. d one lak census dian poe house t    the histoligible dela startets city a additio city liemura Hi   he river artala is making Main Cittional & 2   ASTE TALA C City: n state   ooth in iver   and is per 20 migratis 93.88, Rabindra   at still exic storieelopment to expanea with al of 92 s on the ls and mbasin clocated it look lik of TripuHealth Ce Agartala Capital 1838 AManikyaMunicipduring ManikyaPolitical appointeas off Chairm The Muas estbecame Maharaj1940s.T Capital 15th Oc ANAGTY f    Tripura   anunicipal located 1 censusg populaigher thath Tagists. The   of Agart progress d and inc8.84 sq q kmHaorbanks oerges inttchment at lower e asaucea State nter havi   Municip Agartala by Ma (1830-lity was he reign (1862-9Agent, d for hil   red the n of the icipal Adblished i   a plan BirBikis erst   f Tripurober 194 MENT d is secoarea an2 km fro, Populatiion daily. n the nare visited istorical la. From with only ease its m, greata is the the Hao the Titaarea is elevation.Agartala nd also g Airpor l Cou (new) waaraja Kr9 AD). instituteof Maha AD). T Mr. A Tipprah honour Agartala inistrati 1874 A.ed city raManiky hile Pr merged . NDER d largest popula   Banglan of Aga    Percentational lite the city book Raj1901 to a 8 sq konnectivier Agarta   ost imporaRiver,w River acapproxim than is Locatedministrt and Rai cil(AMC) s foundeshna Kis The Aga    in 1871raja Chae 1st Br.W.B. Pin 1871 of being Municipn in Aga    and the by the Bahadur incely with Indi city ion. esh. tala e of racy ore mal 971 or  y in a is tant hich ross tely reas on tive, way :  The in ore tala AD dra tish wer AD, the lity. tala city hen in tate on    3   Description:    Four Zones- South, North East and Central,    Number of wards-35     Total Area- 58.84 Sq Km and    Density of 6,251/Sq km (16,190/sq mi) .    No of Households is- 90000    Present Chairperson- Dr.PrafullaJitSinha   Solid Waste Generation under Agartala Municipal council: 1. Municipal Solid Waste 2. Biomedical Waste MSW Generation and Composition of Agartala City: Sources of Solid Waste Generation   Quantity ( Tentative)  Waste Generated by Household waste/Kitchen Waste( door to door collection) 20 MT/Day Waste Generated by Vegetable Markets, Fish Markets, Mandisetc 60 MT/Day Waste generated by workshops/garages/electronic waste 4.5 MT/Day Commercial waste (Hotels/shops/Institutions)15% 30 MT Dead Animals/Carcasses 0.5 MT Waste thrown on roads collected by Sweeping 125 MT Drain silt 10 MT Total Solid Waste Generation 250 MT/Day      collectigarbag The sesweepigarbagby the regular collectisolid wthe gehere etc maas ther rom the n of M) under ondary cg and cl. In fact people o and crn) systeste geneerated g   here are kets. Th are no 50% above pinicipal gartala ciollection aning achis garba the roaddible Pr under ated fromrbage. T arge nu extent oajor indu   4% MSW   -diagramolid Wa y is muchich incivity, amge is nots and inmary gagartala the marke reason ber of bi industristries insi   12%10% ompos 4   me it is te(door t less thaludes theunts to ing but tide the obage counicipal ets and for this , mediu   l and elede Agarta 20%22% tion   in   noticed o door c that of t garbage bout hale same gen drain   lection( council. andis cos that A and smtronic wa City. Agarala WaswasdooWasMaretcWasworwasCo(HotDeaWascollDrai hat exteollection e secondgenerate of the darbage ws due to oor to lso the q prises abartala is all vegetaste is al     city te   Generated   e/Kitchen   War   collection)te   Generated   kets,   Fish   Marte   generated   kshops/garage   mercial   wasteels/shops/Instd   Animals/Carte   thrown   on   cted   by   Sween   silt t of priof houseary collec on road   ily generich is thack of prdoor garantity oout 20% the main le, fish, ost negli   by   Householdste(   door   to   by   Vegetable   kets,   Mandis   y   s/electronic   itutions)15%casses   oads   ing   of    roads  ary hold ion. by ated own oper age the f all city eat ible
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