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  SHORT CASES FOR DISCUSSION: 1.The town mayor of Sta. Catalina, where the plant of Ruiz Manufacturing Company is located, sent to Mr. Ruiz, general manager, his private secretary thetwo former domestic helpers. They arrived at the company compound in a policecar, and the secretary told Mr. Ruiz that the two maids were compromiserecommendees of the mayor. What would you do if you were Mr. Ruiz !f youwere the personnel manager, what would you do if the general manager referred the maids to you The above case calls for a compromising si!aion on he par of r# R!i$ beinghe general manager as agains o he recommen%aion of he o&n ma'or of Sa#Caalina# If I &ere r# R!i$( I &ill acce%e o he re)!es of he ma'or beca!se inb!siness here is some sor of a goodwill  # eaning( he compan' sho!l% noonl' be a profi oriene% b! raher sho!l% a a*e lile ris* in or%er o esablish agoo%&ill among he officials of he o&n( in his respec he ma'or of Sa# Caalina&here m' b!siness is locae%# +eca!se I believe in he long r!n( I &ill benefifrom i li*e in he processing of m' b!siness permi &hich is he primor%ialconcern of m' man!fac!ring compan'#On he oher han%( if I &as he personnel manager an% r# R!i$( he o&ner(referre% o me he &o %omesic helpers( being in ha posiion I pres!me% ha Ihave grea responsibiliies ha are ver' vial o he s!ccess or fail!re of heorgani$aion# ' %ecision o &heher accep or no is someho& a !rning poin o%ra& he lines# I is more %iffic!l o be a personnel manager han being a general manager beca!se m' %iscreion is ver' limie%# Here( I have o eval!ae if he &ocompromise recommen%ees have mee he san%ar% of he compan'# If he' %o(here is no harm b! if oher&ise( hen ha is he problem beca!se sricl'spea*ing I sho!l% no emplo' hem if he' %o no mee he san%ar% beca!se ha&ill pose %isa%vanages on he par of he compan'# +! on he oher han%(!rning hem %o&n &ill p! he compan' ino ba% ligh consi%ering ha I mighins!l he ma'or of he o&n#So( he bes sol!ion o he problem a han% is( I &ill emplo' he &o mai%saccor%ing o heir )!alificaions# If he' nee% raining an% seminar in or%er for hem o be e)!ippe% &ih he necessar' s*ills nee%e% I &ill sen% hem# D!ringhe orienaion process( I &ill give emphasis on he o!p! base since his is aman!fac!ring compan' an% pro%!cion is ver' essenial o he s!rvival of hecompan'#  .#ou have $een re%uested to help develop a simple performance appraisal system for a modest and relatively new $ut successful fast food pizza delivery $usiness. Most of the sales come from phone&in delivery $ecause the dine&infacilities are limited to a standing counter and two small ta$les good for 1'&1  customers. This company currently has four outlets in Metro Manila $ut sincefranchising is the goal for the ne(t year, the owners want to improve on all thesystem immediately.#ou want to ma)e sure that the new employees are guided on how they should do their *o$ and that their continued employment will $e $ased on how well they  perform. +lso, you want to manage your cost of doing $usiness and are not  prepared as yet to increase the pay of the $etter performing employees.owever, you are considering some form of special recognition $onuses to high performing employees $ut only after very careful study . ,erformance appraisal is a meho% of eval!aing an% provi%ing fee%bac* on&here an% ho& he emplo'ee mees &or* e-pecaions over a given perio% of ime#+ase% on he facs above( i sho&s ha he b!siness is ne& an% sill gro&ing b!i has a promising ambiion o engage in franchising b!siness# I g!ess i is no'e rea%' o engage in franchising for ne- 'ear# +! be ha as i ma'( here aresome hings ha I have o a*e ino consi%eraion# The performance of heemplo'ees vis./.vis &ih he compensaion# Tha is he e)!aion ha I have o%eal &ih#  A his poin in ime he appraisal s'sem sho!l% be simple so ha i &ill be eas'o e-ec!e# E-ample( giving incenives o emplo'ees &ho sho&e% e-raperformance on he 0ob ma'be no in monear' b! giving hem %!e recogniionli*e -model employee of the wee)  1 o be pose% a he &all of he co!ner# I issimple 'e &orh&hile o he one ha is chosen o ma*e him more moivae% onhe 0ob# Anoher hing( on he hiring process of he e-pece% emplo'ees# There m!s bean orienaion an% raining s'sem in or%er o process he e-pece% emplo'eesbefore he' &ill be e-pose% on he 0ob giving emphasis on cleanliness(polieness( an% promp in aen%ing he c!somers# D!ring is ransiion perio% from a fas foo% pi$$a %eliver' ino a franchisingb!siness( he managemen sho!l% eval!ae presen emplo'ees on he abovecrieria 2 is he emplo'ee observe% cleanliness in he performance of his 0ob34as he polie an% promp in aen%ing he c!somers3 Then( if an emplo'ee mehis hen he &ill be conin!e% o be emplo'e% &ih correspon%ing increase on his  &ages o ma*e him more enh!siasic on he ne- level# +! if he %esire% res!lis no favorable( he compan' sho!l% no hesiae no o rene& hem on he 0obso ha he compan'5s san%ar% sho!l% no be compromise%# .#ou are tas) to develop a $enefits program for a new call&center company that was recently set&up. The company e(pects to %uic)ly hire teams of call center customer relations officers on a /&hour $asis, with the pea) time set at the wor) time of the West Coast in the 0nited States. Therefore, wor)ing hours may$edemanding to your target employees, with your $etter&s)illed ones assigned tothe 1 midnight to  a.m. slot on a five&day wor)sheet.The Customer Relations 2fficers are in their 's and would pro$a$ly $e in their first or second or third *o$s. 3acility with the spo)en 4nglish language, %uic) thin)ing, customer orientation, teamwor) are )ey competencies.There are many other call center operations that have $een set up in the last twoyears, so your company e(pects competition from them. The current industry turnover rate is '5. !t is important that the $enefits pac)age of your company6scall center is at least compara$le to those others. +enefis are one aspec of compensaing emplo'ees asi%e from basic salar' haan emplo'ee ma' receive# An% if i is proper' manage%( an organi$aion is abeer place o &or*# The more aracive he benefis pac*ages are he morechance of *eeping he emplo'ees an% he en% res!l &o!l% be minimi$ing!rnover cos#The above case concerns abo! a 67 ho!r b!siness operaion an% i %eman%ss*ille% emplo'ees paric!larl' C!somer Relaion Officers &or*ing a he pea*ho!rs of be&een 86:99 mi%nigh o :99 A# # in five.%a' &or*shee# An% hepresen ren%ing of his *in% of b!siness especiall' he !rnover is aro!n% 69;# oreover( here are alrea%' esablishe% b!sinesses of same na!re ahea% of 'o!for &o 'ears# <!esion( &ha is o!r e%ge agains o!r compeiors in or%er o *eep o!r emplo'ees in he compan'3 Consi%ering he siff compeiions be&een an%among call ceners( here is a reall' a nee% o srenghen he benefis pac*age of he organi$aion# The compan' sho!l% inro%!ce more innovaive offerings haare more aracive o enice emplo'ees o sa' especiall' given more preferenialaenion o hose assigne% a nighime# E-ample( asi%e from hose legall're)!ire% benefis 2 li)e social security system, employee6s compensation,thirteenth month pay, 7ag&!$ig and paid vacation, paid sic) leave and paid holidays, he compan' sho!l% offer oher benefis li*e a sponsore% social an%recreaional evens li*e o!ing( picnics( song an% %ance paries on a sche%!le%basis =giving he emplo'ees choices &here he' can avail of s!ch benefi> inor%er no also o hamper he operaion of he call cener since i is a 67 ho!r   operaion# Co!nseling services is also paramo!n o his *in% of b!sinessbeca!se accor%ing o s!%ies hose people &or* %!ring nigh ime are moreprone o sress# So( here is a nee% o !nloa% hese sresses b' &a' of someps' inervenion# Anoher imporan hing o consi%er is in erms of foo% services# The compan' sho!l% provi%e some sor of a caneen &here foo%sare al&a's available a he emplo'ees reach beca!se he' &ill no longer go o!he premises 0!s o fin% for foo%#4ih hose benefis pac*ages ha he compan' is offering( I believe ha hecompan' is no& a par &ih oher compeiors# /.The 7resident8owner of a company was so disgusted over the unreasona$ledemands of the union. e was also incensed $y the arrogant $ehavior of theunion officers. + day $efore the start of the C9+ negotiations, without consulting his 9oard of :irectors, he decided to loc)out all employees, close shop, stop theentire $usiness operations of the company. !s the loc)out legal or illegal Why ?oc*o! is an' emporar' ref!sal of an emplo'er o f!rnish &or* as a res!l of anin%!srial or labor %isp!e#The ac of he presi%en@o&ner of he compan' is illegal %espie he fac of !nreasonable %eman%s an% arrogan behavior of he !nion officers# I sai% sobeca!se !n%er he ?abor Co%e of he ,hilippines( here are re)!isies of la&f!lsri*e@loc*o!( o &i:  That it must $e $ased on a valid and factual ground; and astri)e or loc)out <otice shall $e filed with the <ational Conciliation and Mediation$oard =<CM9> at least 1? days $efore the intended date of the stri)e or loc)out if the issues raised are unfair la$or practices, or at least ' days $efore theintended date thereof if the issue involves $argaining deadloc). From he above re)!isies( i is clear ha he %eclaraion of he presi%en@o&ner is no &ihin he bo!n%s of his a!hori'# If his ac &as prompe% b' he!nreasonable an% arrogan behavior sill i %oes no give him s!ch righ beca!sehere is a righ for!m for ha an% i can be raise% here %!ring he C+Anegoiaions &here ever'one has he righ o be hear% an% he righ o %efen%himself# ?.+fter / months of negotiations, the union declared a deadloc) and filed a noticeof stri)e. 2n the 1@  th  day from filing of the notice, the union su$mitted to thegeneral mem$ership for secret $alloting its intention to stri)e. The -yesA to stri)ewas overwhelming. Seeing the clear mandate of the mem$ers, the union struc) on the 1B  th  day from date of filing the notice to stri)e. !s the stri)e legal or illegalWhy The sri*e &as illegal# 4h'3 +eca!se !n%er provision n!mber of he re)!isiesof a la&f!l sri*e or loc*o!( an% I )!oe: a stri)e or loc)out <otice shall $e filed 
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