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Catalyst Fund- Investor Overview

An overview of the capital raise which will be offered when SEC CrowdFunding Title 4 goes into effect shortly. Invest as little as $10,000 as we grow to $80-Million.
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  • 1. The Problem Do You Feel Left Out In The Real Estate Game? It is true that it takes money to make money, but it is also true that there is great strength in numbers. How do you become a part owner in something like a shopping center? An office building? An industrial park? Even the buildings that house the Costco’s, Target’s, Best Buy’s and other large retail operators? Unless you have deep pockets, all you can do is dream…. OR….
  • 2. Our Solution Now that the laws have changed for small investors who want to take part in the tremendous wealth- building that commercial real estate can bring… Small investments add up. When combined together, the money brings all of us into the realm of ownership in the very same real estate you pass by every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to own a piece? With new CrowdFunding rules from the SEC, everyone can play and prosper!
  • 3. Business Model Which is why our investing platform was created, to create wealth and share it equally with others as we buy, reposition, manage and sell various opportunities waiting for new owners. A small investment, starting at just $5,000, puts you in the fund, sharing the long-term profits through real estate that is under-priced, under-performing, or is built from the ground up. It could be an apartment community… student housing….. Hotels… self-storage parks… retail centers. With the combined strength of hundreds and thousands of small investor, those opportunities are within reach.
  • 4. Underlying Magic Our team looks under every rock to see what kind of profitable real estate deal can be made. Many times, deals that were passed on by the “big boys” would be fine to invest in, but because of their size they can cherry pick the lowest hanging fruit. We will be climbing up the tree to find those that are not public, or are being auctioned off by the banks, or for owners who need to refinance their property when their bank loans come due. The banks aren’t lending new money so much, so the owners have to find new money.
  • 5. Marketing and Sales Small investors can be found almost anywhere online, or in local real estate investment networking groups, or through law firms, investment advisers, and others. Our expertise is not just in real estate, it is in Marketing and Sales. The team of people who work with us each bring unique talents and skills to make a strong investing business. Now that public advertising is allowed for small investors (the 99%) to participate, we are all over the place. With a sister website that also generates deal flow, we have a continuous flow of opportunities.
  • 6. Competition There is no question that there are a lot of competitors all seeking similar deals. The good news is, the opportunities ARE greater than the number of competitors! In many cases, competitors talk to each other if they have a deal that doesn’t fit their criteria, and often will refer them out. The key is building quality relationships with those competitors, and become a part of the network.
  • 7. Team PCC Capital Investments LLC Michael J. Weiner Mike has been involved in various aspects of real estate, from being an investor, a real estate agent, a mortgage officer and a project funding background. With a large network of professionals to pull from he has multiple resources for legal, brokerage, developer, construction, marketing, sales and finance. Each transaction targeted will be assigned to a team comprised of these professionals, based on their expertise, network and their reputation for getting things done.
  • 8. Projections and Milestones First Objective: Finding small investors to build a pool of money. Target is 80-100 Million US dollars. Second Objective: Identifying, evaluating, and offering to buy properties in the target asset classes. (see the PPM and Business Plan) Third Objective: Add value to the acquired properties through repositioning, rehabilitation, retention and/or resale at a profit. Our target return is at least 6.5%, with a focus on 12% profitability.
  • 9. Status and Timeline •Professional Management engaged for each property acquired. •At the right time, sell the asset and take profits for distribution to investors. •Buy, wholesale, or hold for cash flow. •Opportunities for commercial and residential real estate, and other profitable projects. Identify Acquire ManageExit July 2016- Capital Raise from Investors July 2016-July 2017- Offers, Acceptance, Settlement and Possession of first 4 properties. July 2017- June 2020- Continuous Capital Raise and Deployment into new deal flow June 2018 – First profits distribution, then quarterly.
  • 10. Get Invested!
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