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T: Frm: Re: ALA/ALCTS/CCS Cmmittee n Catalging: Descriptin and Access Task Frce n CC:DA's Internal and External Cmmunicatin Midwinter 2008 Reprt Intrductin CC:DA/TF/Cmmunicatin/4 page 1 The Task Frce n
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T: Frm: Re: ALA/ALCTS/CCS Cmmittee n Catalging: Descriptin and Access Task Frce n CC:DA's Internal and External Cmmunicatin Midwinter 2008 Reprt Intrductin CC:DA/TF/Cmmunicatin/4 page 1 The Task Frce n CC:DA's Internal and External Cmmunicatin has been wrking t fulfill the remainder f its charge. Details n cmpleted items are available frm the preliminary reprt f the Task Frce, CC:DA/TF/Cmmunicatin/3, June 4, The Task Frce has made prgress n pen wrk items which are: Charge A updating CC:DA cntacts list based upn review f prir Task Frce wrk Charge C - assessing the nature f internal cmmunicatins Charge D - determining functinal requirements fr sftware applicatins t handle internal and external cmmunicatins Charge F - migrating and maintaining CC:DA's web site Althugh the Task Frce has cmpleted Charge B (assessing the nature f external cmmunicatins), we nte that the internal CC:DA list is being made viewable t the utside wrld via a read-nly mirrr list hsted n ALA servers. The ability fr nn-cc:da members t view CC:DA discussin is a significant imprvement in external cmmunicatin. Charge A: Reviewing relevant prir wrk The Task Frce cmpleted its review f frmer relevant Task Frce wrk prir t the 2007 ALA Annual meeting. We recmmended updating tw utreach dcuments, Hw t Submit a Rule Change... and Building Internatinal Database and Catalging Standards, when Resurce Descriptin and Access (RDA) is ready fr publicatin. These dcuments cncern CD:DA s rle in the maintenance f AACR2 and shuld be updated t reflect the adptin f RDA. The updates, hwever, shuld nt be dne until RDA is in final draft in rder t avid unnecessary revisins. One prtin f the prir wrk review remains in-prcess. The 1994/5 Task Frce created a recipient list fr the distributin f CC:DA dcuments. The list is significantly dated (referring, fr example, t using gpher as a disseminatin tl) and this Task Frce has recmmended updating it. Wrk n a new list is underway. The result shuld in n way be cnsidered final r cmprehensive. With the prliferatin f library-related mailing lists, blgs, and scial netwrking technlgy it is difficult t include every single ptential cntact. The new list shuld cncentrate n grups with which CC:DA can actively partner n prjects f interest. The cntacts list shuld nt be cnsidered a mailing list in the traditinal sense. The CC:DA mirrr is t be released sn. Interested parties can pt-in t receiving thse types f CC:DA cmmunicatins. Replicating messages t an external distributin list is a duplicatin f effrt fr CC:DA and ptential spam fr any cntact that may als be subscribed t the mirrr. The list shuld be cnsidered an utreach tl fr initiating and managing tw-way cmmunicatin between CC:DA and ther grups. It shuld be a checklist t ensure CC:DA wrks with relevant parties n emerging bibligraphic standards rather than a ne-way disseminatin mechanism fr CC:DA annuncements and publicatins. The Task Frce recmmends that all CC:DA members and liaisns have the pprtunity t CC:DA/TF/Cmmunicatin/4 page 2 review and cntribute t this cntact list. Cmmunicatin is dynamic. The rganizatins with which CC:DA cmmunicates will change ver time. Hence, edits and additins t the list shuld be pssible at any time. There shuld als be peridic review f the list s that it remains current and relevant. Twelve years between updates is t much f a gap. The Task Frce suggests an annual review. The Task Frce als suggests using a tl which can accmmdate the dynamic nature f this list f cntacts. The 1994/5 list was a static text dcument. The list is really a directry and shuld be managed via database r spreadsheet t better accmmdate flux and t autmate dispatches. An up-t-date distributin list can be generated n-the-fly fr each cmmuniqué. The Task Frce suggests charging the CC:DA web master with investigating ALA web-based tls fr managing CC:DA cntacts. The Task Frce has begun wrk n an initial register f suggested cntacts fr external utreach. A draft is appended. The Task Frce wrked with the Keik Suzuki, CC:DA liaisn frm the Cmmittee n Catalging: Asian and African Materials, t cmpile a listing f nn- English language catalging grups t add t the distributin checklist. In additin, Jim Alberts has agreed t crdinate the cmpilatin f additinal relevant cntacts t seed the list. Onging maintenance f the utreach distributin list shuld fall t the CC:DA web master nce the initial cntact list is created and reviewed by CC:DA. Charge C: Assess the nature f internal cmmunicatins The Task Frce described the nature f CC:DA's internal cmmunicatins in CC:DA/TF/Cmmunicatin/3. The Task Frce als reviewed emerging technlgies t determine if there were any ways t autmate r enhance ur current internal cmmunicatin methds. The Task Frce cnsidered sme prmising tls such as the cllabrative/reviewer functins f CmmentPress and Adbe Acrbat Prfessinal and recnciliatin functins within PleaseReview. Recnciliatin is the prcess f cmparing multiple cmments n the same text. Acrbat and PleaseReview, hwever, are prprietary, expensive, and may r may nt be accessible fr CC:DA members. CmmentPress is a theme fr the WrdPress blgging sftware. MySQL and PHP services must be installed n the server and apprpriate access permissins must be btained t access files n the web server. CmmentPress requires a fair bit f technical savvy t install and may nt be cmpatible with the permissins we have been granted r services available frm ur server hst, ALA. Since issuing the Preliminary Reprt, the Task Frce has plled current CC:DA members fr their thughts n the current cmmunicatin methds. The pll received five respnses, all f which indicated satisfactin with the current mdes f cmmunicating CC:DA business. Thus it is the pinin f the Task Frce that internal cmmunicatins d nt require any changes at this time. The Task Frce reviewed current internal cmmunicatin methds t develp a list f functinal requirements fr sftware as a tl fr evaluating emerging technlgies. The functinal requirements list fr internal cmmunicatin sftware is included belw under Charge D. The Task Frce recmmends that the charge fr the new CC:DA web master include evaluating and implementing new technlgies when merited. Syndicated feeds and chat, fr example, are ptential enhancements t cmmunicatin. RSS feeds can be used in cnjunctin with t distribute infrmatin. Chat sftware culd supplement r replace CC:DA/TF/Cmmunicatin/4 page 3 as a vehicle fr discussins and/r grup wrk. RSS prvides interested parties with anther channel f cmmunicatin. Chat has the advantage f wrking in real-time and can eliminate the time lags f asynchrnus cmmunicatin methds. This has ptential t help CC:DA get its wrk dne in a mre timely fashin. Charge D: Determine the functinal requirements fr sftware The Task Frce determined that the functinal requirements fr the CC:DA web site develped by the 2004 Task Frce t Investigate CC:DA's Web Presence remain valid. Thse requirements are appended fr cnvenience. The Task Frce als reviewed emerging technlgies fr additinal ideas regarding the functinal requirements f any sftware which culd be used t enhance CC:DA cmmunicatin. Based n its assessment, the Task Frce created the fllwing requirements: Cmmunicatin sftware must be web accessible platfrm agnstic cmpatible with cmmn web brwsers cmpatible with ALA server technlgy in cmmn use by CC:DA members and representatives (r easily btained & installed) well dcumented ADA accessible easy t learn reliable (server wn't g dwn) preserve-able (cntent is in a frmat that wn't sn be bslete) inexpensive, preferably free migrate-able (we can get ur infrmatin ut f the system if we switch t a different tl) interperable with ther sftware (i.e. standard perating system functins like cut and paste are supprted, imprt/exprt available) secure supprt authenticatin and identity management (i.e. passwrd prtectin, different levels f access fr administratrs/cntributrs/readers, ability t limit nn-cc:da access t dcuments when required ) Charge F: Migrating and maintaining CC:DA's web site The Task Frce recmmended in its preliminary reprt that CC:DA apprve the additin f the CC:DA web master as an fficial nn-vting member f CC:DA. The Task Frce als recmmended the appintment f a new web master t take ver fr the persn currently perfrming the rle. CC:DA vted at Annual t apprve these recmmendatins. CC:DA appinted Patricia Hatch t the psitin. Patricia has been appinted t the current Task CC:DA/TF/Cmmunicatin/4 page 4 Frce as an ex-ffici member. The Task Frce is available t wrk with Patricia t migrate the CC:DA web site frm its current server t an ALA hsted server. Successful migratin will depend n active cperatin frm ALCTS and/r ALA. Staff shuld wrk with the CC:DA web master n a prject plan t mve such a large and cmplex site frm the PSU server t ALA. Wrk shuld begin as sn as the prject plan is in place. Prgress updates shuld be included in the web master's reprts t CC:DA. The Task Frce als recmmends that the web master be the fficial administratr f CC:DA space within the ALA Cmmunities prtal. Patricia shuld receive frmal training frm ALA n bth rles as sn as pssible. Appendix A DRAFT External cmmunicatin cntacts list CC:DA/TF/Cmmunicatin/4 page 5 Area Studies/Ethnic Librarians grups Nn English Access in Catalgs Listserv: Africana Librarians Cuncil (ALC) Listserv: (cntact: Karen Fung Catalging Cmmittee: Chairpersn f the Catalging Cmmittee: Jseph J. Lauer (term ends 2007) Africana Library Michigan State University 100 Library East Lansing, MI (517) Ext. 237 (phne) (517) (fax) Cmmittee n Research Materials n Sutheast Asia (CORMOSEA) Listserv: Subcmmittee n Technical Prcesses: Current Chair & cntact: Virginia Jing yi Shih Librarian fr Sutheast Asian Cllectins Suth/Sutheast Asia Library 120 De Library University f Califrnia Berkeley, CA USA Tel: (510) Fax: (510) CC:DA/TF/Cmmunicatin/4 page 6 Cmmittee n Suth Asian Libraries and Dcumentatin (CONSALD) Listserv: (cntact: Mary Rader Cntact fr technical prcessing matter: Alan Grsenheider, Cmmittee n East Asian Libraries (CEAL) Listserv: EASTLIB Cmmittee n Technical Prcessing: Chair: Mary Lin East Asian Original Catalging University f Wiscnsin-Madisn Madisn, WI RDA Review Subcmmittee: Crdinatr: Shi Deng (UC San Dieg) Middle East Librarians Assciatin (MELA) Cmmittee n Catalging: Chair : Meryle Gastn, University f Califrnia, Santa Barbara Listserv: MIDEASTCAT ( Seminar n the Acquisitin f Latin American Library Materials (SALALM) Listserv: Catalging and Bibligraphic Technlgy: Current cntact persn: Tina Grss ( ) ALA Ethnic Caucuses CC:DA/TF/Cmmunicatin/4 page 7 American Indian Library Assciatin (AILA) Listserv: Subject Access and Classificatin Cmmittee (SACC) Current chair: Kelly Webster and Jacquie Samples REFORMA Asian/Pacific American Librarians Assciatin (APALA) Chinese American Librarians Assciatin (CALA) CC:DA liaisn grups Assciatin f Jewish Libraries (AJL) Listserv: HEB NACO (mainly librarians wrking in American research cllectins) & HASAFRAN (mainly librarians wrking in American cllectins with Judaica/Hebraica, public/synaggue/research libraries) RAS Catalging Cmmittee Current Chair & CC:DA liaisn: Daniel Lvins Slavic & East Eurpean Sectin (SEES) / Autmated Bibligraphic Cntrl (ABC) In ALA / Assciatin f Cllege and Research Libraries (ACRL), which represented by Mann Thérux Chair: Diana Brking ( ) University f Washingtn Wrk: / Fax: CC:DA/TF/Cmmunicatin/4 page 8 Western Eurpean Studies Sectin (WESS) / Catalging Discussin Grup In ALA / Assciatin f Cllege and Research Libraries (ACRL), which represented by Mann Thérux Chair: Casn Snw (Nrthern Illinis University) ALA Mailing Lists ALCTS Catalg Frm and Functin; public list ALCTS Netwrked Resurces and Metadata Cmmittee; public list LITA Standards Interest Grup; public list Nn-ALA Mailing Lists General, nn-affiliated lists Large vlume general library catalging list List fr serials librarians Web4Lib Jint Steering Cmmittee Lists: Internatinal Federatin f Library Assciatins Lists catsmail: The mailing list f the IFLA Catalguing Sectin's Standing Cmmittee The FRBR Review Grup's Discussin List OCLC CC:DA/TF/Cmmunicatin/4 page 9 OCLC-CAT OCLC-Cat is a discussin frum fr library staff using r cnsidering any OCLC catalging and metadata services. Dublin Cre Blgs Planet Catalging Catalgblg Catalging Futures Bibligraphic Wilderness A Gentleman's Guide t Catalguing... Catalger 2.0 Cyle's Infrmatin LITA Blg Lrcan Dempsey's weblg Metadata Blg: The ALCTS Netwrked Resurces and Metadata Interest Grup Blg Panlibus The FRBR Blg CC:DA/TF/Cmmunicatin/4 page 10 Weibel Lines: Ruminatins n Libraries and Internet standards Outging: Library metadata techniques and trends by Thm Hickey NASIG Newsletter (Nrth American Serials Interest Grup) The Serials Catalger: News, research, and ther infrmatin f interest t serials catalgers. CC:DA/TF/Cmmunicatin/4 page 11 Appendix B: Website functinal requirements develped by 2004 Task Frce n CC:DA's web presence The CC:DA Website(s) must: serve bth the general (catalging) public and the cmmunicatin needs f the cmmittee itself prvide an intrductin/verview f the wrk f the cmmittee and hw it fits in t the brader AACR develpment cmmunity prvide current lists f cmmittee members (rster) prvide current lists f task frces, their charges, and their members prvide infrmatin n current activities via annuncements, minutes, current prpsals, etc. prvide access t dcumentatin f cmmittee rules, practices, and prcedures prvide access t current cmmittee dcuments prvide access t relevant nn-cmmittee dcuments (e.g. JSC, NISO, IFLA, passwrdprtected if necessary) prvide links t relevant ther related rganizatins, cmmittees, etc. be kept current, updated as new dcuments becme available, etc. prvide access t histrical dcuments f the cmmittee; serve as an archival repsitry fr cmmittee dcuments; previus members, minutes, cmmittee and task frce dcuments, etc. maintain a stable structure e.g., addresses f dcuments shuld be stable prvide index t dcuments by tpic, rule number, dcument number, title, issuing bdy link t archived messages frm the electrnic discussin list t current cmmittee members
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