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CCNA Guide to Networking - Ch12
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  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Fourth EditionChapter 12 Solutions Chapter 12 Solutions Review Questions 1. What address does a switch build into its table to successfully send data to thatdevice? a. Routing addressb. IP addressc. Bridge address d. MAC address 2. Which of the following tpes of switching !ethods reads the first # $tes of a fra!e $efore forwarding it%a. Store&and&forward $. Cut&throughc. Frag!ent&freed. Adapti'e(. )he ************ pro'ides sufficient spacing $etween fra!es so that network interfaces ha'e ti!e to process a packet $efore recei'ing another.a. interfra!e gap $. +a! signalc. $ackoff periodd. latenc#. Which de'ices look at a AC address when !aking their forwarding decision% -Choose all that appl.a. Switch $. /epeater c. 0ridged. /outer . Which of the following network !edia pro'ides the lowest latenc%a. S) $. Categor ( 3)c. Categor # 3)d. Categor  3)e. Fi$er&optic ca$le . Which of the following correctl descri$es !icroseg!entation%a. Creating additional seg!ents with passi'e hu$s $. Creating additional seg!ents with routersc. Creating additional seg!ents with fewer users per seg!ent 'ia laer 2d. 4i!iting network seg!ents to no !ore than 15 users6. Which of the following Ethernet errors descri$es a packet that has a $ad FCS and is o'er 117 $tes%a. /unt $. Shortc. 8a$$er 7(  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Fourth EditionChapter 12 Solutions d. 0ad FCS fra!e7. When two Ethernet stations can send !ore than # $tes of their data fra!es $efore detecting a collision, this is called a *************.a. +a$$er  $. +a! signalc. slot ti!ed. late collision9. )he !ini!u! si:e of an Ethernet fra!e should $e ***** $tes.a. (2 $. #c. 12d. 11715. Collisions and Ethernet errors tpicall occur within the first ***** $tes of an Ethernet fra!e, which is wh frag!ent&free switching catches !ost Ethernet errors.a. # $. 12c. 152#d. 11711. Which of the following descri$es a !ethod of Ethernet networking that does not ha'e collisions%a. Fast Ethernet $. 155&$ps Ethernetc. Full&duple; Ethernetd. <alf&duple; Ethernet12. Which of the following switching tpes has the highest latenc%a. Store&and&forward $. Cut&throughc. Adapti'ed. Frag!ent&free1(. =f a $roadcast fro! one co!puter causes !ultiple stations to respond with additional  $roadcast traffic, and the le'el of $roadcast traffic goes a$o'e 12 $roadcasts per second, the situation is dee!ed a-n ***************.a. $roadcast stor! $. trans!ission o'erloadc. e;cessi'e $urstd. +a$$er 1#. Which of the following fall under the heading of Fast Ethernet% -Choose all that appl.a. 150ase) $. 1550ase&)#c. 150aseFd. 1550ase&)> e. 100Base-FX  15. Which IEEE standard governs Fast Ethernet? 7#  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Fourth EditionChapter 12 Solutions a. 802.3a b. 802.3u c. 802.3gd. 802.3b 1 . Which of the following can di'ide a collision do!ain% -Choose all that appl.a. Switch $. 0ridgec. /outer  d. Hub 1. What co!!and a o#s $ou to i!it the nu!ber o% &'( addresses earned b$ a s#itch )ort? ' . max switchport port&securit 15 B. switchport port&securit !a;i!u! 15 (. switch port-security maximum 10 *. switchport securit !a;i!u! 15 18. What bene%its #ou d $our net#or+ have b$ re) acing a 10&b)s hubs #ith 10&b)s (ata $st s#itches?,(hoose a that a)) $-. '. Increase the nu!ber o% broadcast do!ains.B. *ecrease the nu!ber o% broadcast do!ains. C. Inrease the nu!ber o ollision do!ains. *. *ecrease the nu!ber o% co isions do!ains. #. Inrease the bandwidth between stations that are diretl$ onneted to the swith.%. Allow or ull&duple' operations between nodes diretl$ onneted to the swith. 1. Which state!ents are true about ha %/du) e Ethernet? A. In hal &duple' !ode CSMA(C) is turned on. B. In ha %/du) e !ode (&'(* is turned o%%.(. n a 10&b)s in+4 co!!unicating nodes #ou d have 10&b)s o% band#idth avai ab e to the!. ). *al &duple' trans!ission is !andator$ i nodes are diretl$ onneted to a hub that is onneted to a swith. E. a %/du) e trans!ission is !andator$ i% nodes are direct $ connected to a s#itch.F. Because se)arate circuits are used b$ co!!unicating end nodes in ha %/du) e4 co isions #i not occur.20. Which state!ent is true about store/and/%or#ard s#itching? ,(hoose a that a)) $-. '. n $ the header o% a %ra!e is read be%ore the s#itch %or#ards the %ra!e. B. +he swith stores the ra!e and alulates the CRC be ore orwardin, the ra!e. (. Both atenc$ and the error rate are decreased.*. Both atenc$ and the error rate are increased. #. -aten$ is inreased while the error rate is dereased. 21. When collisions are a$o'e ?, ou should consider ***************.a. seg!enting the 4AN $. increasing traffic on the 4ANc. !onitoring traffic on the 4ANd. adding hu$s to the 4AN22. Which of the following ad'antages can Cisco switches pro'ide o'er hu$s% -Choose all that appl.a. Separating collision do!ains7  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Fourth EditionChapter 12 Solutions  $. =ncreased $andwidth for indi'idual usersc. /educed latencd. Concurrent fra!e forwarding2(. Which of the following are true of half&duple; operation on a CSA@C network% -Chooseall that appl.a. )he trans!itting N=C loops $ack its trans!ission. $. )he N=C listens to the !edia $efore trans!itting.c. )he trans!itting N=C co!pares the srcinal fra!e with the looped&$ack fra!e to deter!ine whether there was a collision.d. Collisions are not possi$le in a half&duple; Ethernet.2#. )he ************ switching !ethod $egins forwarding the inco!ing fra!e i!!ediatel after reading the destination address.a. cut&through $. store&and&forwardc. adapti'e d. fragment-free 25. What co!!and is used to set a )ort on a s#itch to %u /du) e !ode.a. mode full-duplex b. duplex full c. switch full d. port full Case ro/ets Case ro/et 1 6ecessar$ in%or!ation inc udes broadcast eve s4 Ethernet error rates and t$)es o% errors. ther in%or!ation #ou d inc ude the nu!ber o% nodes4 t$)es o% devices in use4 )rotoco s in use4 !edia t$)e i!) e!ented4 and net#or+ access !ethod. Case ro/et 2 7he net#or+ has not s o#ed do#n. 7he increase in the nu!ber o% users has resu ted in !ore congestion on the net#or+. 7his gives the end user the i!)ression that the net#or+ has s o#ed do#n. 7he %i to this )rob e! is to seg!ent the net#or+ through the use o% a$er 2 s#itches. Case ro/et 3 Bou can use port securit. )he uniue address that allows this to $e possi$le is the AC address.7
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