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CCNA Guide to Networking - Ch8
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  Chapter 8 SolutionsReview Questions 1.What command injects a default route into an OSPF network?a.passive-interfaceb.loopback defaultc.router ospf d.default-information oriinate!. lassless routin protocols carr# subnet mask information in their routin table updates. $rue or False?%.$he process &' must match on all routers in an OSPF network. $rue or False?(.What command switches )&P to version !?a.router rip !b.version ! version !d.ripv! on*.What command turns o+ automatic summari,ation to major network boundaries in both )&Pv! and &)P?a.summari,ation o+ ip classless  /.&n what state are OSPF neihbors0 when bidirectional communication has been established and adjacencies have been formed?a.Passiveb.pc.')d.F223.Which t#pe of authentication sends onl# a hash across the link between two authenticatin peers?a.4'*b. lear te5tc.Sined secret ke#sd.Shared ke#s 6.What command places the 17!.1/6.1!.%!8!3 network into OSPF area 9? 17!.1/6.1!.9 area 17!.1/6.1!.%! area 17!.1/6.1!.%! !**.!**.!**.!!( area 17!.1/6.1!.%! 9.9.9.%1 area 97.&)P uses the same metric as &)P multiplied b# :::::::::!*/::::.19.What feature of OSPF allows it to use a hierarchical desin? summari,ationc.wildcard masks  d.neihbor adjacencies11. isco routers can be con;ured to send and receive )&Pv1 updates on a per-interface basis. $rue or False?1!.What does the feasibilit# condition state? )' < F' = feasible successor1%.What protocol is used b# &)P to transport its routin protocol information?a.$ Pb.'Pc.)$Pd.')8>')1(.Which of the followin commands enables &)P on a router with an autonomous s#stem number of 191?a.router eirpb.router eirp 191c.router 191 ei 1911*.What alorithm is used b# OSPF for path selection?a.'2b.Open Path Firstc.Shortest Path Firstd.'efault-information Oriinate1/. backup route in &)P is a@nA :: feasible successor.:::.13.OSPF timers must match for neihbors to form adjacencies. $rue or False?  16.&)P timers must match for neihbors to form adjacencies. $rue or False?17.Which of the followin commands would ensure that a router becomes the ') on a broadcast0 multiaccess network?a.ip ospf priorit# !*/b.ip ospf dr onc.ip ospf priorit# 9d.Bone of the above!9.What command displa#s the successors and feasible successors for &)P? ip ip eirp topolo ip ospf topolo ip topolo# 21. What command displays area authentication information?a. show ip route b. show ip ospf c. show ip ospf authentication d. show authentication 22. What OSPF priority range can be assigned to a router? 0-255 23. Clear tet is the most secure authentication supported by OSPF. !rue or False ?2 . Which of the follo#ing is used by $%&'P for path determination? a. DUAL b.(i)*stra+s Shortest Path First ,lgorithmc. #ildcard mas*s
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