Cell Phone Control Robotic Vehicle

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  CELL PHONE CONTROL ROBOTIC VEHICLE  INTRODUCTION GSM and GPRS based Designs have developed another innovative and Public utility product for mass communication[1]. his is a Robot !ontrol Device hich control the Robotthrough messages received as SMS or GPRS Pac#ets and alsosend ac#no ledgement of tas#. Such Devices can be used atdifferent areas of the human being life. Such offices$ houses$factories etc. Sent command from Mobiles or P!s to thesedevices for move the motor left$ right$ stop. hese devices aredesigned to remotely control the Robot from any here andanytime. %ireless communication has announced its arrival onbig stage and the orld is going mobile [&]. %e ant to controleverything and ithout moving an inch. his remote controlRobot !ontrol device is possible through 'mbedded Systems.he use of ('mbedded System in !ommunication) has givenrise to many interesting applications that ensures comfort andsafety to human life [*]. he main aim of the pro+ect ill be todesign a SMS electronic Robot !ontrol tool#it hich canreplace the traditional Robot !ontrol Devices. he tool#it 6  receives the SMS$ validates the sending Mobile,dentification -umber M,-/ and perform the desiredoperation after necessary code conversion. he system ismade efficient by S,Ms so that the SMS can be receivedby number of devices boards in a locality using techni0uesof time division multiple access. he main components of the tool#it include microcontroller$GSM modem. hese components are integrated ith the deviceboard and thus incorporate the ireless features. he GSMmodem receives the SMS. he  commands are seriallytransferred to the modem. ,n return the modem transmits thestored message through the ireless lin#. he microcontroller validates the SMS and then perform specific tas# on the device.he microcontroller used in this case is M'2 34S5&.Motorola %&&6 is used as the GSM modem. ,n this prototypemodel$ 2!D display is used for simulation purpose. he resultspresented in the thesis support the proper functionalities and or#ing of the system. he timing diagram suggests theresponse of the modem to various  attention/ commands. 7

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