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   REGIONAL OFFICE: GWALIOR __________________________________________________________________  Central Bank of India Samajik Utthan Avam Prashikshan Sansthan(CBI-SUAPS)(A Society/Trst S!onsored y Central Bank of India) Engagement of Faculty and Office Assistant for RSEIs !Rural Self Em loymentraining Institutes#$%&ind oncontract 'asis for t&e year ()*+,*-I./ORAN: LAS 0AE OF RECEI/ OF A//LICAION: )(1)21()*+ Society/Trst Profile# Central %an3 of India Sama4i3 5tt&an A6am /ras&i3s&an Sanst&an !C%I,S5A/S#$ a Society7rust$ !registeredunder Society Registration Act *28) 9it& ead Office at .um'ai#$ s onsored 'y Central %an3 of India andengaged in im arting training to rural yout& for t&eir self,em loyment and 'ringing a9areness among ruralmasses on financial literacy t&roug& its +8 RSEI ; -) FLCC centres located in -) districts of t&e country$isloo3ing for engaging t&e ser6ices of Faculty7Office Assistant !/l1 stri3e off 9&ic&e6er is not a lica'le# on Annual Contract 'asis for our RSEI centres at,,&e details are gi6en 'elo9: $% A&' UA*I+ICATI, . 'P'0I'C' # Sr1No1Name of t&e/ost Age<ualificationE= erience 7 Ot&er eligi'ilitycriteria1*1(1Faculty Office AssistantLess t&an8- years9it& soundealt&>- years9it& sound&ealt&1 'ssential#(i) Post-1radate vi2% 3S4/ 3Ain 0ral 5evelo!ment/3A inSociolo1y/Psycholo1y/BSc(A1ri%)/BA 6ith B%'d% etc%Shall have a flair for teachin16ith Com!ter kno6led1e%5esira le#77 Retd1 %an3 Official 9it& 9or3inge= erience as officer andcandidate &a6ing e= erience of 9or3ing as Faculty$ Rural0e6elo ment 9it& ?ualificationstated a'o6e$ 9ill get reference1 'ssential#$% Shall e a &radate vi2%BS4/BA/B%Com 6ith com!ter kno6led1e%5esira le# @no9ledge in 'asic accounts;'oo3 3ee ing % Essential:*1S&ould 'e 9ell con6ersant9it& local language1(1 S&ould 'e resident of t&esame State$ refera'ly same or near'y district7residing at t&e&ead ?uarter of RSEI centre11*1 S&ould 'e 9ell con6ersant9it& t&e local language1(1 S&ould 'e resident of t&esame or near'y district7residingat t&e &ead ?uarter of RSEIcentre1 77 A Self attested co!y of service certificate from the !revios em!loyer/e8!erience of 6orkin1 as +aclty 0ral 5evelo!ment e s mitted alon1-6ith the a!!lication% ,ri1inal e !rodced at the time of intervie6% (1 CONRAC /ERIO0$ A.O5N AN0 OER RAELLING EB/ENSES:&e candidate s&all 'e a ointed on Contract 'asis for a eriod of one year1 Rene9al of contract may 'econsidered at t&e sole discretion of Society7rust and su'4ect to satisfactory erformance1 o !erson em!loyed else6here 6ill e allo6ed to 6ork on instant advertised !ost after ein1 selectedfor the contractal en1a1ement%9% C,T0ACT A3,UT A5 ,T:'0 T0A;'**I& 'P'S'S# In case of Faculty:&e contract amount s&all 'e fi=ed at 0s%$<===/-   er mont&1 No ot&er allo9ance7'enefit7 ayment7facility 9ill 'eadmissi'le1In case of Office Assistant:&e contract amount s&all 'e fi=ed at 0s%>===/-   er mont&1 No ot&er allo9ance7'enefit7 ayment7facility 9ill 'eadmissi'le1 ?% *'A;'# &e candidates s&all 'e entitled for *- days lea6e er year 9it& ma=imum of )( days er mont&1   REGIONAL OFFICE: GWALIOR __________________________________________________________________  @% ,B P0,+I*'# For Faculty:&e functioning of t&e Faculty s&all 'e 'roadly to assist t&e 0irector in conducting raining and A9areness/rogrammes$ Generation of A lication ; Selection of Candidate$ /re aration of Annual Action /lan$ Logisticsfor raining /rogramme$ andling Sessions$ /re aration of Notes and similar ot&er acti6ities of t&e centre1For Office Assistant: Assisting t&e 0irector ; Faculty in functioning of t&e institute1.aintaining Accounts$ ouc&ers$ %oo3s7Registers$ 5 dating data$ /eriodicals Re orts$ Follo9 u and similar ot&er acti6ities of t&e centre1 % S'*'CTI, P0,C'5U0'# &e eligi'le candidates 9ill 'e called for ersonal inter6ie9 and t&e decision of t&e Society7rust in t&is regards&all 'e final1 % SUB3ISSI, ,+ APP*ICATI,# Eligi'le candidates &a6e to su'mit t&eir a lications in t&e gi6en format !Anne=ure#1 Last date for recei t of a lication is )(1)21()*+1 No a lications s&all 'e entertained 'eyond t&e sti ulated date1 Incom letea lications 9ill 'e re4ected1 Address t&e a lication$ Su er scri'ing A lication for t&e ost of Faculty7 ,ffice Assistant  at RSEI centreon contract for the yea <=$?-$@D  to Regional .anager7C&airman !Local Ad6isory Committee#$Central %an3 of India$Regional Office$( nd  Floor$ Sa3&iya ilas$D&ansi Road$G9alior !.1/# >% APP*ICATI, +''# &ere is no a lication fee rescri'ed1 E% &''0A* IST0UCTI,S# !a#W&ile a lying for t&e ost$ t&e a licant s&ould ensure t&at &e7s&e fulfills t&e eligi'ility criteria andot&er norms mentioned a'o6e and t&at t&e articulars furnis&ed are correct in all res ects1 In case itis detected at any stage of recruitment t&at a candidate does not fulfill t&e eligi'ility norms and 7 or t&at &e7 s&e &as furnis&ed any incorrect 7 false information or &as su ressed any material fact !s#$&is 7 &er candidature 9ill automatically stand cancelled1 If any of t&e a'o6e s&ortcoming!s# is 7 aredetected e6en after engagement$ &is 7 &er contractual engagement is lia'le to 'e terminated 9it&outany notice1!'#In case of suita'le and deser6ing cases$ any of t&e re?uirements and conditions of eligi'ilitymentioned a'o6e$ may 'e rela=ed at t&e discretion of t&e .anagement of Society7rust1 &e.anagement of Society7rust reser6es t&e rig&t to fill or not to fill t&e a'o6e ad6ertised osition9it&out assigning any reason t&ereof1!c#.ere admission of a lication against t&e ad6ertisement and a arently fulfilling t&e criteria as rescri'ed in t&e ad6ertisement 9ould not 'esto9 on &im 7 &er rig&t to 'e called for inter6ie91
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