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/ CENTRAL GOVT. EMPLOYEES' WELFARE ~ ~'OJo '5 ' ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS ~ , ' i' l ~oj.! ;~/ \, ';::-1 ~/ ~'l.e ~ V / ~ J PORT BLAIR ;\ '\) :-;..,.{\\ ~ 1'1 C/o Post Box No.161 \ ~e ~ \ ' G'~~Z:-
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/ CENTRAL GOVT. EMPLOYEES' WELFARE ~ ~'OJo '5 ' ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS ~ , ' i' l ~oj.! ;~/ \, ';::-1 ~/ ~'l.e ~ V / ~ J PORT BLAIR ;\ '\) :-;..,.{\\ ~ 1'1 C/o Post Box No.161 \ ~e ~ \ ' G'~~Z:- \~~\~'.' A.L.H.W,,,~~._Of.PORT BLAIR atnnan: K. Sekar, Chief Engineer & Administrator (ALHW) Secretary: A. Justin, Superintending Anthropologist, A.S.I...No.CGEWCC/PB/2005 Dated the 27TH April,2006 CIRCULAR Sub:- Regulation of journeys by private airlines while availing Leave Travel Concession - reg. A copy of the Office Memorandum No.31011/2/2006-Estt (A) dated 24th April, 2006 of the Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Department of Personnel and Training) regarding Regulation of journeys by private airlines while availing Leave Travel Concession is enclosed herewith for information and reference. ~~ ( K. Sekar) Chairman L Encl:- As above. c--l l,; tj To,.,\\,.. All Central Go ernment Offices: (\ ~ X \ J.;' U V' Y~ ~ V, ~~\J ( ~ k.t ' v. ~ - ~ _1 No /2/2006-Estt (A) Government of Indi Ministry of Personnel, Public Griev ces and Pensions (Department of Persqnnel an Training) North 81, New Delhi, 24th April OFFICE MEMORAN Subject:- Regulation of journeys by private ai lines while availing Leave Travel Concession. The undersigned is directed to refer to the Department of Expenditure OM.No.7(2)/E.Coord dated 23m November, 2005 vide which certain measures to budget/ expenditure management were issued. ~ne of the measures was to avail the competitive prices and various schemes and concessional fares being offered by private airlines while undertaking official travel. The matter as to whether the journeys by private airlines: could be allowed while availing LTC has been considered. It has been decided that the officers entitled to air travel by National Carrier under existing orders may be permitted to travel by private airlines also while availing LTC. 2. It has also been decided that while availing LTC, the air journeys by nonentitled officers (both by national and private airlines) between places connected by train may be allowed, provided the reimbursement of the fare would be restricted to the entitled class by rail other than Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express. They are also required to produce! the airticket/boarding pass and a receipt from the concemed airlines sh( wing the fare paid by the concerned officers, if the ticket does not indicate tbe airfare, while claiming reimbursement of LTC. 3. The above concession is further subject to the following conditions :- (i) Conditions laid down in Department of Expenditure OM No /1/E.1V /2005 dated (copy enclosed) reg~rding air travel by Govemment servants within India during offi~ial visits would be applicable in case of LTC, mutatis-mutandis..schemes (ii) In case the cost paid for an air ticket (in view of promotional of private airlines) is less than the train fare by the entitled class, the reimbursement by the Govemment will be limited to the actual air fare or entitled train fare whichever is less. Contd 2/- -2- ~ ~ 4. In their application to the staff serving in t Ie Indian Audit and Accounts Department, these orders issue after consultat n with the Comptroller and Auditor General of lridia. 5. This issues in consultation with Minist of Finance (Department of Expenditure) vide their ID No. 145/E.IV 105 dat d r ~. . -3- To All Ministries! Departments of the Gove No /2f2006-Estt (A) Copy forwarded to:-. 1. President's Secretariat, Rashtrapathi Bhav 2. Vice-President's Secretariat, New Delhi 3. Prime Minster's Office, South Block, New D lhi 4. Cabinet Secretariat, New Delhi. r r ~. i 5. Comptroller and Audit General of India, Ne}v Delhi. 6. Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi. 7. Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi. 8. Staff Selection Commission, New Delhi. 9. Central Bureau of Investigation, New Delhi. 10. All Union Territory Administrations. 11. Lok-Sabha/Rajya Sabha Secretariat. 12. All attached and subordinate offices of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions. 13. All Officers and Sections of Ministry of Personnel and Public Grievances and Pensions. 14. Website Section, Ministry of Persqnnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, North Block, New Delhi. 15. Facilitation Centre, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, North Block, New pelhi- 25 spate copies spare copies. ~,..: )~.:.,',.iv/2005..minis~ry of F nance~.( Depar:tm~r:'t of E penditure)~ : EoXV Bra chi \ ;i '11 elhl, the 24th March,.200G. ~: l'!! ff;.i.' '.; UM Subj~ct: I Air Travel by Gov rnment servants within India... The,existing InstructiQns on ravel by air by Government.servants d~rlng official vl5lt~ 'withln ndia provide t~t air travel is permlsslbl~ by the National;!.Carrie vlz. Indian Airlines and Air...India in orldinary circumstances. ~partment of Expenditure OM No. 1903G/8/95~E.IV ddted 41h ~_ecember,1997 ~nd OM No /8/9S-99/E .IV datcd20lh Augyst, 1999 refer In the matter. 2. Depalrtment of Expenditure Otr1 No. 7(2)/E.Corcil/2005 dated, November!23, 2005 regardfng Budget IExpendlture Management,-,.) : Ecor).omy!measures rationalization of expenditure, and measures '.-. I for augme~tation of revenues , inter'ajia, provides that:- ~ 3. The air travel, both domestic and overse~s, on official acco*nt would now be 'perml~lble on airlines o,ther than.alr IndiarIn~lan Airlines ajso, provided the cri~erla i for selecting the ~!ternatlve airline' for.offlqlal travel are ba$ed on better and imore competitive prices! being offered I.-)y the other.airlines. Various Incentive scpemes and concessional fares I offer,d by Air Indla/In~jan Alrll1ne~ will also be fully utilized to ensu~e utmost economy In air travel. . 3. The fpllowing guidelines are being issued accordingly to take advantage :of the Increasing c.ompetl~lon and the air travel schemes of various ~jrlincs offering signlflcan~ discounts on normal fares, in order to erilable economy in ijndert~klng air travel, without in any.way taklng!away the existing entltlements:-.(i) The basic criteria for selecting airlines other than Indian Airlines lair India would be better and more competitive p~ces being offered by the other airlines. (Ii) Various Incentive schemes and concesslonal fares offered by Indian Airlines/Air India will also be fully utilized..), - (III) Each officer who Is undertaking domestic travel by air,...wi\thin his entitled class, should endeavour to tilke.'.' aclvjntage of the concessions being pro~ided by the 'c-c..aiftines, to effect P9sstble savings vis-a-vis the normcjl i fares., 1. '. c. U ', I..,. ~ ~f'.'.. ~..1,..!I ',.i , : l 1.'.'! c.' i.'. \ _C_ -_.c-:::. -':._~C_ .-Co ;,, ~..,,, -i,,, ~ ' ... (Iv) Officers should try to ma e: their bo,oklng5 In advance to the extent posslbl~, so t at beneflt$ of discounted fares! can be obtained. H6weve, the official work should not be deferred because; dlscoun ed fares are not available. ; (v) Under no circumstances, should tne fare exceed the normal fare of the ent tied clas~ offered by IndIan Airlines/Air India or-their s bsldlarlesj' p to ~nake bookings (vi) Individual officers. are encourage1' through the internet, I~ would quire a credit card through which payments c n be mad. Relrtlbursement of service charge expenses on such ~redlt card would be permissible. : (vii) Schemes offered by airlines which ar, co-branded with the credit cards can also be availed. Howevf!r, this would need one time prior approval of th~ concerned Financial. Adviser/Competent Authority for oqtalnlng and utilizing such credit card. \.separately; (viii) Wherever the officer seeks to utllizel,the s~rvlce of travel agents, It should,' be limited to M{s Balmer Lawrie & Company ~nd MIs, f.,shok Travels an~ Tour$. The above.agencies would al~o ensur~ that proquremept of tickets is made on best available bangaln acros$ all airlines. I ), 4. These guidelines are 1ssued, In partial i modification of any. other existing orders on the subjet;t and wojld apply to domestic air travel only. The guidelines for :alr travel ~broad'will be issued S. All Ministries/Departments of! the Gov~rnment of India arc requested to strictly adhere to these Instructiohs..rrl\~ \'t.t \ (IMahe~dra Kumar) Deputy Secretary totbe_g~vernment of India, ~Jfr)J Ii A1IMlnlstrie~/l2cp;~rtments of Govt. of~ndia 2':1,,1 ~ ;\~.'.,,. IC...'.;.~,~rCo': '..~ :,::c c': Co The State fufonnation Officer,,:~!. 29. National Infonnatics Cent,re, : .('.,~' \. i7~t'; / ~s, Secretariat,,. ;~t:,: C.~,:;;,;;:;.~~ \.;. t )al nnad. PORT BLAIR. ': ~'/f;'~~~. q)a I~~ CGEWCC, PORT BLA1A..
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