Ceramic Ceremet PCBN and PCD

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  1 Ceramic, Cermet, PCBN, and PCD Cutting Tools   Session 6    2 Ceramic Cutting Tools ã First cutting-tool inserts on market in 1956 ã Inconsistent: improper use and lack of knowledge ã Uniformity and quality greatly improved ã Widely accepted by industry ã Used in machining of hard ferrous materials and cast iron ã Gain: lower costs, increased productivity ã Operate 3 to 4 times speed of carbide toolbits  3 Manufacture of Ceramic Tools ã Primarily from aluminum oxide ã Bauxite chemically processed and converted into denser, crystalline form (alpha alumina) ã Micro sized grains obtained from precipitation of alumina or decomposed alumina compound ã Produced by either cold or hot pressing ã Finished with diamond-impregnated grinding wheels  4 Manufacturing Process ã Cold Pressing ã Fine alumina powder compressed into required form ã Sintered in furnace at 2912º F to 3092ºF ã Hot Pressing ã Combines forming and sintering with pressure and heat being applied simultaneously ã Titanium oxide or magnesium oxide added for certain types to aid in sintering and retard growth

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