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    Synopsis On DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF STEERING AND SUSPENSION  Submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements of the degree of BACHELOR OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING By ROHIT YADAV (257) YADNYESH MALVANKAR (204)   PAVAN WANVE (255) SAI PRASAD CHIPKAR ( )  Project Guide: Prof. Rajendra Bharambe (University of Mumbai) YADAVRAO TASGAONKAR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT, CHANDHAI, KARJAT (2014-2015)    CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the project entitled “ DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF STEERING AND SUSPNSION ” is    bona-fide work of ROHIT YADAV (257)   YADNYESH MALVANKAR (204)   PAVAN WANVE (255) SAI PRASAD CHIPKAR () submitted to the University of Mumbai in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. Prof. Rajendra Bharambe   Prof. Yogesh Andhale   Guide   Project Co-ordinator    Prof. R. K. Agrawal Dr. S .K .Ukarande Head of Department Principal    Project Synopsis Approval for B.E .   Project entitled “DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF STEERING AND SUSPENSION”   By   ROHIT YADAV (257)   YADNYESH MALVANKAR (204)   PAVAN WANVE (255) SAI PRASAD CHIPKAR () Is   Approved for the degree of BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING   (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING).   Examiners  1) ____________________________ 2) ____________________________ Date:   Place:      Acknowledgement  We are highly thankful to Prof  .  Rajendra Bharambe  our guide for guidance and support for our project. He has helped us to complete all our work on time and with ease. He has always helped us in every aspect of the project encouraging us through every way. We are also thankful to Prof  . Y ogesh Andhale our Project Co-ordinator for giving the opportunity to us for to do this project and providing us with necessary facilities. In the first place we would like to record my gratitude to our board and our Principal Dr. S. K. Ukarande and HOD of mechanical branch Prof  .  R.K. Agrawal for giving us this   opportunity to sharpen our talents. We would take this opportunity to thank all the staff members of the Mechanical Department who help us to review our work from time to time with their helpful suggestion and criticism. This project, introduced as a part of curriculum, has been a very useful element in amalgamating our theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge. It would have been very difficult for us to reach this stage without their guidance and encouragement throughout our tenure.


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