introduction to anatomy and physiology
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  Chapter 1: An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology   Anatomy –   oldest medical science  ã Describes the structures of the body: – what they are made of – where they are located – associated structures Physiology  ã Is the study of:  – functions of anatomical structures – individual and cooperative functions – how  Medical and Scientific TERMINOLOGY ã Greek or Latin ã Root words ã Prefixes ã Suffixes ã Commemorative names ã Tibialis anterior ã Hemolytic  How are living things organized?   ã Atoms: – are the smallest chemical units ã Molecules: – are a group of atoms working together ã Organelles: – are a group of molecules working together ã Cells: – are a group of organelles working together ã Tissues: – are a group of similar cells working together ã Organs: – are a group of different tissues working together ã  Organ systems (11): – are a group of organs working together in homeostasis ã Organism: – is an individual - all organ systems working together in  Organizing a Muscle ã Protein molecules (chemical level) ã Protein filaments (organelle level) ã Muscle cells (cellular level) ã Cardiac muscle tissue (tissue level) ã Heart (organ level)
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