Ch2 Load Forecasting

load forecasting
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  1 ELECTRICAL POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS PLANNING By, Dr. M. K. KHEDKAR  2 Introduction  Power System load forecasting is an important subject both in power system planning as well as in on-line power system operation.  In recent years, significant variations between supply of and demand for electricity have led to violent price swings on the wholesale market.  To minimie our vulnerability to market volatility, we want to optimie our load forecasting accuracy so that we can enhance distribution system efficiency by ensuring that we use what we have scheduled and schedule what we will use.  !ore accurate forecasting capability can also enable us to negotiate more profitable power purchases between utilities, retail companies, power generators and in Independent System perator #IS $ scheduling environments.  3 Power Loads Load De!and  Load requirement for an area depends on its terrain, population and their living standards,  present and future development plans, cost of  power etc.  In India, annual power survey committees are entrusted with the task of preparing the national  prospective demand of power under the auspices of the CEA.  4 T e #$ t  E%ectric Power Sur&e' o( India %ategory&''(-')*++-+ Domestic!. #$.##$Commercial .#%$ .#$Agriculture&!.'($ .#)$Industry&'.$&*.$+thers . '$'.)#$otal%!!$%!!$
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