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     ANSWERS TO CHAPTER 4 QUESTIONS  ANSWER 4.1  The director should take the following actions: (a) schedule overtime to conduct as much testing as possible before product shipment; (b) ship the product on time; (c) conduct a risk analysis to identify conceivable failure modes and their respective remedial solutions based on the best understanding of the production team at this time; (d) get the team prepared to respond to customer’s service needs; (e) review causes for product delays and initiate a program to speed up the product development process.  ANSWEER 4.2   The sales manager should proceed as follows:A. all a staff meeting! disclose the need of improving saleseffectiveness! review the specific recommendations of the management consultants! and solicit the opinion from everyone. . #ecite the advantages and disadvantages of therecommendations from the viewpoints of the sales staff. . $nvite ideas to promote sales effectiveness beyond the consultant’s recommendations. Also solicit recommendations regarding metrics to measure sales effectiveness in order to monitor progress (e.g.! sales dollar per staff! sales growth rateper region! ratio of sales revenue to sales cost! number of salesvisits per staff! etc.).%. &oint out to all at the end of staff meeting that a careful evaluation will be done to include all inputs provided by the sales staff! that a decision on changes will be forthcoming! and that everyone is re'uested to cooperate in implementing the changes to be announced.. %ecide on the changes to implement! either all or part ofconsultant’s recommendation! with or without modifications based on staff inputs. elect the metrics to measure progress.*. #eport back to the company president and implement the changes.  ANSWER 4.3   The director should follow the steps enumerated below to makea choice: Chapter 4 Answers 23  A. Talk with the three managers separately and in'uire about (a)how their pro+ects are coming along! (b) how their pro+ects will be adversely affected should one of their engineers be pulled away for one month for a critical overseas installation +ob! and (c) how they would manage to substitute staff to fill in the gap from behind. . ,isten carefully to understand the perceived adverse impact and assess its significance from the departmental stand point; what is important to the managers may not be as important to the director who oversees the entire department. Assess the relative feasibility of the recommended steps to substitute support. . Tell the managers that their inputs will be reviewed and hewill make a decision soon.%. ompare the relative impact and feasibility of the threeoptions and choose one with the least impact! from the departmental viewpoint! and with the most feasibility for rearranging substitution.. $nform all managers of the decision and propose an engineerwho should be sent to assist. heck with the engineer involved tosecure consent before formally announcing the decision.  ANSWER 4.4  ituations like this happen in industry due to narrow-minded!righteous people with a strong technical background and no sense of perspective; these people may also have a hidden agenda to upstage their boss. anagers need to properly deal with these people.A. ill should ask tanley to reprimand /enry for his righteous and untactful disputes over technical issues raised before arketing! the internal customer. . tanley should call /enry in and restate to /enry the following points: (a)%esign was under a severe time constraint to respond. (b) To satisfy arketing! an internal customer to %esign! a reasonably good design is much better than no design at all.(c) /e is proud of ill! who was able to work through thenight and come up with a design at such a short notice. (d) eing one of the best designers on staff! /enry maytechnically have a point in 'uestioning the design simplicity andperformance e0pectation of the current design. Chapter 4 Answers 24  (e) 1uestions on design differences and performance levelsare readily resolved in time! even after the proposal is made to customer. (f) /enry should have kept things in perspective and refrained from citing his technical disagreement with management!especially after his points were already made beforehand. (g) /enry should avoid repeating such a mistake in thefuture.(h) /enry should apologi2e to ill for the untactful airing of technical disagreements before customers. (i) tanley has full confidence in ill who is doing a very good +ob. $f /enry has other motives in mind! besides an untimelydisclosure of technical disagreement! he should forget about them.. $f /enry e0hibits a rebellious3defiant attitude and refuses to apologi2e to ill! then tanley should make arrangement to transfer /enry out of %esign. ill and tanley will no longer have trust in /enry and his continued presence in the %esign %epartment will cause group morale to deteriorate. $f /enry e0presses regrets and agrees to apologi2e to ill! then /enry canremain in the group.%. tanley should call marketing to reaffirm the use of the current design for the +ob at hand. arketing should proceed with its proposal to the customer! noting that additional design modifications may further upgrade the performance for the benefitof the customer at no e0tra charge. Also in'uire why the market review meeting was called so late! thereby preventing %esign fromdoing a thorough +ob.  ANSWER 4.5   4erry ,ucas should do the following:A.  Hold a private meeting with Sanord   to make the following points: mphasi2e the critical roles and responsibility of managers to build teamwork! cultivate employee morale and assure employee satisfaction on the +ob. tate the %irector5s e0pectations in this respect. anagers are evaluated both technically (e.g.! getting all assignments done on time! within budget! while attaining stated ob+ectives) and managerially (e.g.! group morale! complaints! employee satisfaction! employee cooperation). #emind anford of the importance of building teamwork to his own career as manager. Chapter 4 Answers 25   #ecommend specific ways to strengthen managerial skills (e.g.! taking American anagement Association (AA)short courses on supervision! how to build teamwork! how to resolve conflicts! problem-solving and secision-making! etc.). nsure understanding and seek acceptance by anford of managerial roles and responsibilities as stated above. $f the stated roles and responsibilities of building teamworkare not acceptable to anford! then convince anford to take a technical staff position! maybe a promotion in title! to continuereporting to ,ucas. Allow anford to pick 6 to 7 support people. $f the teamwork building concept is acceptable to anford! then specify a 8-month period for anford to show progress. olicit his recommendations on how to delegate decision-making responsibilities! to transfer information to people outside the group! and to foster communication within the group. ! Hold a #eparate meeting with the #e$tion $hie# χ  tate the importance of building a good working team whereeveryone is e0pected to contribute. Ask for patience with anfordwho has been on the +ob for 6 years. tate that he wants anfordto try out for a 8-month period! and re'uest everyone5s sincere cooperation. 9elcome specific ideas on how to make the team work together. valuate specific recommendations and form guidelines for both anford and section chiefs to follow. C %eet with all Sanord&# people' in$l(ding Sanord and the #e$tion Chie#  &raise and identify specific assignments accomplished by anford! each of the section chiefs! and others in the group. tate the importance of these assignments to the division. 0press the division5s appreciation for each +ob well done. ote difficulties in communication and concerns about the group5s effectiveness as a team. 0pect everyone to work hard in improving teamwork. All efforts will be recogni2ed. #e'uest suggestions on how to augment teamwork. 9elcome direct communications to the director on teamwork progress. Announce a review of teamwork progress in 8 months. $nvite anford and section chiefs! with spouses! to dinner athome to underline the importance of working together (ptional). Chapter 4 Answers 26
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