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  Plugin Manager:1.47Improved Mod Merge functions, now merges TShips properly and adjusts cockpit entriesCaps relval for ships to prevent overflow1.45/1.46Fixed several memory problems (includes failing to install some ships and crashes)Fixed 0byte file errorFixed conflicts detection in installed fakepatchs/mods1.44Fixed TCockpit creation for some ships with custom cockpitsFixed uninstalling of some ships so they no longer break the rest of the shipsFixed installing of some ship models so they no longer show invisibleFixed Importing Ship to correctly extract some pbb filesFixed a problem with reinstalling a ship and losing some of its files.Fixed auto filetype detection for t/conversationsFixed auto text file renaming for t/conversationsAdded use of VFS when renaming of Text Files.Fixed Importing of archives with uninstall files (also fixed crash on closing creator after)1.43Added option to load additional mod file when importing shipsAdded option to import ships via the Virtual File System1.42Added spk converter to the Creator to open old spk filesFixed reading and writing of cat filesFixed installation of ships for APFixed creation of Text files, stripping out invalid charactersAdjusted automatic filetype detection for loading in archive files, Fixed uninstall script detectionAdded addition to error messages for importing ships1.41Improved protected directory detectionsFixed Protected directory surpression messageFixed remove ship files from fake patchFixed Access denied display for downloading updates1.40 RC3Added support for game setting for each filter1.40 RC2Several ship installing fixes1.40 RC1Beta cleanup1.40 Beta 16Fixed large hull values in ship creatorAdded setting base directory to vanilla when using addonSaves enabled status between vanilla/modified switching1.40 Beta 14  1.40 Beta 13Fixed Custom Ships for Albion PreludeUpdated version checker to work with RC/Beta1.40 Beta 12Fixed Custom wares for Albion Prelude1.40 Beta 11Added addon support for EMP and general cat files1.40 Beta 10Improved handling for Addons1.40 Beta 9Fixed compile error1.40 Beta 8Fixed Creator1.40 Beta 7Added Albion Prelude support1.40 Beta 6Improved Filelog View - Added date stamp - Added export data to fileAdded Export installed package data to fileFixed freeze when uninstalling some packagesAdded Automatic Text file rename/shuffle1.40 Beta 5Adjusted url display in creatorFixed Save game managerFixed EMP Wares for mods with old version1.40 Beta 4Added archive supportUpdated save game manager support (option to disable it)1.40 Beta 3Added Mod Diff to CreatorAdded Mod Merge to CreatorAdded Find packages online1.40 Beta 2Fixed UninstallerFixed XSPConverter1.40 Beta 1Added XModDiff/XModPatch utilsAdded Check package Update for all packagesAdded View Fake Patch Assignment (Advanced)Added Multi package support for both spk/xspFixed scripts for ware name texts1.20 Beta 1Added enable/disabling multiple packages at onceAdded installing/uninstalling multiple packages at onceAdded Right click context menu for packagesAdded Game Launcher  Added Additional Icons1.10 RC4Added More Languages1.10 RC1Added Enabled number of packages for each section1.10 Beta 6:Added Package numbers for each sectionAdded Status bar1.10 Beta 5:Fixed Child Window Position (Center Parent Display)Fixed Main Window Top Level (no more going into background)Added Unused Shared File Check on Exit1.10 Beta 4:Prevents Multiple instances of the program to run at the same timeAllows double clicking on files while manager is openFixed Ship Text/Scripts to display correct textFixed Child package display for LibrarysFixed Adding ships to shipyards1.10 Beta 3:Removal of Uninstall scripts during purgeUse ship name as the text if no text existsImproved installing of built in plugin manager scripts to make sure the newest ones are installedAdded Full EMP-X supportAdded installed plugin manager script version to about display1.10 Beta 2:Added ships to shipyardsPurged uninstalled/disabled shipsAllowed seperate auto update for beta versions1.10 Beta 1:Added Ship Installing Support1.00:Fixed Multi-Package installingMade Stable ReleaseRC4:Fixed fake patch installingFixed script sign checkerFixed directory removal textFixed installing packages from different gamesRC3:Fixes the game exe checker when installing over old plugin managerSeveral optimisationsAdjusted Automatic text file renamingRC2:Added Compatability for X3: ReunionRC1:Added Remove Directory option to clear plugin manager completly from a g  ame directoryFixed installing of built in scriptsFixed plugin manager text filesAdded installing spk files from command lineOptimised loading and closing of managerBeta 7:Filters out mods for different games from mod selector listBeta 6:Improved Mod SelectorFixed crash in some modsAdded Details display in Mod SelectorFixed HTML display for package descriptionsSaves main dialog sizeBeta 5:Added support for Custom WaresMaintains seperate save games for vanilla and modified modeOnly creates plugin manager mod files when neededFixed emp ware file generationFixed version detecting for all gamesBeta 4:Fixed game directories with brackets inBuilt in EMP modAdded Plugin Manager scripts for both TC and X3Beta 3:Added Package BrowserAdded Image for Mod SelectorAdded Icon in Mod Selector listAdded Description Display for selected packageBeta 2:Added Icon support for package listAdded Icon for programAdded Signed Display for package listAdded VC++ Distributables into installAdded Current Mod Addons section in package listspk.dll1.86:Updated the VirtualFileSystem and TextDB1.85:Added old compression routines to convert older filesFixed reading and writing of cat filesFixed creation of Text files, stripping out invalid charactersAdjusted automatic filetype detection for loading in archive files, Fixed uninstall script detection1.68:Fixed save game manager backup location1.64:Added fake patch ordering supportFixed cat file support
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