Chapter 1

Place Value
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  1    ©    2   0   0   9   M  a  r  s   h  a   l   l   C  a  v  e  n   d   i  s   h   I  n   t  e  r  n  a   t   i  o  n  a   l   (   S   i  n  g  a  p  o  r  e   )   P  r   i  v  a   t  e   L   i  m   i   t  e   d   L e s s o n   1 . 1   N u m b e r s  t o   1 0 0 , 0 0 0 Name: Date: Practice 1 Numbers to 100,000 Write each number in standard form. Place Value of Whole Numbers       C        h    a    p     t   e   r 1 1.  seventy thousand, eight hundred twenty-three 2.  sixty-two thousand, four hundred eighteen 3.  ninety-seven thousand, four hundred 4.  thirty thousand, eleven Write each number in word form.5.  12,021 6.  70,009 7.  40,807 Example  seventy-two thousand, four hundred sixty Example  56,548 72,460 fifty-six thousand, five hundred forty-eight  2 C  h a p t e r    1   P l a c e   Value of  Whole Numbers    ©    2   0   0   9   M  a  r  s   h  a   l   l   C  a  v  e  n   d   i  s   h   I  n   t  e  r  n  a   t   i  o  n  a   l   (   S   i  n  g  a  p  o  r  e   )   P  r   i  v  a   t  e   L   i  m   i   t  e   d Count on and fill in the blanks.8.  81,000 82,000 83,000 9.  30,000 40,000 50,000 10.  10,000 15,000 20,000 Write the missing words and digits for each number. 2 11.  sixty-one thousand, 1,001 12.  twenty-four , three hundred ten 24,30 13.  forty-fi ve thousand, hundred six 4,206 14.  thirty-six thousand, one hundred 36,89 Make each 5-digit number using all the cards. Do not begin a number with ‘0’. 5 7 2 0 915.  An odd number: 16.  An even number: 17.  A number with zero in the hundreds place: 18.  A number beginning with the greatest digit: 19.  A number with 2 in the tens place and 5 in the ones place: 20.  A number ending with 7: Example   thousand, fi ve twelve   2,51  two2hundred  3    ©    2   0   0   9   M  a  r  s   h  a   l   l   C  a  v  e  n   d   i  s   h   I  n   t  e  r  n  a   t   i  o  n  a   l   (   S   i  n  g  a  p  o  r  e   )   P  r   i  v  a   t  e   L   i  m   i   t  e   d Practice 2 Numbers to 100,000 Complete. In 71,486, 1.  the digit 1 is in the place. 2.  the digit 4 is in the place. 3.  the digit 8 is in the place. 4.  the digit 6 is in the place. Find the value of each digit. In 65,239, 5.  the digit 5 stands for . 6.  the digit 2 stands for . 7.  the digit 3 stands for . 8.  the digit 9 stands for . Example  the digit 7 is in the place. Example  the digit 6 stands for .   Name: Date: L e s s o n   1 . 1   N u m b e r s  t o   1 0 0 , 0 0 0  ten thousands60,000  4 C  h a p t e r    1   P l a c e   Value of  Whole Numbers    ©    2   0   0   9   M  a  r  s   h  a   l   l   C  a  v  e  n   d   i  s   h   I  n   t  e  r  n  a   t   i  o  n  a   l   (   S   i  n  g  a  p  o  r  e   )   P  r   i  v  a   t  e   L   i  m   i   t  e   d 4 Write each number using the clues.9.  The value of the digit 1 is 100. The value of the digit 5 is 50. The value of the digit 3 is 3. The value of the digit 4 is 40,000. The value of the digit 2 is 2,000. The number is . 10.  The digit 4 is in the hundreds place. The digit 2 is in the ten thousands place. The digit 9 is in the tens place. The digit 0 is in the ones place. The digit 5 is in the thousands place. The number is . Write the missing numbers and words. Example  In 36,172,the digit 2 stands for ones.the digit 6 is in the place.the digit in the ten thousands place is .the value of the digit 7 is .the digit is in the hundreds place and its value is . 2 thousands3701100
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