CHAPTER 1 Introduction

internship in the field (Thailand)
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  1 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1   Internship Background Generally, when we talk about globalization, we see the cultures of foreign countries only on the issues published in the mass media. If this trend continues, it will potential create misunderstanding since we get the information only through one point of view or perception. For the example is the global economic crisis, has implicated on the development of business in the world generally and Indonesia in  particular. It will be closely related to the need for qualified labor force. In Thailand, the opportunity of getting job is decreasing along with the increase of  population density. Therefore, to win the competitive world of job opportunities, Thailand students are not satisfied by graduating from S1 degree only, it is necessary to continue to the next stage even many of them want to increase their added value by studying abroad. The circumstance in Indonesia is different, the thing that make it similar are the competition and the large number of Indonesia's population that exist. One of Indonesia's labor supplies comes from the world of University producing young intellectuals. However, will the college graduates be able to meet the demand for quality and not just for quantity? It is still a common question to be answered with a variety of arguments and explanations. Data collected by Vibiz Consulting showed unemployment increased till the level of 10 million in 2009 while according to BPS, the number of unemployment in Indonesia reached about 9.4  2 million. Explained further, based on the composition of education degree, those  below the Elementary School are 547 thousand, elementary school 2.1 million,  junior high school and the equals 1.973 million people, high school and equals 3.81 million people, Diploma and the equals 362 thousand and University and equivalent 600 thousand people. If the data is calculated, approximately 6.82% of University graduates status is still unemployed. According to Akbarwati (2009) in her article published in, there are several factors that cause a lot of labor cannot satisfy the needs of the  business. Two of the most dominant factors, first the graduates capacities cannot directly be used, but the company should invest to make them be able to truly work. The second dominant factor is the graduate ability in terms of managerial competencies, such as: leadership, problem solving, ability to communicate well, ability of team work, ability to deal with changes etc. Ironic circumstances that may be experienced by some graduates are when some very modern science has been applied in several developed countries,  but yet to be developed in Indonesian education. Meanwhile, multinational companies in which the fresh graduates dreams to work should have applied up to date degrees of science and technology so that these graduates are difficult to be accepted in the corporate world. Universities deal with this problem by holding Field Work Profession program (KKNP). A form of program which is also applied in many foreign universities called internship program, placing students to the professional realm of work place. Public and private companies become the student’s  arena to apply theories to the real situation at the field. KKNP is not  3 only for work practices in the company, but can also activities that can be equalized with the KKNP work practices in the company or institution. Currently student at every University are required to have knowledge and experience in interacting with wider community. This interaction is necessary for students to support them I the work world. This interaction can be known as directly understanding the environment or student can also do the work practices in the company for certain period. Therefore Brawijaya University gives students the option to take the internship program. Internship is one means to introduce students about the field of work that will be done in the real world of work, as well as training for students to add insight and knowledge. Through this Internship Program, students get the opportunity to visit and observe a foreign country directly in order to broaden their exposure to the  business theories, practices and concerns of the International community, and immerse students in foreign cultures. Student will be absorbed into different cultures, meeting people from other parts of the world, learning from a new  perspective and taking on exciting new surroundings. Internship at University of Brawijaya is one of the option shall be granted for students who meet certain criteria in making thesis subject. Students are required to do an internship at certain company partners, they make a report covering the activities, problem and  problem solving alternative. International program in Faculty of Economics and Business provides the requirements for students in the program to choose to take internship in companies or to follow the Overseas Academic Program (OAP). Overseas  4 Academic Programs are programs that are awarded to international students to obtain international practice and experiences. As one student of the International Program in Faculty Economics and Business, The author was required to take internship in seventh semester and also to follow Overseas Academic Program. Internship Program exposes students to the people from diverse cultural  backgrounds, religion, geographic and socioeconomic, and provides opportunities for students to develop a greater understanding of the cultural diversity around the world. This program allows students to learn and interact with people different from themselves, and to participate in a new and unique experience outside their own communities. Internship Program helps students to develop positive relationship with other, understand the broader perspective, and develop the knowledge and skills necessary for participating in a multicultural society. By participating into The Internship Program, students are faced with another impressive and tense reality. It is impressive because we can meet many friends and people from foreign countries with different backgrounds. It is tense,  because as the guest, we should be able to adopt and bring ourselves to the environment around us. There are least three benefits that can be directly perceived by the  participants of Internship Program. The first is to intensify the independence and maturity. Independent to live and be able to survive in a different culture and environment. The second is to be more respectful towards human relations with empathy, care and awareness that we live in one earth. And the third is to acquire foreign language skills and foreign friends. The ultimate benefit expected after
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