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  Chapter 10 Sheet Metal Design  ã  After completing this chapter, you will be able to perform the following:  – Start the Autodesk Inventor sheet metal environment  – Modify settings for sheet metal design  – Create sheet metal parts  – Modify sheet metal parts to match design requirements  – Create sheet metal flat patterns  – Create drawing views of sheet metal parts Chapter 10 -Objectives  Sheet Metal Fabrication ã Sheet Metal Examples  – Enclosures  – Brackets  – Structures or Frames  Sheet Metal Fabrication ã Bend Tables ã L=A+B-x Construction ã L Unfolded Length ã  A Length of folded face 1 ã B Length of folded face 2 ã x Adjustment from bend table ã Measurements A and B are to the intersection of the extended outer faces on either side of the bend. This intersection is used when the angle of the bend is less than or equal to 90 degrees.
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