Chapter 13 Cnc Programming

cnc programming
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  CAD/CAM Principles and Applications by P N Rao, 2 nd Ed1 CAD/CAM Principles and  Applications Ch 13 CNC Programming  CAD/CAM Principles and Applications by P N Rao, 2 nd Ed2 Objectives ãUnderstand the fundamentals of part programming in terms of the various steps needed to be taken for completing a successful CNCpart program.ãComprehend the elements of manual part programming methods usingword address format and the ISO G-coding systems.ãLearn the part programming fundamentals related to the use of various word addresses.ãAppreciate different preparatory (G codes) and miscellaneous functions (M codes) as used in CNC part programs.ãWrite and prove sample part programs for CNC machining centres in planar milling operations using the word address format.ãUnderstand the concept of canned or fixed cycles for the hole making operationsãLearn the use of cutter diameter and length compensation while using with multiple cutting tools.  CAD/CAM Principles and Applications by P N Rao, 2 nd Ed3 13.1 Part Programming Fundamentals ãProcess planningãAxes selectionãTool selectionãCutting process parameters planningãJob and toolsetupplanningãMachining path planningãPart program writingãPart program proving  CAD/CAM Principles and Applications by P N Rao, 2 nd Ed4 Fig. 13.1 The steps involved in the development of a proven part program in NC machining Study part printIdentify machinetoolIdentify operationsand toolingDetermine feeds,speeds, depths,power Prepare setupsheet with worksetting and toolingassemblyDevelop partprogramSimulate toolpathDry runCut the first partProven part MachinetooldatabaceCuttingtooldatabaseMachinabilitydatabaseCapabilityof cuttingtools Inspect the part
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