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  Chapter 3 Creating and Editing Sketched Features  Chapter 3 -Objectives ã  After completing this chapter, you will be able to perform the following:  – Understand what a feature is  – Understand Autodesk Inventor browser   – Use direct manipulation techniques to create and edit a part  – Extrude a sketch into a part  – Revolve a sketch into a part  – Edit features of a part  – Edit the sketch of a feature  – Make an active sketch on a plane  – Create sketched features using one of three operations: cut,  join, or intersect  – Project edges of a part  Understanding Features ã Describing Features ã Sketch into a 3D feature ã Base feature ã Placed features ã Edited, deleted, or reordered  – Consumed and Unconsumed Sketches ã Unconsumed sketch  – not yet been used in a feature ã Profiles  – Feature consumes the profile ã Consumed sketch  Use Browser to Create and Edit ã  Autodesk Inventor Browser   – Default names ã Extrusion1 ã Revole1  – Locate parts and features  – Resized while docked  – Close Browser   – Right-click  – Double-click
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