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Chapter 4 Rock Mass

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  Section 3: Field Description of Rock Mass in Engineering Practice. Practical 4: Systematic Description of Rocks and Rock Discontinuity.  Introduction ã Rock Mass should be described first as a rock material, and its includes:  – Colour.  – Texture + grain size.  – Structure (fabric).  – Weathering state.  – Rock group name and specific geological name.  – Engineering properties + strength.  ã The shear strength of a rock mass and its deformability are very much influence by discontinuity pattern, it geometry and how it is developed. ã Important factor in rock stability:  – Number of set of discontinuities which intersect.  – Number of set also effect the degree of overbreak. Introduction (cont…)    ã The description of jointed rock masses base on:  – Incidence of discontinuity.  – Geometry of discontinuity.  – Surface of discontinuity.  – Flow of water in discontinuity. Introduction (cont….)  
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