Chapter 5 Motion

Form 5 Science
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  MOTION CHAPTER 5  Rafizal  @SMK AIR TAWAR   ANALYSING THE MOTIONOF VEHICLES ON LAND VEHICLES WITHOUT ENGINE:ãPowered ! #e $%&'(e& o) #%$*+ e,+-& or *+,$*(&.ãE/*$0(e: 1,'!'(e& *re wo2w#ee(ed 3e#,'(e&    VEHICLES WITH ENGINESã#*3e * )ro+ 2$o%+ ed4 -*&o(,+e2%r+,+- e+-,+e4 *+d )ro+ 2w#ee( dr,3e.ã,+ er+*(2'o$%& ,o+ e+-,+e4 w#,'# wor& !  %r+,+- * $,/ %re o) -*&o(,+e *+d *,r ,+&,de '(o&ed '!(,+der&. ANALYSING THE MOTIONOF VEHICLES ON LAND Pistons  FOUR2STROKE PETROL ENGINE ãMo& '*r& #*3e * 0e ro( e+-,+e w#,'# o0er* e& o+ * )o%r2& roe '!'(e. ãS r%' %re *+d o0er* ,o+ o) * )o%r2& roe 0e ro( e+-,+e:  1. Intake stroke 2. Compression stroke 3. Power stroke 4. Exhaust stroke  
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