Characteristics Contemp Amer Lit 2012 2 3

Characteristics Contemp Amer Lit 2012 2 3
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  Characteristics of Contemporary American Literature Who?Regular people who have sufferedMale, female, ethnically diverseWhat?Personal experienceSocietal issues/problemsriti!ue of societyhanges brought through different experiencesWhen?"#$%s to presentWhere?&ll over the 'S&Why?(o show what society is li)e(o show personal experience*nform society about things they might not notice/understand otherwise +xpress their identities, opinionsreedom of expression on topics of importance(o raise awareness of problems  -ow?Realistic .mostlyPostmodern 0 disconnected, combines genres/time  periods(houghtful 0 not always a happy endingWritten in vernacular 1arying lengths from 2 page to "% pages3ots of figurative languageSymbols are important
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