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  ChE 492, Unit Operation Lab II, 2014-2015-IInstructors: Profs ! un#ru an$ % !eo Ob&ecti'es of the course: ã (tu$ents shou)$ re)ate to the fun$a*enta) an$ph+sica) princip)es behin$ the che*ica) enineerinprocesses an$ operations ã urther ac.uaint an$ i*part s/i))s in: o Eperi*enta) *etho$s in Che*ica) Enineerin  ass ransfer  3eat ransfer  echanica) Operations  Process Contro)  Instru*ention o !ata ana)+sis an$ presentation o echnica) report ritin Pre-re.uisites: CHE312, CHE313, CHE331, CHE381 Labs: Monday & Tuesday, 2:00 to 5:00 (UO Lab, NL-! Lectures: ednesday (L10!#atu$day (L13! % 28, '8, 238 and 308  3o the Lab Course is to be Con$ucte$ ttendan)e *s )o+uso$y. bsen)e on/eat/ $ounds *s to be not**ed *t/+ed*)a )e$t**)ate *t/*n a ee o absen)e1.4$ad*n(*!Ee$*+ents & 6eo$t (11! 70(**! O$as (a Labs9!10(***! $*ttenLab ea+30 2.ot+ent o 4$ous(2-3!Ee$*+ents(Monday o$ Tuesday!3.Co+e $ea$ed o$ t/e aottedee$*+ent.#ub+*t a deta*ed $eo$t beo$e sta$t*nt/e net ee$*+ent (not a*)abe o$ t/e 1 st  tu$n on  t/ 5 t/  uust, 201!    COE P6EP76E! O6 3E L78 ã P)ease infor* us if +ou ha'e a c)ass at 1:151:00; < I*portant for so*e eperi*ents ã Pic/ up the Laborator+ anua) fro* the UnitOperation Lab $urin 2=>0>14 to 1>0=>14 ã Each eperi*ent 11 of the*;  Ob;e)t*<e  T/eo$y (study +anua, tetboos!  =$ea$e t/e *ne d*a$a+ o t/e setu (<*s*t t/e abo$ /a<e a oo at t/e ee$*+ent at t/e end o t/eab!.  dent*y t/e <a$*abes to be +easu$ed and t/e*$ $anes 7?s  % #an;ay >, >oustu< 6, s/ees/ #, =$a<at 6,s/na #, #/eta ?, @oend$a =, b*$ 4, #/*$a A,n*t T, =$as/ant 4, n* M, s/*s/ @, nd$es/ C,Man*s/ M, =$atee, 6a/u 6, Ta$a C/and >  Lab in-chare: ?onsta*$s - 6.>.@ada< & A*;ay and  Usta*$s - ?. Ubae & #/a*end$a
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