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  A2 Media studiesAdvanced Portfolio Music VideoPreproduction ChecklistTask   All of these tasks need to be completed anduploaded to your blog (tick when completed) Analysis of similar media products- at least three music videos analysed in detail with links to the !ouTu e video em edded in your lo#$etailed description of tar#et audience- this includes a#e #ender occupation (social #roupin#) and interests in othermedia- what %lms TV shows other music do they like (media #roupin#) you also need to include audience theory- &ses and 'rati%cations $yers &topian olutions Maslows hierarchy of needs etc*+uestionnaire for audience %ndin# out what videos they like why they watch watch music videos and why they like the ones which they have identi%ed, !ou can Also tell them a out your ideas and #et some feed ack on these, Comment on what you found out from your uestionnairesand how you will use this information,.ilmed focus #roup of this discussion / comment on what you found from this and how you will use this info'oodwins analysis of music videos and 0aura Mulveys analysis of Music Videos- how this is #oin# to apply to your work Cate#ories of music videos (three cate#ories) with e1amples of each of these and what #enre they tend to fall intonterte1tuality in Music videos / what this is e1amples and what !3&4 in5uences are and how you mi#ht use these in5uences in !3&4 video,4esearch into the music industry- how are videos made6 7ho are the main companies which show videos6 7here  can you %nd music videos6 7hat are the purpose of music videos (think a out the usiness side of music videos)6A list of conventions for music videos and a list of the #eneric conventions for the #enre you are workin# in0ist of euipment which you need4esearch into $i#ipaks analysin# at least 24esearch into Adverts for $i#ipaks analysin# at least 20ist of props0ist of people involvedhootin# schedule 0ocations 0ist4epresentation of people8#roups in your video / how are you representin# #roups (think a out your audience and representations which will appeal to them)Construction of the mise-en-scene in the music videotory oards and lyrics to the son# (annotated with your ideas)P43$&CT39 :03' ;9T4; /detailin# the creative decisions you make on a day to day asis a out %lmin# editin# photoshop etc,, ;1plain how production and editin# is #oin# etc,, .inal Music Video em edded into lo#.inal $i#ipak $esi#n.inal desi#n for Advert for $i#ipak $irectors Commentary version of your music video.ilmed focus #roup video discussin# your %nal music videoand #ettin# feed ack Answers to the < evaluation uestions usin# a variety of multimedia (e# Powerpoint Pre==i pictures video clips etc)
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