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Checklist for System Monitoring Author: Keywords: Daily Monitoring , Weekly Monitoring , Monthly Monitoring , Monitoring SAP Basis Monitoring 1) ABAP Dump Analysis: TCODE : ST22 Frequency : Every 15 min Check : Critical Dumps,Error Analysis,How to correct the error,information on where termination occured,Source code extract. More information : TCODE SM21,SM37 2) Background jobs: a. Cancelled : TCODE : SM37 Frequency: Every 15 min Check: No of jobs terminated, Find out any important jobs termi
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  Checklist for System Monitoring Author:Keywords: Daily Monitoring , Weekly Monitoring , Monthly Monitoring , Monitoring SAP Basis Monitoring 1)ABAP Dump Analysis:  TCODE : ST22Frequency : Eery ! minCheck : Critical Dum#s,Error $nalysis,%o& to correct the error,information on &here termination occure',Source co'e e(tract)More information : TCODE SM2!,SM*+ 2)Background jobs: a)Cancelle' :  TCODE : SM*+Frequency: Eery ! minCheck:o of -o.s terminate', Fin' out any im#ortant -o.s terminate',-o. log to /n' out cause of  termination)More information : Tco'e ST22,SM2!.)0ong 1unning -o.s : TCODE :SM*+,SM ,D3!,SM2!)Frequency : Eery !hr)Check : i4Check all actie -o.s an' /n' out long running -o.s from Tco'e SM*+,ii4Tco'e SM ,SM55 &e can check &ork #rocess trace /le to check for error)iii4Tco'e D3! for E(clusie 0ock Wait Situation i4Tco'e SM2! for System error) )Process ! er iew :  TCODE : SM  , SM55Frequency : Day * min ight ! min)Check : long running -o.s,highly use' ta.les ,E(clusie 0ock Wait Situation)6rocess &hich is inthe 6178 mo'e) of errors)More 7nformation : SM2!,D3!,ST2 #)$pdate %og &eport:  TCODE :SM!*Frequency : Day * min ,ight ! min)Check :Faile' u#'ate transaction )9#'ate mo'ules of faile' u#'ate, 9#'ate error status)More 7nformation : ST22,SM2! ')%ock (ntry list :  TCODE :SM!2Frequency : Day * min,ight ! min)Check : name of the ta.le haing ma(imum lock entry)More 7nformation : SM ,SM55,D.! )*ile system :  TCODE : $0! ;<5C4,1=2 ;5)! on&ar's4)Frequency: < hr)Check: S$6 /le system)More information) >$   !perating +ystem  1) !+ ,onitoring :  TCODE : ST5Frequency : ! hrCheck : C69 utili?ation, 6hysical memory $aila.le, To# C69 utili?ation,Check OSCO0 is running  or not)O#erating System log check for error)More 7nformation : $l! Or 1=2 24 +ystem %og &eport :  TCODE : SM2!Frequency : ! hr)Check : Select all a##lication serers,Error re#orte' in system logs)More 7nformation : ST22,SM*+,ST< Data Base 1)Data Base Per-ormance:  TCODE : D32Frequency : * minCheck : !4Current si?es @ use' s#ace ,shoul' not more then A @24Frees#ace statistics check frees#ace BMa(imum>k. an' Ma( ne(t e(tent >k.,critical o.-ects)*4S#ace critical o.-ects<4 missing in'e(es 4 Checks :  e(tents of ta.les an' in'e(es ma( e(tent an' e(tents 2)Backup %ogs :  TCODE : D3!2Frequency : ! hrChecks :!4$rchie 'irectory status24Oerie& of re'u log .acku#*4Oerie& of 'ata.ase .acku#<4Check Detail logMore 7nformation: D32<,ST< )Data Base ! er iew :  TCODE : ST<Frequency : < minChecks : !4Detail $nalysis menu  Data.ase message log check for 'ata.ase error message)24Oracle Session  query analysis )More 7nformation : D32) #)%og -or All DB operations  TCODE : D32<Frequency : * hr)Checks :Error in .acku#More 7nformation : D3!2) Per-ormance Analysis  1).ork%oad Analysis :  TCODE : ST*Frequency : ! hrChecks : 6erformance 'ata.aseSelect serer to'ay check aerage C69 time ,Time #erD3 request, $g res#once time)check for all serers,Dialog an' .ack groun',1FC ,9#'ateMore 7nformation : ST2 2)/une +ummary :  TCODE : ST2Frequency : ! hr)Checks : !4Current use section check for E(ten'e' Memory ,%ea# Memory)24Detail $nalysis Menu S$6 memory check hea# memory use' .y Dialog an' non'ialog)*4Detail $nalysis Menu S$6 memorymo'e list check user name an' use' hea# memoryMore information :ST*  .eekly 0,onbthly ,onitoring  1)DataBase roth :  TCODE : D32Frequency : Weekly > MonthlyChecks : !4S#acestatistics'ata.ase history  &eekly or monthly)Check ta.le s#ace Data.ase Si?e>k. an' 'ata.ase free >k.)  More 7nformation : >$ 2)&esponse /ime :  TCODE : ST*Frequency : Weekly > MonthlyChecks : !46erformance Data.aseDetail $nalysis Menu One Current 6erio')CheckDialog 1es#once time an' .ackgroun' res#once time) )A ailability : ote : ,aintain physical record -or the system a ailability3 And check unschedule downtime -or the system#)Biggest !bject 4 /ables 0 5nde6esote : Data -rom uni6 script37hecks : 7heck the statistics o- table3').orst +8% ote : Data -rom $ni6 +cript7hecks : 7heck the where clause and uni9ue inde6es o- all worst +8% 9uery3
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