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  CHECKLIST: Things to bring to the US*  *All the items mentioned below are only suggestions. Do not worry if you cannot carry everything because most items are also available in the US; although they may be more expensive. If you have already decided who your roommates will be, it may be wise to decide and share what each person is carrying. Also consider when you will be returning to India next, since based on that you can replenish these supplies. Clothing Formal : Bring at least 2 pairs of formal suits before you land here. There will be Rutgers career fair in September so one pair of formals is a must. Rest you can buy during Thanksgiving sale if you don’t want to carry many clothes from India. Casuals : Jeans, track pants/cotton trousers (better for winters),T-shirts/sweats(6 or more), shorts, (for outdoor, indoor and sports), swimming costume (if required). Misc : socks, undergarments, hankies (at least 14 sets of these as you are likely to wash them once a fortnight), towels, napkins, leather belts. Winter wear : Sweaters (pure wool at least 2), windcheaters, mufflers, winter gloves, caps, thermal underwear (if required), gloves, woolen socks, woolen cap. Winter wears like heavy coats and boots can be bought here as they are better here. Rain wear: It rains throughout the year in New Brunswick so carry an Umbrella/ Rain jacket/ windcheater and appropriate rain footwear. Ethnic wear : We will have at least two ethnic events and there are a lot of temples around. Carry ethnic wears accordingly. We suggest 4 sets. Footwear : Shoes, sneakers, sandals, bathroom slippers and formal shoes.    Kitchen Equipment and Food Items  PLEASE BE AWARE OF INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT RULES FOR CARRYING KNIVES, BLADES AND BOX CUTTERS    Don't forget to get MAGGI , maggi taste makers and ready to eat food items, this will be your sole mode of survival for the first few days after you move into your new apartment.    Lunch box    Water bottle    Kitchen napkins    Scrubbers    Frying pans    Pressure cooker with spare gasket and spare valve    Tongs (to lift hot utensils)    Saucepans (nonstick, at least 2)    Lids    Rolling pin    Plates, katoris , bowls, glasses/mugs (one or two each, just to start. You can get good crockery set cheap)    Forks, spoons, knives, teaspoons    Serving spoons    Potato peeler    Spatula    Kadhai    Cutting knife    Bowls suitable for use with microwave oven    Oil container     A small container for serving ghee (if required)    Can opener, bottle opener (if required).    Spices (Get a lot of them! ) and snacks    Papad, pickles (make sure they are packed in leak proof packing)    Dhania powder, chilli powder, haldi, hing, garam masala, mustard seeds    Jeera seeds, sambar powder, other home made spices of your own choices There are Indian stores here. You can buy the masalas / oil after coming here but obviously they will be costlier. Toiletries      Chap stick, blades, tooth paste, tooth brush, tongue cleaner (if you use)    Soap, shampoo, talcum powder, nail cutter, shaving kit, comb, hair brush.    Body lotions, make-up, face pack, face wash, rubber bands, pins, deodorant ,cold cream, deodorant, perfume.    Pack these things in a toilet bag Follow the flight instructions to carry these in cabin luggage for flight use. NOTE: Carry all breakables, stuff in pressurized cans in your cabin luggage. Also, keep one/ two set of clothes and everyday use articles like toiletries in the cabin luggage coz in case you luggage gets misplaced you need survival stuff!!! Keep all the money/travelers cheques in the cabin luggage to prevent loss. **Also keep photocopies of your passport, visa, I-20, tickets, travelers cheques numbers in each of your bag. But keep all the srcinals in the purse/ wallet that you carry on you.  Medicines  When carrying medicines it is recommended to get a prescription for the same from a doctor.    Crocin tablets - 3 strips For fever, bodyaches, headache    Erythrocin 500mg tablets - 2 strips One tablet twice a day when necessary, as advised    Sporadix 500mg capsules - 2 strips One capsule twice a day when necessary, as advised    Actified tablets - 3 strips    Cosovil tablets - 2 strips For common cold & cough. One tablet three times a day.    Avomin tablets - 1 strip For air sickness. One tablet as necessary.    Lomotil tablets - 20 Digene tablets - 30 For diarrhoea & stomach discomfort. One tablet of each three times a day.    Baralgam tablets - 2 strips For abdominal colic pain, backache etc    Dorstal (?) tablets - 10 For nausea & vomiting.    Electral powder - 2 packets One teaspoonful mixed with drinks to make up loss of electrolytes after vomiting or diarrhoea.    Novalgin tablets - 2 strips For headache & body aches.    Stomatil tablets - 1 strip For vertigo (giddiness)    Isogel (Glaxo) - 1 box For constipation.    Brufen 600mg tablets - 2 strips For arthritic joint pains.    Avil tablets - 1 strip For allergy.    Sepmax tablets - 1 strip For sore-throat.    Relaxyl ointment - 1 tube to be applied as a pain balm.    Band Aids assorted - 12    Soframycin skin ointment - 1 tube
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