Chemicals and Hazardous Substances

Chemicals and Hazardous Substances
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    PROJECTJeddah South Thermal Power PlantLOCATION South Intake & Out fall Channel Offshore Area Project NO. 683 A CONDUCTEDB Safety Officer/ FM ATTENDEES Workforce DATE 01/08/013 T!me 06! # $rs TOOLBO TAL# C$E%ICALS AND $A&ARDOUS SUBSTANCES %arious haar'ous su(stances are use' on this )ro*ect an' a list of these are a+aila(le in the S$, Officer-s Office.Acci'ents can (e re+ente' if you kno hat the cheicals are2 the haar's they ose2 an' the  recautions to (e taken in han'lin the. If there are any 'ou(ts2 seek inforation an' instruction fro your Suer+isor. A+oi' haar's (y folloin the ui'elines liste' (elo! ã Make sure you ha+e this instruction (efore you ork ith any haar'ous su(stance2 et the MS4S. ã Alays rea' the la(el on the container an' ake sure you un'erstan' the inforation. If there is no la(el2 'o not use the contents. ã 4o not assue that (ecause to containers look the sae2 they contain the sae aterial. ã Soe of the cheicals ay (e! e5losi+e2 flaa(le2 oisonous2 irritant or corrosi+e. A cheical ay ha+e ore than one of these haar's. Check for 'aner sy(ols on the la(el (efore oenin the container. ã When oenin containers2 hol' a ra o+er the ca as soe +olatile liui's ten' to surt u hen the ca is release'. ã Alays check that you are earin the correct rotection (efore han'lin cheicals. 7lo+es2 eye  rotection2 rotecti+e clothin2 ru((er (oots or resirators ay (e reuire'. All these ust (e ket in oo' or'er. Check the MS4S. ã ,5losi+e cheicals ust (e treate' ith reat care. Soe cheicals (ecoe unsta(le hen ol'2 an' e5losions can result if these are ishan'le'. Check the con'ition of all cheical containers for in'ications of leakae or ae. ã All flaa(le liui's i+e off +aours hich tra+el unseen into the air2 an' are easily inite' (y flaes2 sarks or *ust heat alone. e+er soke if there are flaa(le cheicals in thearea an' kno hat action to take in the case of a fire. ã All cheicals shoul' (e rear'e' as to5ic. )oisonin can occur (y acci'entally salloin the cheical hen eatin2 'rinkin or sokin ith containate' han's. Alays ash han's    ã Carefully after han'lin cheicals2 an' 'o not eat2 'rink or soke in the sae area as the cheicals. ã Soe cheicals can (e a(sor(e' throuh the skin an' cause a i'e rane of 'iseases. Alays usethe riht rotecti+e euient an' clothin an' aly (arrier creas if sol+ents are (ein han'le'. ã Soe cheicals are oisonous if inhale'. )ro+i'e oo' +entilation2 or ork in the oen air. 9ea+e the area ie'iately if you feel 'iy or unell. :eort to your Suer+isor. ã Corrosi+e cheicals2 like aci's an' alkalis2 'estroy the skin. ;he eyes are articularly +ulnera(le2 e+en to fues. Alays ear eye rotection2 lo+es an' rotecti+e clothin hen han'lin these cheicals. ã <se the sallest uantity of cheicals that are necessary for the articular *o(. ã ,ye rotection shoul' (e orn hen cheicals are (ein o+e' or transferre' on site. ã 4on=t i5 or 'ecant cheicals. ã If the skin is slashe' ith a cheical2 it shoul' (e ashe' off ie'iately ith clean runnin ater. ,ye in*uries shoul' (e flushe' coiously ith ater an' recei+e ie'iate e'ical attention > AL'AS (OLLO' T$E E%ER)ENC PROCEDURES ON T$E %ATERIAL SA(ET DATA S$EET. ã If you are (urne' (y a cheical or feel unell after usin a cheical2 tell your Suer+isor an' seek e'ical attention ithout 'elay. ã If there is a sillae of cheicals on the roun' or floor2 reort the atter at once to your Suer+isor so that the riht action can (e taken.)reare' (y2 $SE Team
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