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  GLENMUIR HIGH SCHOOLEASTER TERMINAL EXAMINATIONS 2000CHEMISTRYFORM 3TIME: 1½ Hrs.  NAME: ___________________________________________________ INSTRUCTION:This paper is divided into three sections. Answer ALL qestions in Sections A and ! and AN T#O qestions $ro% Section C. SECTION A (20 Marks) Each qestion has $or possi&'e answers 'a&e''ed A( !(C and ). Answer ALL qestions in this section &* circ'in+ the 'etter which corresponds to the answers *o consider to &e correct.,.The po''tant which irritates the 'n+s( da%a+e p'ants and $or%s an acid which e$$ect &i'din+s re$ersto:A.Car&on %ono-ide!.*dro+en s'phideC.Nitro+en dio-ide).S'phr dio-ide/.O-idation can &e de$ined asI.a +ain o$ e'ectronsII.a +ain in o-*+enIII.A 'oss o$ h*dro+enA.I. II and III!.I and II on'*C.II and III on'*).II on'*0.#ater vapor wi'' trn co&a't ch'oride paper $ro%A.&'e to pin1!.pin1 to &'eC.&'e to white).white to &'e2.The prodct $ro% the co%&stion o$ a non3%eta''ic e'e%ent 4( is sha1en in water a$ter which red and &'e 'it%s paper were added. #hich o$ the $o''owin+ wo'd *o +enera''* e-pect to o&serve.A.!oth red and &'e 'it%s paper re%ained nchan+ed!.Red 'it%s chan+ed to &'e whi'st &'e 'it%s re%ained nchan+edC.!'e 'it%s chan+ed to red whi'st red 'it%s re%ained nchan+ed).!oth red and &'e 'it%s paper chan+ed co'ors5.#hich o$ the $o''owin+ is re+arded as a co%ponent o$ pre dr* air6A.Methane +as!.!io+asC.7r*pton).Radi%8.The $i+re &e'ow shows the water c*c'e ,  #hich o$ the $o''owin+ is a correct %atch o$ the processes invo'ved at #( 4( and 96 # 4 9A.Evaporationtranspirationrespirationcondensation!.TranspirationevaporationcondensationrespirationC.Evaporationrespirationtranspirationcondensation).Respirationcondensationevaporationtranspiration.A'' o$ the $o''owin+ wi'' re%ove per%anent hardness o$ water E4CE;TA.Addition o$ sodi% car&onate!.!oi'in+C.Ion3e-chan+e rasin).)isti''ation<.A cata'*st is &est de$ined as a s&stance which==.A.speeds p a che%ica' reaction!.ta1es no part in a che%ica' reactionC.a'ters the rate o$ a che%ica' reaction whi'st re%ainin+ nchan+ed at the end).a'ters the rate o$ a che%ica' reaction and is chan+ed into a new s&stance at the end>.#hich o$ the $o''owin+ is?are properties o$ h*dro+en6@iit is an acidic +as@iiit is a redcin+ a+ent@iiiit is s'i+ht'* denser than air @ivit is virta''* inso'&'e in water A.@i( @ii( @iii and @iv!.@i and @iii on'*C.@i( @ii and @iv on'*).@ii and @iv on'*,B.A'' o$ the $o''owin+ e'e%ents &rn in air to +ive a prodct which( when sha1en with water $or%s a so'tion with a p va'e o$  or +reater E4CE;T.A.*dro+en!.S'phrC.Ma+nesi%).Ca'ci%,,.The co%pond %ain'* responsi&'e $or te%porar* hardness o$ water isA.Ca'ci% car&onate!.Ca'ci% s'phateC.Ca'ci% h*dro+en car&onate).Ma+nesi% s'phate,/.The at%osphere is said to &eA.a 'a*er o$ +ases!.a %i-tre o$ +asesC.a 'a*er o$ dst partic'es).a %i-tre o$ o-*+en and i%prities,0.The dia+ra% a&ove is sed to prodce +as 4( sin+ rea+ents A and ! in the apparats shown.#hich o$ the $o''owin+ is a correct %atch o$ 4( A and ! +ivin+ the $nction o$ ! correct'*. 4A !nction o$ AA.O-*+en*dro+en ;erio-ideMan+anese dio-idedeco%poser !.Nitro+enMa+nesi% o-ideNitric aciddeco%poser  /  C.O-*+enMan+anese ID O-ide*dro+en pero-idecata'*st).A%%onia*dro+enNitro+encata'*st,2. #hich o$ the $o''owin+ is NOT a propert* o$ Nitro+en6A.It is s'i+ht'* denser than air !.It is virta''* inso'&'e in water C.It is che%ica''* inert nder ordinar* condition).It reacts with reactive %eta's at hi+h te%peratre $or%in+ nitrates,5.#hich o$ the $o''owin+ is a 'ist o$ $ossi' $e's6A.Coa'( crde oi'( &io+asC.natra' +as( &io+as( %ethane!.Coa'( crde oi'( natra' +as).wind( h*droe'ectric( so'ar ,8.Methods sed to stop iron $ro% rstin+ inc'de - coatin+ with tin - coatin+ with inc - connectin+ with %a+nesi% rods#hich %eta' is %ost o$ten sed to protect iron in $ood containers( oi' pipe'ines and roo$in+ sheets6ood containersOi' pipe'inesRoo$in+ sheetsA. Tin 9incMa+nesi%!. 9inc Ma+nesi%TinC.Ma+nesi% Tin9inc). TinMa+nesi%9inc,.#hich o$ the $o''owin+ is proo$ that a +as is o-*+en6A.It disso'ves in water !.It &rns with a &'e $'a%eC.It re1ind'es a +'owin+ sp'int).It $or%s a white precipitate with 'i%e water ,<.The &rnin+ o$ a s&stance 4 prodces stea% and ener+* on'*. The &est conc'sion as to what 4 co'd &e is.A.a h*drocar&on!.a car&oh**dro+en,>.The +as ses $or deep sea divin+ and to in$'ate &'i%ps isA.Ar+on!.e'i%C.Neon).4enon/B.The process &* which or+anis%s o&tain ener+* $ro% $ood s&stancesstion!.respirationC.di+estion).photos*nthesis SECTION  (20 Marks) Answer ALL qestions in this section in the space provided,.The e'e%ent Ma+nesi% is $ond in +rop II o$ the ;eriodic Ta&'e. Ma+nesi% can &e co%p'ete'*  &rned in air to $or% an o-ide.@a #rite a worded eqation $or the co%p'ete co%&stion o$ Ma+nesi%. _______________________________________________________________________ @/ %ar1s@&#hat wo'd *o e-pect to o&serve i$ the prodct $ro% the co%&stion o$ Ma+nesi% was sha1en with water and reacted with the $o''owin+F@ired 'it%s paper _____________________________________________ @, %ar1@ii&'e 'it%s paper ____________________________________________ @, %ar1 0  @c#hat is the na%e o$ the t*pe o$ o-ide $or%ed &* Ma+nesi%6 _______________________________________________________________________ @, %ar1/.The dia+ra% &e'ow represents the nitro+en c*c'e.@aIdenti$* the or+anis%s 'a&e''ed a( &( c.@iOr+anis% a _______________________________________________ @iiOr+anis% & _______________________________________________ @iiiOr+anis% c ________________________________________________ @0 %ar1s@&Identi$* the processes 'a&e''ed ,( /( 0,.____________________________________________________________ /.____________________________________________________________ 0.____________________________________________________________ @0 %ar1s0.@aE-p'ain what is %eant &* the ter% rstin+. _________________________________________________________________________________  _________________________________________________________________________________  _________________________________________________________________________________ @/ %ar1s@&State the che%ica' na%e $or rst. _________________________________________________________________________ @, %ar1@cList two conditions that are necessar* $or rstin+ to occr. ________________________________________________________________________________  2

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