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  BALLARPUR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYSESSIONAL EXAMINATION-I Applied Chemistry Time: 2HrsMax Marks: 40SECTION AQue.1 a)Explain cold lime soda process of water softening with reactions involved in it. (4 marks)  b)What is sterilization? Explain Break Point Chlorination. (4 marks) c)Explain Coagulation. (2 marks) OR   Que.2 a)What is the principle of zeolite process? Write advantages, disadvantages and limitations ofzeolite process. (5 marks)  b)Discuss the principle involved and details of any of the ion exchange water softeningprocesses. (5 marks) Que.3 a)A water sample on analysis:i.Ca(HCO 3 ) 2  = 81ppmii.Mg(HCO 3 ) 2  = 73ppmiii.Mg(NO 3 ) 2  = 74ppm (7 marks) iv.MgCl 2  = 95ppm v.NaCl = 58.5ppmCalculate the quantities of lime (90% pure) and soda (95%pure) required for thesoftening of 80000 lit of water using NaAlO2 coagulant at the rate of 16.4ppm. b)Hardness of 20,000 litre of water was removed by a zeolite softener. The zeolite required 320litre of 1.5% brine for regeneration. Calculate hardness of water. (3 marks) OR Que.4 a)  Water sample on analysis gave the following data: (7 marks) CaCO 3  =75ppm, Mg(HCO 3 ) 2 = 73ppm, MgSO 4  = 30ppm,Dissolved CO 2  = 10 ppm, CaCl 2  = 166.5 ppm,  MgCl 2  = 190ppm.Calculate: i) Temporary and permanent hardness. ii) Theoretical quantities of lime (90%pure) and soda (95% pure) required tosoften 100,000 liters of water.c)Hardness of 10,000 litre of water was removed by a zeolite softener. The zeolite required 30litre of 8.5% brine for regeneration. Calculate hardness of water. (3 marks) SECTION BQue.5 a)Write informative note on (any three): (6 marks) i)Water line corrosionii)Intergranular corrosioniii)Microbiological corrosioniv)Pitting corrosion b)Explain electrochemical theory of corrosion. (4 marks) OR Que.6 a)Explain why: (10 marks) i)Corrosion is reverse of extractive metallurgy.ii)Iron corrodes faster than Aluminium even though iron is placed below Aluminium inthe electrochemical series.iii)A pure metal rod, half immersed vertically in water starts corroding at the bottom.iv)Steel pipe connected to copper plumbing gets corroded? v)Rusting of iron is quicker in saline water than in ordinary water. Que.7 a)What is green house effect? What are the major gases responsible for Green house effectand how are they released into the atmosphere? What are the causes and consequences ofuncontrolled global warming? (6 marks)  b)How is Ozone layer formed and depleted in the stratosphere? Explain the causes andconsequences of Ozone depletion. (4 marks) OR Que.8 a)Write short note on: (10 marks)  i)Acid Rainii)Photochemical smogiii)Effect of common air pollutants on human being.iv)Catalytic converters v)Primary methods of waste water treatment.
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