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  BALLARPUR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, BALLARPUR SESSIONAL EXAMINATION II SEM B.E. Applied Chemistry Time: 3Hrs 29 th March 2014 Max Marks: 80 Que.1 1.   A water sample contains following impurities: (8 marks)  i)   Ca(HCO 3 ) 2 = 121.5ppm, ii)   CaCl 2 = 66.6ppm, iii)   Mg(HCO 3 ) 2 = 219ppm, iv)   MgCl 2 = 142.5ppm, v)   SiO 2 = 10ppm, vi)   Dissolved CO 2 = 11ppm, vii)   NaCl = 7ppm. Calculate i) Temporary and Permanent Hardness. ii) Amount of Lime (85%pure) and Soda (95 % pure) required for softening of 1 million liters of water if Al 2 (SO 4 )used as coagulant at the rate of 17.1ppm 2.    The hardness of 25000 liters of water was completely removed by passing it through a zeolite softener. Zeolite softener required 300 liters of NaCl solution for complete regeneration. If the water has hardness equivalent to 400 ppm of CaCO3, calculate the concentration of NaCl solution used for regeneration.  (4 marks)  3.   Define Chlorination. Explain Break point chlorination. Que.2 1.   Explain the softening process for hard water which is to be used for high pressure boilers. (6 marks)  2.   Discuss the disadvantages of scales. Explain any one internal treatment method for prevention of scales in boilers. (4 marks)   3.   Give the chemical reactions involved in L-S process of water softening. (6 marks)   Que.3 1.   Discuss electrochemical theory of corrosion. (6 marks)  2.   How design and material selection helps to control metallic corrosion (4 marks)   3.   What is cathodic protection? How it is achieved by using sacrificial anode? Explain with suitable examples. (6 marks)   Que. 4 1.   What is corrosion? Explain in brief the dry corrosion. (6 marks)  2.   How the galvanizing of Iron is carries out. (4 marks)  3.   Write down the advantages and limitations of alkaline fuel cell. (3 marks)  4.   Explain Ni-Cd secondary battery (3 marks)   Que. 5   1.   Discuss the process of manufacturing of Portland cement by wet process. (6 marks)  2.   Discuss the characteristics of microscopic constituents of Portland cement. (4 marks)  3.   Write down the principals of green chemistry. (3 marks)    4.   Explain heat of hydration of cement. (3 marks)   Que. 6 1.   Write short notes on (i) Ready mix concrete, (ii) High alumina cement, (iii) Rapid hardening cement. (6 marks)  2.   Explain the Advantages on addition of Fly ash in Concrete and Cement (4 marks)  3.   Explain the concept of carbon credits. (3 marks)  4.   What is soundness of cement? Explain heat of hydration of cement. (3 marks)   Que. 7  1.    The temperature of 950g of water increased from 25.5 0 C to 28.5 0 C on burning 0.75g of solid fuel in Bomb calorimeter. Water equivalent of calorimeter and Latent heat of steam are 400 gm and 58 cal/g respectively. If fuel contains 0.65% H Calculate the Net calorific value.  ( 4  marks)  2.   Define Cetane number. How quality of Diesel improved.  ( 4  marks)  3.   Describe Fischer-Tropsch process of manufacturing synthetic gasoline.  ( 4  marks)  4.   Write informative notes on biodiesel.  ( 4  marks)   Que. 8 1.   Find the gross as well as net calorific value of a coal which on ultimate analysis gave following result by Dulongs formula. C= 70.3%, H= 5.1%, O= 22.4%, S= 0.8% N= 1.4%. ( 4  marks)  2.   Describe fractional distillation of crude petroleum oil.  ( 4  marks)   3.   What is proximate analysis of coal. Give its significance. ( 4  marks)  4.   Define Octane Number. How it is calculated.  ( 4  marks)  Que.9 1.   What are different mechanisms of lubrication? Explain boundary film lubrication.
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