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  R   Totakeustothenextlevel, weneededinformaonatourngerps,weneededtherighttoolsandweneededexibility.Chempaxprovidesallthree.Asourcompanyhasgrownandwehaveopenedmoremanufacturing facilies,Chempaxhasedthemalltogetherinrealmewithaccurateinformaonavailabletoourmanagementandsta.IbelieveChempaxhasbeenthedrivingforcebehindourconnuedsuccess.InformaonispowerandChempaxprovidesalltheinformaonweneedtopowerahead. - Lindsay Baker Hegna Vice PresidentSales & Marketing  CAM2 Whether you are out-growing entry-level soware, rubber banding an outdated legacy soluon, or simple red of paying annual maintenance fees to a vendor that provides lile to no value for your money – now is the me to give your people and your business the tools they need. Chempax is everything you need from a modern chemical industry specic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) soware soluon. It is simple, powerful, innovave and it ts the way you do business. Using Chempax will help you:   Increase Producvity  – for a strong boom line and healthy margins.   Make Your Processes Ecient  – for higher customer sasfacon.   Easily Produce Charts, Tables & Reports  – for opmizing decisionmaking.   Grow Your Business  – Chempax provides you the tools to respondquickly and cost eecvely to changing market,business and industry condions. The Complete ERP Sofware Solution or the Chemical Industry  Thankstotheadvancedgraphicalinterface,youcannavigateandndinformaonmorequicklytoanswerquesons,discoverinsights,andulmatelymakebeer-informeddecisions. Sales History - Ace Medical Supply (3010)Open AR - Ace Medical Supply (3010)  Chempaxallowsourpeopletospendfarlessmemaintainingourinformaonandmoremeusingit. - Mark Moser IT Manager | Pilot Chemical Company  Chemical Industry Specic Advanced Interface Technology Aordable, Powerful, & Comprehensive Automated Government Regulaons (ex. GHS) Data Portal & Integrated Workows Easy to Implement, Use, & Maintain Enhanced Analycal Tools Enre Business Integraon Integrated CRM Customer Relaonship Management  Customer Portal Sales Portal Invoicing Sales Analysis & Forecasng Order Entry Price Management at the Customer Product Level Manufacturing  Batch/ProcessManufacturing Lab Management  Quality Control  Plant Maintenance* Inventory Management  Inventory Control Lot/Locaon Tracking Warehouse Management System RF & Bar Code Processing Regulatory Compliance Shipping Documents Safety Procedures SDS - Safety Data Sheets Labeling Management Government Reporng Procurement  Scheduling Purchasing Material Requirements Planning Financial Management  Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable General Ledger/Finance Forecasng/Budgeng *Plant Maintenance only available in Chempax C/S. Chempax controls the fundamental business funcons to save you me and facilitate the ow of informaon throughout your organizaon. “A Solution Created with the User in Mind”    Visit www.datacor.comCall us at (973)822-1551Email To Learn More: 25 Hanover Road, Building B, Suite 300, Florham Park, NJ 07932-1409Phone (973)822-1551 ã Fax (973)822-3976 ã ã
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