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הָ י ָ הְ ו ֹ ו ּ ת ּׁ ב ׁׁ ש ְ ּ ב ת ָּ ב ׁׁ ש י ּ ּ ד ִ מ ּ ו , ֹ ו ׁ ש ְ ד ָ ח ְ ּ ב ׁ ש ֶ דֹ ח י ּ ּ ד ִ מ And it shall come to pass that from one New Moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another )גכ קוספ וס קרפ והיעשי( Table of Laws and Customs for Jewish Communities October 24, 2014 – November 22, 2014 The New Moon: Thursday night (27.10.14), at 9:2 p.m. and 16 Chalakim. Kiddush Levana (Sanctification of the Moon): from Monday night, 4 Marcheshvan (27.10.14) to Thu
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  ָָה תׁבׁש ב   תָבׁש   יּד מו  ,  ֹש דָח ב   שֶֹח   יּד מ   And it shall come to pass that from one New Moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another    ) גכ   קוספ   וס   קרפ   והיעשי (   Table of Laws and Customs for Jewish Communities   October 24, 2014 –  November 22, 2014 The New Moon:  Thursday night (27.10.14), at 9:2 p.m. and 16 Chalakim . Kiddush Levana   (Sanctification of the Moon):  from Monday night, 4  Marcheshvan  (27.10.14) to Thursday night, 14  Marcheshvan  (6.11.14). Kiddush Levana   (according to Oriental communities):  from Thursday night, 7  Marcheshvan  (30.10.14) after 9:03 p.m.  Aleph d’Rosh Chodesh Marcheshvan , Friday, 30 Tishre   (24.10.2014): Ya’aleh ve -yavo. Shacharit  : after  Parshat Ha-tamid   one says Uv’rashei Chodsheichem . In the „  Amida :  ya’aleh ve -yavo . Chatzi hallel  ; kaddish titkabbal  ; a  sefer torah  is taken out, and we read from  Parashat Pinchas  (  B’midbar   [Numbers] 28): Vay’dabber Hashem el Moshe: tsav et B’nei Yisrael   until v’nisko . Four men are called up to this reading. Those who pray in  Nusah S’farad   and Ashkenazi chassidim  :   for “ c ohen” they read from vay’dabber to ‘olah tamid  ; for “levi” –   they repeat v’amarta lache m  and continue to r’vi’it ha -hin ; for “sh‟lishi” –   from ‘olat tamid   to v’nisko ; for “r‟vi‟i” –   from uv’rashei hodsheichem  to v’nisko . This is followed by hatzi kaddish ,  y’hallelu , ashrei , uva l’tzion . It is the minhag   of the hassidim  to recite ashrei  and uva l’tzion   before returning the  sifrei torah  to the aron . Then we remove our tefillin  and recite the rosh chodesh mussaf   prayer; kaddish titkabbal  , ‘aleinu ;  shir shel yom , barechi nafshi , and ein kelokeinu . The minhag   of our oriental communities:  the Arvit   prayer begins with barechi nafshi . In the  Amida    –     ya’aleh ve -yavo. Hallel is recited, omitting the two sections and without reciting the beracha ,  Kaddish titkabbal  . V’Avraham zaken  is recited, followed by b’rich sh’meh . The  sefer torah  is brought out, and four men are called up to the reading (from  Parashat Pinchas, B’midbar   28:1) from Vay’dabber Hashem el  Moshe   etc., as follows: for “ c ohen”, from Vay’dabber   to ‘olat tamid  ; for “levi”, from v’amarta lahem  to r’vi’it ha -hin ; for “sh‟lishi”, from ‘olat tamid   to v’nisko ; and for “r‟vi‟i”, from Uv’rashei chodsheichem  to v’nisko . Chatzi kaddish , ashrei , uva letzion , beit ya’akov ,  shir ha-maalot  , mizmor shel yom , hoshi’enu . The  sefer torah  is returned to its place. Tefillin  are removed and after Chatzi kaddish  the rosh chodesh musaf  prayer is recited. After the  sheliach tzibbur  ‟s repetition, kiddish titkabbal  , barchi nafshi , kaddish yehe shelama , kaveh el Hashem  and  pittum ha'ktoret  , aleinu l’shabbeach. The minhag   of the Ashkenazim-Perushim   in Eretz-Israel: as HaGra, the torah   is read for “ c ohen” up until ‘olah tamid  , for “levi” from et ha-keves  to ‘nichoach lashem , for “shlishi” from olat tamid   to v’nisko;   and for “r‟vi‟i”, from Uv’rashei chodsheichem  to v’nisko . In Birkat Hamason :  ya’aleh ve -yavo . Candle Lighting Times For Shabbat - Friday, 30 Tishrei, October 24, 2014   Shabbat Parashat  Noac h Bet d’Rosh Chodesh Marcheshvan 1 Marcheshvan  25.10.14) Ya’aleh v’yavo . Chatzi Hallel  , two  sifrei torah  are taken out; from the first we read the weekly portion, and call seven men to this reading. Chatzi kaddish . From the second  sefer   we read the maftir   from  Parashat Pinchas : Uv’yom ha -  shabbat, uv’rashei chodsheichem . The  Haftara  is read from Isaiah ( Yesha’ya ) 66:  Koh amar Hashem: Ha-  shamayim kis’i . The verse v’hayah middei chodesh  is repeated.  Av ha-rachamim  is omitted.  Musaf   of Shabbat   and  Rosh Chodesh . Shir shel yom .  Barchi nafshi . Mincha  :  Ya’aleh v’yavo . Three men are called up to read from  Parashat Lech Lecha  . Tsidkatecha tzedek   is not recited.  Barchi nafshi .   Saturday night, 1 Cheshvan (25.10.14)    –   clock changes in Israel to winter time. Thursday night, 7 Marcheshvan  31.10.14) In ‘Arvit   in Eretz-Israel we begin to say v’ten tal umatar liv’racha  in birkat hashanim . The minhag   of our Oriental communities  is to begin reciting barech ‘aleinu  (winter). In chutz la’aretz  , Jews begin to ask for rain in Arvit  , Wednesday night, prior to 13  Tevet   5775 (5.12.2014). Candle Lighting Times For Shabbat - Friday, 7 Marcheshvan  , October 10, 2013   Shabbat begins Shabbat beginsShabbat ends   Shabbat begins   8:5   Madrid   8:81   Melbourne   8:25   New York    8:33   Jerusalem   8 : 58   Jerusalem   8:8   Marbella   8:   Johannesburg   8:3   Los Angeles 8:32   Tel Aviv 8:3   Tel Aviv 8:5   Toronto   8:21   Buenos Aires   8:8   Paris 8:3   Beer Sheba   8:24   Beer Sheba   8:28   Moscow   8:54   London 8:33   Haifa 8:5   Haifa 8:2   Rome   8:   Amsterdam 8:3   Eilat   8:34   Eilat Shabbat begins Shabbat beginsShabbat ends   Shabbat begins   8:23   Madrid   8:52   Melbourne   81:33   New York    8:5   Jerusalem   81 : 8   Jerusalem   8:4   Marbella   8:44   Johannesburg   81:35   Los Angeles 8:5   Tel Aviv 81:38   Tel Aviv 81:25   Toronto   8:5   Buenos Aires   8:43   Paris 8:5   Beer Sheba   81:33   Beer Sheba   81:5   Moscow   81:41   London 8:5   Haifa 81:55   Haifa 81:3   Rome   81:23   Amsterdam 8:34   Eilat   81:52   Eilat ל רשי תסנכה   ית דוחי Union of Synagogues in Israel   ס תסנכה   ית לש   ימלועה   ןוגר התויסקודותרו ה   תוליהקהו World Organization of OrthodoxSynagogues and Communities    2 Shabbat Parashat Lech Lecha 8 Marcheshvan 1.11.14)   The  Haftara  is read from Isaiah ( Yesha’ya ) 40:27: lama tomar ya’akov  until 41:16 bik’dosh Yisrael tit  -hallel  . We bless those who undertake to fast on  sheni- hamishi-sheni , but when there is a Chatan  or a bar-mitzva  present in the congregation, we  bless those who fast in the Mincha   prayer service. Mincha  : Three men are called up to read from  Parashat Vayera  . Sunday, 9 Marcheshvan   (2.11.14): those who plan to fast the next day  –   should have this in mind during  Mincha . Monday, 10 Marcheshvan   (3.11.14):   Taanit Sheni Kama . Slichot   as customary (dawn in Jerusalem: 4:25 a.m.). Slichot   for  sheni kama  after chazarat hashatz   (there are places which change the chorus mal'achei rachamim  and recite  yisrael nosha . On Thursday they recite mal'achei rachamim ). Whenever  slichot   is said, the chorus el na refa na la  is recited.  Avinu malkeinu . V'hu rachum. El erech apayim . The weekly portion is read and 3 people are called up for the Torah reading. In mincha    –   if 10  people are fasting  –    vayachel   is read and birkat kohanim  is recited like on a fast day Tuesday, 11 Marcheshvan   (4.11.14) The day of the passing of  Rachel Immeinu . Many visit her gravesite on this day. Thursday, 13 Marcheshvan   (6.11.14):   Taanit chamishi . (Dawn in Jerusalem: 4:28 a.m.). Slichot   and recited like Taanit Sheni Kama. Slichot for Thursday.   Candle Lighting Times For Shabbat - Friday, 14 Marcheshvan  , November 7, 2014   Shabbat Parashat Vayera , 15 Marcheshvan  8.11.14) The  Haftara  is read from II Kings 4:1, Ve-isha ahat  . Our Oriental communities end with va-tomer shalom  (verse 23), while the Ashkenazim continue to (verse 37): va- tissa et b’nah va -teitze . Mincha  : three men are called up to the Torah reading from Parashat   Chayei Sara  . Monday, 17 Marcheshvan   (10.11.14): Taanit Sheni Batra . (Dawn in Jerusalem: 4:31 a.m.). Slichot   and recited like Taanit Sheni Kama. Slichot for Monday.  Tuesday, 18 Marcheshvan   (11.11.14) If 17  Marcheshvan  has passed (10.11.14), the date of the first revi’a , and rains have not yet fallen in Eretz-Israel, the  sheliach tzibbur   begins to recite the ‘Aneinu Boreh ‘Olam  prayer in the  shomea’ tefilla  benediction, and the series of individual fasts goes into effect. If they begin to fast and rain falls before noon, they recite the blessing of thanks and the long  Hallel  . If rain falls after a period of drought, the blessing of thanks is recited. Candle Lighting Times For Shabbat - Friday, 21 Marcheshvan  , November 14, 2014   Shabbat Parashat Chayei Sara 22 Marcheshvan 15.11.14)   The Haftara is read from I Kings 1 V’ha -melech David zaken , until (verse 31): adoni ha-melec h David l’olam . From this day, one who is not sure if he said mashiv haruach should not go back to correct it, since it was held that he said mashiv haruach  for 30 times. Also, if one said mechaye mey tim… mashiv  90 times in sequence, he doesn't go back to correct it. Chazarat hashatz   is included in the 90 prayers. Mincha  : three men are called up to the Torah reading from  Parashat Toldot  . Thursday, 27 Marcheshvan   (20.11.14) Those who fast on erev Rosh Chodesh  recite the Yom Kippur Katan  prayers. If there are ten present who are fasting, they read vay’chal  . Candle Lighting Times For Shabbat - Friday, 28 Marcheshvan  , November 21, 2014   Shabbat, Parashat Toldot , 29 Marcheshvan 22.11.14) The  Haftara  is read from I Samuel 20:18: Va-yomer Yehonatan mahar hodesh , until the end of the chapter. We bless Chodesh Kislev   that falls on Sunday and Monday (3-4.11.13).  Av ha-rahamim  is not recited. The  Molad  : Sunday (22.11.14), 9:46 a.m. and 17 chalakim . Mincha  :  tsidkatecha tzedek   is not recited.   Shabbat begins Shabbat beginsShabbat ends   Shabbat begins   8:3   Madrid   8:38   Melbourne   81:5   New York    8:58   Jerusalem   81 : 4   Jerusalem   8:44   Marbella   8:42   Johannesburg   81:51   Los Angeles 8:53   Tel Aviv 81:5   Tel Aviv 81:33   Toronto   8:   Buenos Aires   81:5   Paris 8:52   Beer Sheba   81:5   Beer Sheba   81:88   Moscow   8:2   London 8:58   Haifa 81:8   Haifa 81:5   Rome   81:34   Amsterdam 8:5   Eilat   81:8   Eilat Shabbat begins Shabbat beginsShabbat ends   Shabbat begins   8:5   Madrid   8:3   Melbourne   81:8   New York    8:8   Jerusalem   81 : 4   Jerusalem   8:2   Marbella   8:84   Johannesburg   81:58   Los Angeles 8:8   Tel Aviv 81:58   Tel Aviv 81:5   Toronto   8:41   Buenos Aires   81:23   Paris 8:54   Beer Sheba   81:53   Beer Sheba   8:   Moscow   8:23   London 8:8   Haifa 81:85   Haifa 81:54   Rome   81:8   Amsterdam 8:55   Eilat   81:8   Eilat Shabbat begins Shabbat beginsShabbat ends   Shabbat begins   8:5   Madrid   8:21   Melbourne   81:83   New York    8:8   Jerusalem   81 : 45   Jerusalem   8:4   Marbella   8:8   Johannesburg   81:8   Los Angeles 8:81   Tel Aviv 81:8   Tel Aviv 81:8   Toronto   8:83   Buenos Aires   81:3   Paris 8:8   Beer Sheba   81:54   Beer Sheba   8:2   Moscow   8:3   London 8:82   Haifa 81:4   Haifa 81:82   Rome   81:84   Amsterdam 8:54   Eilat   81:85   Eilat With best wishes for a good month, Eliezer Sheffer   
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