Chester Connaughs Quay

Chester Connaughs Quay
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It is delivered through thepolicies and programmes of over 450 local authorities andother partners, and is co-ordinated by the charity Sustrans. www.nationalcyclenetwork  For more information on routes in your area, contact: Sustrans0845 113 0566 or visit the interactive mapping on our web site. SustransBritish Tourist AuthorityBritish WaterwaysCheshire County CouncilChester City CouncilCorusCyngor Sir y Fflint - Flintshire County CouncilMillennium CommissionRailTrack Waste Recycling EnvironmentalWelsh Development Agency ã ã ããããããããã  An 8 miletraffic-freerailwaypath for cyclists andwalkers Part of the National Cycle Network This route is a partnership between ã ãã        N   o  n  -  r  o  a   d  r  o  u   t  e   t  r  a   f   f   i  c  -   f  r  e  e  r  o  u   t  e   l   i  n   k  r  o  u   t  e  p  u   b   l   i  c   f  o  o   t  p  a   t   h  a  c  c  e  s  s  c  o  n   t  r  o   l   (   1 .   2  m  s   l  o   t   )       C      h    e    s     t    e    r   c   i   t  y  c  e  n   t  r  e    d  e   t  a   i   l  HawardenBridgeStationLow Level StationHigh Level Station RAF Sealand CampDeeside Industrial ParkBache StationChesterGeneral Station To FlintTo Chester Zoo, Wirral Way, Neston, New Brighton and Liverpool via ferry CONNAH'SQUAY  ShottonGarden CityBlaconQueensferry CHESTER Sealand  C R A N  L E  I G  H  C R E S F  A I R F I E LD  R D    P A R K  W A  Y  G  R  E  E  N   L A  N  E   E A S  T   S  E A  H  I  L  L   R  D S  A U G H  A L L  R D  B L  A C O N   A V E  H I G H F I E L D  R D  S E   A L  A N  D   R  D    A 4 5  8   A  5 5 0        A      5     4      8       A      5      5      0  P    A  R   K   G    A  T   E    R   D     A  5   4   0     A  4  1     H O O  L  E   R  D    E  G  E  R  T  O  N   R  D  S A  U  G  H A  L  L   R  D M    A  Y   F   I    E  L D   R D   H   E   R   M   I     T      A   G    E     R     D       A    5  6       D      E     V    A  L        I    N    K   L   I    V   E    R  P  O      O      L      R        D  Saughallsee detail   C  O  R  U  S   W  O  R  K  S P      A    R    K     G     A    T     E      R    D     A       5      1      1       6       L   I    V     E     R    P    O    O    L    R    D        B   R  O  O   K    L  A   N   E   N  O  R   T  H  G  A   T  E   A   V  E W    a   l    e   s   E    n    g   l    a   n   d     Shropshire Union Canal towpath is part of Regional Route 70 Cheshire Cycleway   5   5   Chester to Connah’s Quay Railway Path Phase one of this path runs from Fairfield Road toHawarden Bridge along the former Mickle Trafford freightline, and forms part of National Cycle Network Route 5.Links from Abbots Mead along the Shropshire Union canaltowpath and from Brook Lane via Northgate Village, andNorthgate Street provide connections to Chester CityCentre. Flintshire County Council are continually improvinglinks between Shotton and the path. The intention is to extend the railway path toward Mickle Trafford as part of the Network route to Delamere Forest. The whole of the former railway is being treated as a narrowlinear park and woodland. Please look after the trees andplants and help us to keep the path clean and tidy. useful numbers Cheshire County Council Cycling Officer 01244 603617Flintshire County Council Cycling Officer 01352 704633Sustrans Crewe office 01270 211030 N scale0 1mileon-road routetraffic-free routelink routepublic footpathrailwayaccess control (1.2m slot) Sustrans - the sustainable transport charity - works onpractical projects to encourage people to walk, cycle anduse public transport in order to reduce motor traffic and itsadverse effects. 5,000 miles of our flagship project, theNational Cycle Network, were officially opened in June2000, we will increase this to 10,000 miles by 2005. As well as the National Cycle Network, Sustrans is workingon Safe Routes to School, Home Zones and other practicalresponses to the transport and environmental challengeswe face. Sustrans' work relies on the generous donationsand monthly standing orders of nearly 40,000 Supporters,and the support of charitable trusts, companies, theNational Lottery and local authority programmes. © Crown copyright. All rights reserved Sustrans. Licence No: GD03181G0001
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