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CHETNIK_PRESS_RELEASE_- Against Bogus Srebrenica Remembrance Day

A SLAP ACROSS THE FACE TO CANADIAN SERBS: COMPLIMENTS OF BRIAN MASSEY, WINDSOR NDP MP From Canada’s Southernmost Tip to the Arctic Waters This was a Press Release I sent out Sept. 30th, 2009 just before leaving Canada for Africa, as Director of Public Affairs for the Worldwide Chetnik Movement Ravna Gora - Windsor Chapter. This was against instituting the bogus Srebrenica Day - whose massacre never happened! It is all just sheer propaganda by disintegritous, politicized, extremist Islamists, who had a deal with Bill Clinton to pump up the numbers and create a holocaust in order to get his intervention. They have worked heinously all over the world to get this bogus day instituted by Parliament in countries all over the world to commemorate 'it' as a national holiday to remember something that never even occurred. So much for history and politics! Revisionism at work, yet again, by backstage world powers, only here, they have joined arms with muslim extremist propagandists. . . This is FOR THE RECORD. A N A K S I O S !
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  WORLDWIDE CETNIK MOVEMENT RAVNE GORE, WINDSOR CHAPTER  6770 Tecumseh Rd E. W!ds # ON N$T %E6 C&!&d& '!ds #ce(!)s*d+ m&(s.c m FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A SLAP ACROSS THE -ACE TO CANADIAN SERS/ COMPLIMENTS O- RIAN MASSE, WINDSOR NDP MP From Canada’s Southernmost Tip to the Arctic Waters Windsor, ON, September 11, 2009.  ------ Truth-loving Canadians, especiall, !indsor Ser s #ere shoc$ed tolearn that !indsor !est%s M& 'rian Masse ()D&* launched a ca+paign-o-deceit or a “Srebrenica Remembrance Day” in Canada, co++e+orating a 1 2us m&ss&c#e  that did not eist, save in the propagandao ac$ stage A+erican po#ers #hose alterior +otives #ere onl to .usti the+selves or their heinous  o+ ing o the Orthodo Ser s in order to uild their largest +ilitar ases in Europe on or+erl Ser territor in the or+er /ugoslavia0 &u lic presentation o this insidious +otion o a s$e#ed 'al$an histor,#hich +i+ics the lies o an A+erican shado# agenda is to e introduced in the 1ouse o Co++ons o our True )orth Strong and Free this upco+ing Fall Session0 At this scathing and +ind- oggling rall, Masseorgani2ed onl 3 #ee$s ago in !indsor, )D&%s M& tried everishl to i+press his ne# 4'osnia$5 riends#ith all the u22 #ords the earned to hear (i.e. “genocide”, “ar crimes”, “atrocities”, etc! to con.ure upas +an votes as the 4'osnia$s5 con.ured up +assacred odies in a genocide #hich did not ta$e place, and#hich Masse cannot, and #ill not e a le to su stantiate #hen he is ta$en to tas$ or his outlandish andhurtul propaganda0The onl atrocit co++itted here is an atrocit against the truth as against devout Ser ian OrthodoChristians6 against .ustice and e7uit6 against our dignit and hu+an rights, co++itted  an ironicallentitled 8honora le% M&0 Sadl enough, this genocide e#pert$%&rom%no'ere  evolves ro+ the MulticulturalCouncil o !indsor #here the Ser ian co++unit is consistentl recogni2ed or its outstanding contri utionand distinctive service in our proud and estee+ed +ulti-cultural, ethnic co++unit0 STO& 'RIA) MASSE SLA& ACROSS T1E FACE TO CA)ADIA) SER'S 8)D&% 9ET O:T T1E ;OTE0 -  )* +OW    WORLDWIDE CETNIK MOVEMENT RAVNE GORE, WINDSOR CHAPTER  6770 Tecumseh Rd E. W!ds # ON N$T %E6 C&!&d& '!ds #ce(!)s*d+ m&(s.c m !hat inluenced 'rian Masse, )D&%s M& to choose sides  in a oreign-orchestrated 'al$an lood aththe 9-< is still undecided on= And #hat gives hi+ +ore insight, $no#ledge and $no#-ho# that the +e+ erso the :0), the+selves do not possess= Finall, #h #ere Ser s reerred to as onl “ar crimina-s” in this>genocide re+e+ rance> )D&-&R stunt= The ans#er is as si+ple as it is transparent? 'rian Masse, )D& M&,a local politician on the +ar$et, auctioning hi+sel o to the highest idder, not#ithstanding an eistentgroup o ac$-stage 'al$an propagandists #ho +ight pa the highest price, as he is p &or gra s% and the  idding has egun0 Masse, )D&%s ver o#n M& is a shre#d +athe+atician, #ho cleverl calculated that theSer victi+s o that sa+e 'al$an !ar +ight not generate enough cash or votes to e igured into hise7uation, so the 7uic$l eca+e null and void - and i the eisted at all, in his +ind, it #ould not e asChristian Orthodo Ser , ut the #ould e randed, onl, as “ar crimina-s”.  The actual truth a out the 'al$an !ar is, or such a politico, a pett nuisance that could drive a serious#edge into his voter ase at large - a +iscalculated phenone+on he +a e #ise to tend to0 For, on thecontrar, the truth a out the Ser victi+s and i++ense Ser suerings could onl hurt and destro adu iousl honora le )D& candidate as he inds hi+sel in a precarious position o spreading his deceitul propaganda ar and #ide to collect enough votes, .ust not ar and #ide enough as his #est side slu+s o ra+pant pett cri+e, #hich, on second thought, he +ight e a le to hide ehind #ith a #ind rea$ o +usli+supporters running ra+pant, and 7uic$ to appease0 'rian Masse, )D&%s ina+ous M&, #hen instructed and progra++ed to do so, is 7uic$ and agile tore+e+ er a non-eistent, unproven and et unsu stantiated Sre renica 8+assacre% o an  imagined <,@@@4'osnia$s5  Ser s in BB, although it is curious to note that his a+nesia #alls do not allo# hi+ tore+e+ er a real and tragic genocide this 3@ th  Centur, ie0 the slaughter o a +ere 0 +illion Ar+enians the Tur$s during !!I6 or, perhaps his +e+or #ould etter e .ogged i #e +entioned the slaughter, during!!II, o  +illion Ser s  Croats and Musli+s (or shall #e sa, 4'osnia$s5 as Spin-+eister Massethought to, convenientl, reer to the+ as*=!e +a not e a le to change Masses +ind6 that is so+ething his handlers are +ore det at, as theSer ian co++unit can onl oer hi+ the living truth, not pett cash  #hich +a e #orth ver little to anull lo#n (al eit, t#o- it* propaganda +achine0 1erein, #e release a record o the truth, in deence o the+uch-victi+i2ed Ser s, +artred in a +riad o nu+ ers over three consecutive #ars this ver sa+e STO& 'RIA) MASSE SLA& ACROSS T1E FACE TO CA)ADIA) SER'S 8)D&% 9ET O:T T1E ;OTE0 -  )* +OW    WORLDWIDE CETNIK MOVEMENT RAVNE GORE, WINDSOR CHAPTER  6770 Tecumseh Rd E. W!ds # ON N$T %E6 C&!&d& '!ds #ce(!)s*d+ m&(s.c m Centur, #hose truth, histor has et to #rite, +uch less to etend to a ar o !est0 1erein, #e appeal to alltruth-see$ers Canada-#ide, cautioning a out Masse%s outrageous initiative on ehal o the )D& in its one-sided, short-sighted, propaganda-inlicted &R stunt, target +ar$eting his ne#l +apped out potential voter   ase eore the vote is cast (as earl as this Fall*0 In short? Don%t “/et ot t'e ote”  until ou “Spread t'eord”  STO& T1IS 'O9:S RESOL:TIO) 'ASED :&O) DECEIT A)D :)S:'STA)TIATED '/ 9-G!ORLD &O!ERS0 1ISTOR/ M:ST )EEDS 'E 'ASED O) TR:T1 - )OT LIES A)D&RO&A9A)DA0 ;OTES M:ST 'E CAST 'ASED O) TR:T1 A)D H:STICE TO!ARDS ALL, )OT'/ A)/ !1IC1 &OLITICO &ROSTIT:TI)9 1IMSELF '/ SE!I)9 1ISTOR/0 CA)ADA 1ASAL!A/S 'EE) )O!) FOR ITS FRIE)DLI)ESS, &EACE-LO;I)9)ESS A)D )E:TRALIT/!ORLD!IDE  LET%S EE& IT T1AT !A/J DO )OT ALLO! T1IS TO 'ECOME LA!  AS !1E)A LIE 'ECOMES LA!, ITS CO:)TR/ CEASES TO 'ECOME A C1RISTIA) )ATIO), A)D 'ODESOMI)O:S FOR ALL0K K K  or more in&ormation on t'is topic, contact  De&ender o& +man Rig'ts, A!2e!& L&3&# D#ec( # 4 Pu1c Re&( !sW #d'de Che(!) M 5eme!( RAVNE GORE  W!ds # Ch&+(e# ? angelinala2arg+ail0co+ 0 )ote? The !orld#ide Chetni$ Move+ent o 9eneral Dra2a Mihailovich 4RA;)E 9ORE5, to #hich the !indsor Chapter is a+e+ er, #as an All o !estern Countries, including Canada and A+erica, and saved over @@ :0S0 Air+en during !!II - thelargest operation ehind ene+ lines in all histor0 The heroic Ser ian Chetni$ Move+ent ought against )a2i-Fascis+,Co++unis+ (and other evil po#ers*, and is “&onded on t'e princip-es o& 3'ristian 4stice and mora-ity, on t'e tre princip-es o&  &reedom and democracy.” (Article II? Ai+s o the Move+ent%s Struggle0 '-La#s, BB*0STO& 'RIA) MASSE SLA& ACROSS T1E FACE TO CA)ADIA) SER'S 8)D&% 9ET O:T T1E ;OTE0 -  )* +OW  
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