Child Hunger in America

the causes and effects of child hunger in America
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  Running head: CHILD HUNGER IN AMERICA 1 Child Hunger in America Student’s Name  Institutional Affiliation  CHILD HUNGER IN AMERICA 2 A)   Write a rationale for the presentation in which you do the following: Hunger is a discomfort that emerges as a result of lack of food accompanied by the desire to eat. In the United States, hunger does not take the extreme form as it is experienced in some third world countries. Instances of severe food deprivation are rare in the United States. Clinical symptoms of food deprivation are sometimes used to determine if children in a country are faced  by hunger. Such symptoms include low weight in relation to body height, low height for age and wasting. Such symptoms characterize children who are starved although in the USA they are rare and when they occur they are limited. The impact of hunger as seen in the United States is usually difficult to be measured. The impacts include; tiredness, irritability, frequent headaches, frequent colds and infections. The clinical objective of measuring hunger is very difficult hence alternative methods have been deployed in both the private and public sector. The alternative measures of measuring hunger are using a person’s self  -report of his/her psychological or subjective experience of hunger. Researchers may not agree on any particular definition of hunger. But for the purpose of  policy making and measurement hunger is defined as taking in inadequate amount of food resulting from lack of money and resources. It can also be defined as the mental or physical condition resulting from not eating due to poor economic or community resources. From the two definitions, hunger is defined as resource restricted and in most cases related to poverty and it is distinct from the premealtime hunger witnessed across the economic spectrum. Researchers in the past have associated hunger with food insecurity. Food insecurity is a much broader aspect of hunger. Families may experience food insecurity that may force them to borrow money for food  purchases. The presentation is useful for policy makers as they will come up with appropriate  policies that will be implemented. The presentation would be suited to policy makers so that they  CHILD HUNGER IN AMERICA 3 include effective measures in the policies that will be developed to help children in the United States against hunger. Information relating to child hunger in the United States is very essential as it can be used in decision making. This will ensure coming up with effective policies that will ensure American children receive the best care through effective planning (Haddad, Kennedy, & Sullivan, 1994). Significance of Child Hunger information in America Information can be used by policy makers in making effective decisions regarding to health. Children who have experienced hunger in the past often get sick and their recovery rate is slow with regularly being hospitalized. In most cases they are prone to experience colds, headaches and stomachaches. The children are more prone to obesity and its harmful health implications which are both evidenced among children and adults. In academics hungry children tend to perform poorly and cannot grasp concepts in class fast. Lack of sufficient nutrients will also impair their ability to concentrate and attain good grades in school. When it comes to their emotional and well-being, children who lack sufficient food have high chances of having  behavioral, emotional and academic difficulties and in most cases they are aggressive and anxious. They also have high chances of being expelled from school and difficulties getting along with other children. B)   Create a plan (outline) for a presentation on your chosen topic that includes the following: 1.   Introduction Americans have a moral responsibility of ensuring that they eradicate child hunger in the country. That will translate to a country where no child goes hungry irrespective of their social, economic or political background. Well-fed children will be able to perform better in school and  CHILD HUNGER IN AMERICA 4 their relations with their colleagues are always perfect unlike children who have experienced hunger in the past who have very poor relations with others. Their learning ability is also impaired as they tend to have low concentration span. Children who face lack of adequate food may also not be able to grow to attain their full potential and hence they may not attain their full  physical potential. Hungry children will experience developmental problems that will hinder them from attaining their full physical, academic and emotional development. The government should put in place measures to ensure that all children in the United States get access to food. Child hunger is an academic challenge to teachers as they have to deal with children who have  problem in class. At workplace, workers who experienced hunger in their childhood may not be  physically fit to carry out their duties as they not have fully developed emotionally, physically, socially and mentally to perform tasks that may be assigned to them. The children experiencing hunger may cause health care costs to increase both to their families or their employers (Olson, 1999). 2.   Adequate support for each point Child hungers possess an educational challenge to the school and the community at large. Children who have experienced hunger in the past will always have their concentration greatly reduced and they may not be able to cope with others in school. That will be as a result of direct mental retardation that emerges from the hunger they experienced. Education will also be affected in that the children may be expelled from school as a result of not being able to cope with others and they may at times be violent. Workers who experienced hunger in their early lives will be a problem to an organization. That will be attributed to fact that they may not have had the chance to grow properly and attain
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