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  Children's Community Program : NUTURE FAMILY GROWTH AND OPTIMISE DEVELOPMENTAL CAPACITY TO ENABLE FAMILIES TO BE SUPPORTIVE AGENTS IN THEIR OWN COMMUNITIES MOVE  will incorporate the utilisation of gross and fine Co-ordination (hand-eye, bilateral, vestibular)Muscle control and exercise (fast/slow, stop/s   individual experience motor skills, developing spatial awareness, coordination of Connecting rhythm with movement Listening exercisesawareness of behaviour the left and right hemisphere, and confidence to move and Dancing (rolling, swaying,memory, sequences)motor and physical movement groove innately to the music! Experiencing a variety of Posture and Balance body awareness musical instruments also encourages and supports sensory Gross motor skills environment integration. Connecting rhythm with movement (informati MUSICAL EXPERIENCES:MUSICAL EXPERIENCES: Ball activitiesAction songsInteractive songs RibbonsMovement songsHere is the Beehive - movement songJelly on a plate - body awareness EXPLORE  introduces the development of social skills such Exploration and manipulation of instrumentsExploring feelings and symbols through playIndividual and collective as eye contact, turn taking and helping your child play Vocal developmentCasue and effect relationshipscognitive with others in a group setting. We aim to enrich cognitive Develop initative and creativity non verbal communication and problem solving skills through the use of cause and Active involvement of carers effect activities, engaging children in their own learning Fine and gross motor skills and development. Emotional exploration The emergence of emotional intelligence is fostered in our Community Music Sessions; building independence and resilience through improvisation. MUSICAL EXPERIENCES:MUSICAL EXPERIENCES: free instrumental improvisationColour songsSongs about moods, feelings etc. CREATE  focuses on forming a lively and cognitively Social Child-carer interactionStarting to explore relationship between beha functional communication stimulating experience within a group setting. Developing tust and confidence (reinforced in the interation)Active involvement of carers for social learnin collective experience Social skills such as imitation are learnt through call and Focus on social skillssensory integration esponse songs whilst also developing speech Developing tust and confidence (reinforced in social skills and language skills. Self-regulation and cognition skills Social awarenessself-regulation are enhanced through playing music loud and soft, slow Gaining independence in social interactionschool readiness and fast. A positively fun time to be enjoyed with your Regulating emotions  little one! MUSICAL EXPERIENCES:MUSICAL EXPERIENCES: Hello and Goodbye songsTurn taking songsIndividual movement songsGroup movement songs/action songsPlay songs/skits/plays OBJECTIVES: TODDLE MOVE EXPLORE CREATE  OBJECTIVES: MUMS AND BUBS (6 months - 2YRS)DESCRIPTION  Song writing - group   art) on processing) iour and environment the interation) - cont.  S (2-3yrs)
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