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    J   I    Ā     N  G  X   Ī        © Lonely Planet Publications Its reputation carved in granite by the fame of J  ǐ  ngdézhèn’s imperial kilns, and its status im-mortalised as the starting point of the mythologised Long March, Ji ā ngx ī  province is a place where rows of glistening porcelain creations share the spotlight with revolutionary relics.Which is perhaps to overlook Ji ā ngx ī ’s stunning swathes of natural beauty. Suspended from the middle and lower reaches of the Yangzi River, Ji ā ngx ī  lies in one of China’s most crucial watersheds. Home of China’s largest freshwater lake – Poyang Lake (Póyáng Hú) – Ji ā ngx ī  is the source of much of southeast China and Hong Kong’s drinking water. More than 2400 rivers and ecologically crucial lakes spiderweb throughout the province, 60% of which is cloaked in forest. Add to this an undulating landscape of mountains and hills, and Ji ā ngx ī  promises some of rural China’s most staggeringly beautiful images.Lúsh ā n and J  ǐ  ngg ā ngsh ā n are celebrated for their scenic mountain views, although prepare to jostle for them with fellow vacationers. It is instead the jaw-dropping scenery around Wùyuán in northeast Ji ā ngx ī , a geographic and cultural extension of gorgeous southern Ā nhu ī , that truly rewards days and weeks of boggle-eyed exploration. The ancient villages of this region – many cut by sparkling streams and vaulted by charming stone and wood bridges – are some of China’s most delightful and picturesque.Even Nánch ā ng, the fast-paced provincial capital, has traditional, historic villages within its orbit – including Luótiánc ū n – where you can get the ozone out of your hair and pitch yourself into the pastoral panoramas of old China without too much fuss.  Ji ā ngx ī   江西   POPULATION: 41.6 MILLION HIGHLIGHTS   Leave modern China behind and explore the picturesque Hu ī zh ō u villages around Wùyuán  ( p494 )    Envelop yourself in the ethereal mists and European charms of Lúsh ā n  ( p497 )    Lose yourself among the traditional alleyways and lanes of Luótiánc ū n, Shu  ǐ  nán &  J ī ngtái ( p491 ) outside Nánch ā ng   Trek lovely  J  ǐ  ngg ā ng Sh ā n  ( p499 ), the ‘Cradle of the Chinese Revolution’, peppered with more than 100 Red Army historical sites    Load up with ceramics at  J  ǐ  ngdézhèn  ( p492 ), centre of China’s porcelain trade  J¸ngtáiShu¨nán &Luótiánc¥n,Wùyuán J¨nggƒng ShƒnLúshƒn J¨ngdézhèn 487

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Jul 23, 2017
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