Chiropractic and Heart Rate

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  Effect of Chiropractic Care on Heart Rate Variability and Pain in a Mult-isiteClinical Study Zhang J, Dean D, Nosco D, Strathopulos D & Floros M, Journal of Manipulative andPhysiological Therapeutics, 2! 2#$%'2!()2(%* Review byChristopher NotleyStudy The purpose of this study +as to loo at the effect of chiropractic care on sy-pathetic and parasy-pathetic nervous syste- using heart rate varia.ility analysis* /eart rate varia.ility $/01 analysis deter-ines the .alance .et+een the  parasy-pathetic $PNS and sy-pathetic activity $SNS* t is -easured .y .eat to .eat variation of heart .eats $0)0 interval* Studies have sho+n that /01 is lo+er in patients+ith acute M* 3lso -easured +ithin this analysis +as the standard deviation of nor-al)to)nor-al $SDNN and the s4uare root of -ean s4uared difference $0MS)SD .oth of +hichare associated +ith fast parasy-pathetic varia.ility* /igh fre4uency -easures $-easures PNS activity, lo+ fre4uency -easures $SNS and PNS tone +ere also -easured* 5o+er lo+ fre4uency -easures indicate a change SNS and PNS .alance* The ratio .et+een lo+and high fre4uency is used to -easure .alance .et+een the t+o* 3n increase in this score +ould indicate a decrease in PNS or increase in SNS* The study too 6 su.7ects* 8ight of the su.7ects +ere -onitored .efore and after an ad7ust-ent* The other t+o su.7ects +ere follo+ed over a four +ee period* 2 /01 recordings +ere done per +ee* 3 control group consisted of 69( college students* Chiropractic Theory The theory that this study is +oring under is the so-atoautono-ic refle: theory* The theory is that a seg-ental of region dysfunction +ill cause a so-atoautono-ic dysfunction* This leads to changes in sy-pathetic or parasy-pathetic activity $so-atoautono-ic i-.alance* i  ;e see the positive application of this theory in the results of the study* There +as an increase or i-prove-ent in heart rate varia.ility $.etter .alance .et+een the syste-s* 3fter ad7ust-ents the heart rate +as reduced fro- (! to (% .eats a -inute* SDNN increased indicating increase in fast parasy-pathetic activity* /igh fre4uency -easure-ent increased along +ith the lo+ fre4uency -easure-ent* This +ould indicate an increase in PNS* <ased on this infor-ation chiropractic care has an effect on the  parasy-pathetic syste- leading to an increase in activity* 3n increase in  parasy-pathetic activity +ould .e a reason for a decrease in heart rate* The authors point out that their results +ere si-ilar to the effects of e:ercise on /0 after an = +ee training progra-* They also note that the changes in /01 +ere si-ilar to those in their study +hich +as only % +ees versus = +ees* Relevance to My nderstandin! of Chiropractic ;e are told that there is a connection .et+een structure and function* f the structure of the spine is affected it can affect the function of the .ody* This effect -ay .e  through the .alance of the sy-pathetic and parasy-pathetic syste-s* There is septicis- .y the general pu.lic and scientists that there is no connection* <y reading this article it adds to the lielihood that chiropractic has -ore effects on the .ody other than on the -usculoseletal syste-* The article sho+s that chiropractic can affect the .alance  .et+een the sy-pathetic and parasy-pathetic syste-* This -ay .e the start of a .etter understanding and -easura.le proof of the effects of chiropractic and on the sy-pathetic and parasy-pathetic syste-s*  i  5each 03* The >hiropractic Theories' 3 te:t.oo of scientific research % th  ed* Philadelphia' 5ippincott ;illia-s & ;ilins, 2%*
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