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CHITRA DEVI.P Mobile: 09003076925 Career Objective: Looking for a challenging position in the field of Software Testing where my logical, problem solving skills, experience and application knowledge can be put in for the successful execution of the project. Summary:  Having 6+ years of professional IT experience in the field of Software Testing.  Having good Knowledge in web based applications and worked in Deriv and Non Deriv(Credits and NYPC) applications  ISTQB Certi
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  CHITRA DEVI.P Mobile: 09003076925chitrae!i 3#$ &b'ecti!e: Looking for a challenging position in the field of Software Testing where my logical,problem solving skills, experience and application knowledge can be put in for thesuccessful execution of the project. ()%%ar*:  Having ! years of professional T experience in the field of Software Testing.  Having good #nowledge in web based applications and worked in$eriv and %on $eriv&'redits and %()'* applications  ST+ 'ertified tester &-oundation Level*  'lear understanding of Software $evelopment Life 'ycle  ery /ood exposure to STL'  0xtensive experience in preparing Test 'ases and executing Test 'ases.  0xperience in -unctional Testing, 1sability Testing, 2egression Testing, 'ompatibility testing, 1ser nterface testing, 1ser acceptance testing and )erformance Testing.  0xperience in preparing 1se 'ase 1ser 3anuals  /ood problem solving and resolution skills.  Team player with good communication and interpersonal skills.  Handled client project individually  3anaged the team members and ensure testing is completed on time, resolveconflicts arise between the team members and also kept team members motivated  asic #nowledge in 4utomation tools +T) and Load 2unner  nvolved in projects from test planning to 'losure.  )rovide test estimation for the types of testing carried out  dentify 2isk and provide the mitigation plan  4wards 5 4chievements6 Spot 0xcellence 4ward for /T2 and %ew 'redit )roduct line Tech+ical (,ill-:   7perating Systems3icrosoft 8indows 9)$atabaseasic S+L$efect Tracking Tools3antis, Trac, 'lear +uestTesting Tools#nowledge in Load 2unner :.; and +T) Proe--io+al E/erie+ce:  8orking as a 1ea Co+-)lta+t in Polari- i+a+cial 'hennai from 3ar <;=; to till now8orked as a Te-t E+$i+eer  in A$ri*a I+oa* 4Ah-a+ Co+-)lti+$ -er!ice- , 'hennai from 7ctober <;; to $ecember <;;> E)catio+al )aliicatio+:   0ducationSchool?college(ear)ercentage.0. &0'0*Sri Subramanya 'ollege of 0ngineering 5 Technology, )alani<;;= to <;;@>.A BHS'Sirumalar /irls Higher Secondary School, 3adurai=>>> to <;;=C=.A BS.S.L.'/2 Hr Sec School, Theni=>>>CC.AB SELECTED PROJECT EXPERIENCE 'ompany)olaris -inancial Technology$uration$ec <;== to till date8as this a full project lifecycle6 ()ositionLead 'onsultant ac,$ro)+ $T''Ds cross asset /lobal Trade 2epository &/T2* will provide the industry with a central point of communication and storage for reporting Security ased Swaps &SS* for all 'redit, 0Euity, 2ates, 'ommodities and -9 $erivatives. The Trade 2epository will accept all trades globally from all swap trading entities &or their agents* even if not reportable as per $oddF-rank rules. Re-o+-ibilitie- am a Lead consultant in 'redits team comprised of  testers4s a Lead 'onsultant, am responsible for ã 4nalyGing the reEuirement through the walkFthrough calls with the onsitecoordinators ã Helping the associate consultants among the team. ã 3aintaining the Euality of the deliverables by following the process to meetthe end to end flow. ã 4ttended the $efect 2eview call with 4$3 and clearly explained the defectin the client perspective  Deli!erable- ã Testing 0stimation, Test 4pproach, 2eviewing Test Scenarios, 2eviewing S TTest Scripts, $S2, )T2'ompany)olaris -inancial Technology, 'hennai$uration3ar <;=; to %ov <;==8as this a full project lifecycle6 ()osition'onsultant ac,$ro)+ The objective of the Tactical 2eporting project &)hase * is to provision the 2egulators?)articipants with the 8arehouse 2eporting 8eb /1 access for viewingthe existing public reports, and new regulator reports and adFhoc reports to be developed in the subseEuent phases. This involves setting up the 2egulator accounts include some additional fields for the )articipant profile and setting up the relationship between )articipant and 2egulator 4ccounts in $S7 application. n subseEuent phases, this $S7 Setup will be used to control the 8eb /1 front end access and permissions to view the reports. The )hase < of the project will focus upon the 2eporting 8eb /1 ?)ortal for 2egulators to access the reports and to provide a provision for operations to validate and to make necessary modifications, prior to releasing the reports on /1 for regulators. n )haseFA, new regulator types are introduced and there are multiple reports which will be available for the regulators on the web portal. These reports are in addition to thepublic reports which have already been provided to the regulators on )ortal in )haseF<. The availability of these reports on the web portal for a regulator will depend upon the type of report and the type of regulator viewing the reports. Re-o+-ibilitie- am 'onsultant by handling the 2eports module comprised of I testers4s a 'onsultant, am responsible for ã 4nalyGing the reEuirement through the walkFthrough calls with the onsitecoordinators ã Handled the 2eports modules which contains == reports which is criticalpart in the application ã )repared and 2eviewed the Test Scenarios, Test Scripts and reviewed thedefects and ensured its valid Deli!erable-  ã Testing 0stimation, Test 4pproach, Test )lan, $S2'ompany4griya nfoway J4hsan 'onsulting servicesK, 'hennai$uration7ct <;; to $ec <;=; )ositionTest 0ngineer ac,$ro)+ 4griya is a web development company who focus on client satisfaction and creating cutting edge websites. t can develop affordable website clones and clonescripts such as our popular /roup on clone 5 -iverr clone scripts Re-o+-ibilitie- am Test 0ngineer and Team 3ember in a Team comprised of @ testers4s a Test 0ngineer, am responsible for ã -unctional 1nderstanding of -S and download to the team ã )repared Test strategy $ocuments ã nvolved in the 1ser /uide for the )roducts 4nova, 2ayGG and #ootali ã 8orked in client )roject &3y8ebpost* and interacted with the client ã )erformed Load and )erformance testing for the )roducts and the send the reports to the $evelopers ã 8orked closely with the developers to shape the )roducts Deli!erable- ã Testing Strategy, Test 4pproach, Test )lan, $S2, 1ser /uides and 1ser3anual Per-o+al Proile:8a%e 'hitra $evi. ) E%ail I chitradevi:A Marital (tat)- 3arried Co+tact 8)%ber- Home 6 ;IIFIAA<;>A3obile 6 >;;A;C><@
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