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  BEE3133 Electrical Power Systems Chapter 3 Transmission Line Parameters  Topic Outcomes ã Compute line resistance. ã Compute line inductance and capacitance. ã Explain the effect of earth on the line capacitance. ã Find the induced voltage due to transmission line magnetic field induction. ã Discuss the transmission line electrostatic induction and its effects. ã Explain corona and its effects.  INTRODUCTION ã  All transmission lines in a power system exhibit the electrical properties of resistance, inductance, capacitance and conductance. ã Inductance and capacitance are due to the effects of magnetic and electric fields around the conductor. ã These parameters are essential for the development of the transmission line models used in power system analysis. ã The shunt conductance accounts for leakage currents flowing across insulators and ionized pathways in the air. ã The leakage currents are negligible compared to the current flowing in the transmission lines and may be neglected.  RESISTANCE ã Important in transmission efficiency evaluation and economic studies. ã Significant effect  – Generation of  I  2  R  loss in transmission line.  – Produces  IR -type voltage drop which affect voltage regulation.

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