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Chris Spivey takes muddying waters to new levels, which is all part of the team Spivey subterfuge plan.

Chris Spivey takes muddying waters to new levels, which is all part of the team Spivey subterfuge plan. Right now Spivey is stuck in the U-bend. The Masonic overseer has thus far managed to prevent him
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Chris Spivey takes muddying waters to new levels, which is all part of the team Spivey subterfuge plan. Right now Spivey is stuck in the U-bend. The Masonic overseer has thus far managed to prevent him slipping into the sewer he s not yet exposed as a NWO COINTELPRO operative, he s being portrayed as nothing more than a nasty but relatively harmless scammer/chancer/crackpot with an over inflated ego. See my pdfs on The Hampstead Hoax psy-op and Tom Pride. Remember the PTB - very high up powerful paedophiles - depend on the survival of the likes of agent Spivey if their NWO is to materialise. So, for a little while longer, we are going to have to put up with loads more of his pure bullshit. Take a look at his July 29 th 2015 post As always I copy/paste and comment in red. Well it seems that someone at the CPS finally had a moment of clarity well almost anyway. You see, as most of you know the CPS were going ahead with charging me with possessing 21 images which according to the Southend CID were made up of 18 Class C indecent photos of children, 2 pseudo extreme pornograthy photos and 1 beastiality photo. However, it appears that someone, for some reason at the CPS ordered a second revue of the police evidence and low and behold, 19 NINETEEN of the photos have now been dropped Mainly on account of the fact that they were NOT indecent photos of children. THEY WERE PERFECTLY LEGAL A fact that they were told last OCTOBER. Indeed my Barrister told me that Southend CID s, DC Adam Coombes came in for scaving criticism in the second revue, and rightly so too in my book. I am trying to get a copy of the revue but I won t hold my breath. That leaves 2 TWO photos, which according to the CPS are a Class C indecent image of a child and an image of Extreme Pornography (nothing to do with children). And that is why I say that someone at the CPS, ALMOST had a moment of clarity. Well how s that for some Masonic wizardry! A CPS second review!!! Methinks the masons are scraping the barrel with this. Of course the dirty brigade can come out with any old horseshit, what is of the upmost importance is that they make the propaganda believable. Remember this Masonic script is dynamic, constantly evolving to respond to questions and comments from we spook observers. So how did this info come to light? Did Spiv just get a letter from the CPS? What prompted the CPS to do a second review? This decision seems to have come out of the blue. How does Spiv s no-named barrister know that DC Coombes came in for scathing criticism? Is this barrister Muhammad Bashir i.e the one who represented him during his harassment trial? claimed-lee-rigby-murder-hoax/story detail/story.html#ixzz3hgiawh9g Of course until we see some official documentation [ha ha, that ain t gonna happen since the sly git is letting us know that we re never going to see this review] we can take this - like everything else the incorrigible liar Chris Spivey says - with a pinch of salt. If we take another look at the pages of the police transcript that he shows us on 3/7/15 we see that Spivey was questioned about a number of indecent images of children that were found on his computers. For example PC Yapp shows images of a woman performing oral sex with a young looking male, of two young children [who] look like they re kissing, of a young looking male fully naked, of a young looking female with a male behind her, of a young looking female and she s got nothing on her lower half of her body... P C Yapp shows Spiv an image of a girl in a hidden file and asks him how old he thinks she is. The officer also questions Spiv about photographs of children which were viewed on the same day and around the same time. And Spivey was questioned about extreme porn images of children too. For example PC Yapp shows him an image of a naked girl which he d viewed on 30/6/11, and there is an image which Spiv himself says is of a girl sucking a dog s knob... Course, since he has heavily censored the transcript, we have no way of knowing what other indecent/extreme porn images of children were discussed at that police interview. And that is why I say that someone at the CPS, ALMOST had a moment of clarity. Yet they are still going ahead with the prosecution. Now how the fuck can that be in the public interest?. There was no child porn found on my stolen computers..that is a lie. However, the fact that I was originally faced with an awful lot more than just 21 images speaks volumes about this case. I mean, what has happened to the so called hidden file of little boys having sex? Why don t you tell us Spiv. Show us the full transcript of your police interview. Show us the full and unedited indictment. I will remind you that in doing so, the Social Workers Nicole Miles and Julie Robinson illegally obtained Clayton s medical records by deliberately misleading the health authority by fraudulently claiming the right to do so under a Section 42 investigation, which Clayton was NEVER subject to. And that carries a prison sentence. Tellingly, my barrister requested the forensic report on my computer hard-drives which was immediately denied by the judge. I really hope Nicole Miles and DC Coombes and all the other genuine professionals who have been caught up in the Spiveyite saga don t let the evil git get away with defaming them. I hope they stick two fingers up at their employee code of conduct and in the public interest set the record straight with the full truth. I pray they don t let the team Spiv Masonic lying thugs silence them. Forensic report on his pc hard-drives??? Is he taking the piss? Show us the court transcripts of these hearings Spiv. Prove your barrister was denied a forensic report on your PC. Prove anything you say is true. Nevertheless, I will remind the 3D Skid Marks who have used their tiny minds to label me as being a nonce for the past year, that NOBODY would even have known that the plod-plops were (illegally) investigating me for child porn had I not announced it I commented on that ploy in the last post I made under Tom s video re Spiv s 2 nd arrest! Something that the police (unsurprisingly) refused to do. I say unsurprisingly because for all intents and purposes I am now cleared of any such allegations as I have stated all along that I would be. Prove it. Prove you re not a nonce. Publish all the court related documentation, including all the court transcripts. Publish everything in full, including the tape recordings and unredacted transcripts of both your police interviews. Publish ALL social services reports in full. As for the single extreme pornagraphic photo, which apparently shows a ROTTWEILER having oral sex with a bird, I have never even been so much as questioned about this photo by the police as my barrister confirmed to me yesterday having checked the transcript of my police interview with the index number of the photo. Well it is clear he is lying about that too. There was not one extreme porn photo, there were quite a few. For example Spiv had viewed an image of bestiality on 13/6/13, PC Yapp shows an image of a woman sucking an animal s..., there s another image of a woman with a cock in her hand, of a woman with a horse, of a woman having sex with a dog ; and in another image that PC Yapp says looks like a dog having sex with a woman, Spiv says it looks like a picture of a little Scottie dog or a bulldog.... how the fuck can it be in the public interest to charge me with 2 photos one of which is provably legal and the other which is not child porn and which I have never even been questioned by the police about? Yet that is the CPS intention. Show us the paperwork Spiv. I mean notwithstanding the farcical year long, wholly corrupt and insidious investigation which must have cost the public nigh on 1 million pounds, the CPS are now prepared to pay a jury, and legal costs to prosecute someone who investigates and uncovers child abuse and beastiality for TWO photos? Yes we know that you scumbag shills cost us hard working taxpayers an absolute mint. As for investigating, Spiv you are nothing but a pitiful puppet who serves high society powerful paedophiles, and who assists massively in the covering up of child abuse. Shame on you. May you get your just deserts soon. However, there is an upside. You see, before the jury is sworn in, a day has been set aside to assess the legalities of the trial going ahead Jeez, this guy just oozes shit, doesn t he due to the way that the evidence was gathered i.e. the evidence was gained from computers illegally taken by the police. He then says the referral from Greater Manchester police was made on the 16/7/14, two weeks before he was arrested. Also that The 4 policemen have admitted in their statements that they were dispatched in the early hours of 30 th of July 2014 to arrest me and seize my computers. Who made the complaint to Manchester police Spiv? Show us all police statements Spiv - IN FULL AND UNEDITED... AND PUBLICISE THE TAPE RECORDING OF YOUR FIRST POLICE INTERVIEW. Here is Spiv talking to his mate Martin Houston [the idiot behind the camera] about his unfair harassment trial and He says his barrister absolutely destroyed DC Coombes. Yeah ok Spiv; prove it; show us the full and unredacted court transcript of your harassment trial. Spiv s mate and fellow nonce protector Pongo spoke a few supportive words on camera. In his 7/8/15 post he says:, Unfortunately, that situation is not getting any better as it is now becoming blatantly obvious to me that the Establishment is not content with shutting me up they are in fact after crushing me and my totally innocent family. The Establishment freemasons do not crush their puppets; they crush genuine whistleblowers and their families. Indeed, you have no idea to what extent. You see, it has now become clear to me that my solicitors have also been working against me no proof of that of course. Notice the vagueness he doesn t tell us how many solicitors or their names/firms. You see, I believe that the plan is to put me in prison where I will be either found hanged like Hayden Burton of Fathers For Justice who was also stabbed before he was found hanged or at best, badly beaten up. Without looking into the facts re Hayden Burton, it seems his death was a genuine suicide. The stabbing occurred around a month prior. Take a look at my pdf on Zoompad for my critique of F4J. Once homeless, I believe that the Social Services will then make a renewed attempt to snatch Clayton. After all, the HCPC appear to be doing everything that they can to whitewash the many complaints complaints from who? Not from anyone who is not a NWO agent, that s for sure that they received after the blatant attempt to steal Clayton by the two evil social workers Nicole Miles and Julie Robinson. It is also safe to conclude that my Barrister advised me to take down this website, not so as to avoid prison, but to keep the public unaware of the blatant stitch up that was and still is taking place. Indeed, my Solicitor is not answering my s or returning my calls. Well we don t know what advise his barrister is giving. As for his solicitor, which one is he referring to? Why doesn t he tell us the name of this person i.e why isn t he naming and shaming the bent so and so? I ll tell you why; because Spivey is telling a pack of LIES. If a solicitor has ceased to represent Spiv it will be because s/he does not want to be a part of the Spivey pantomime anymore. Who could blame any lawyer not wanting anything to do with the devil incarnate himself Chris Spivey? Show us your solicitor s letters Spivey. No-one in their right mind would have anything to do with a cointelpro agent. After all, when you dance with the devil you are ultimately doomed. I hope that said solicitor ignores the Solicitors codes of conduct and publishes the full truth in the public interest. In fact anyone who is involved in the Spiveyite saga whether by being innocently caught up in it or whether being in on the conspiracy should seriously listen to their conscience and spill the beans on this outrageous charade. Employee codes of conduct are now null and void due to the fact we have an illegal shadow authority the Masonic mafia which runs through society. Spivey, just like all filthy cointelpros are costing us hardworking taxpayers a scandalous sum of money. But of infinitely more importance is the fact that these dregs of society are costing us our FREEDOM. People need to understand that the day of reckoning is coming, and those who stay silent through fear of freemasonry will really live to regret that decision, as they will find themselves supping with Satan for eternity. God will separate the wheat from the tares. D&C 86:1 7. The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares When Jesus first gave the parable of the wheat and the tares (see Matthew 13:24 30, 36 43), He interpreted most the details in the parable. 1. The man sowing seed is the Son of Man (Jesus). 2. The field is the world. 3. The good seed are the children of the kingdom (followers of Jesus). 4. The tares are children of the wicked one (those who follow the enticements of Satan). 5. The enemy is the devil. 6. The harvest is the end of the world. 7. The reapers are the angels sent to reap the field. 8. The tares bound and burned are the evil ones separated out and cast into fire (punishment) at the Judgment. 9. The wheat gathered into the barn represents the righteous who are separated out and made to shine forth in the kingdom of the Father. It is also blatantly obvious why the security services launched these attacks on my site and I don t think that I am wrong in saying that no one else has been subjected to such underhand means or any of the other shit that has been dumped on me and my family. Lying lump of shit. As said only people who are a genuine threat to the establishment [freemasonry] suffer underhanded goings on. Well, my arrest followed a referral from the Greater Manchester Police made to my county s constabulary, the wholly corrupt Essex Police. The referral was made on the 16th of July 2014 following an alleged complaint made by ONE person. Who is this person? Why the mystery? Why do you say alleged? The recording of your police interview will reveal who made the complaint. It should be noted that I asked my solicitor to get the investigation stopped due to my illegal arrest only for him to tell me that there was no point as there was little prospect of such action being successful. Err maybe that s because the arrest wasn t illegal, and Spiv is guilty as sin! However, there is a lot more wrongdoing than just that fact. You see, you only need look to the time of the arrest: 1:30 AM. Yet Code B of PACE clearly states that: Searches must be made at a reasonable hour unless this might frustrate the purpose of the search. Source Two o clock in the morning is not a reasonable hour. Show us the full and uncensored police statements of all 4 police officers who visited you on 30/7/14 Spiv and the tape recording of your first police interview, so that we can see for ourselves whether or not the time in question is 2 a.m or 2 p.m. Curiously as I was checking my facts I find that Spiv has removed some of his posts his 10/10/14 article the 10/8/14 post which names the people he must not harass, and the page whereby he publishes the charges against him Wonder what the shady bastard is trying to hide! Throughout this whole affair he has been continually lying and has thus constantly contradicted himself which has necessitated the deleting of articles. Therefore, I have never been formally charged with the offences that I have been convicted for. In fact the trial judge, Judge John or Andrew Woollard (the press cannot make up their mind on his first name) Don t you know his name??? Why don t you ask your barrister? As for being formally charged, you gave us the details of those charges in an article that you have since deleted, as mentioned above even asked the officer in charge of the investigation Detective Constable Adam Coombes whilst he was on the stand, if I had been summons by postal requisition to which Coombes admitted that was the case All to no avail. Indeed, Coombes was also made to admit many of the police irregularities any one of which should have been enough to have the case thrown out of court whilst giving evidence Yet all of the wrongdoing was ignored by Judge Woollard. One of the things Spiv says in his 26/8/15 post is When asked why the police had violated Code B of Pace and arrested me at an unacceptable hour, he Coombes was again forced to answer I don t know. Publish the court transcript of the harassment trial. Let s see if you were summonsed by post, and if so, if that was illegal. Let us see the proof that DC Coombes was made to admit many police irregularities. Judge Woollard was seen to roll his eyes when talking about my views. The aforementioned duty solicitor told me in front of witnesses that I would never be allowed to win the case. My barrister told me on the first day of the trial, before we even set foot in court that I was not going to win despite the illegalities of the court case. Judge Woollard refused to postpone the trial even though there was an appeal submitted in order to get the prosecution witnesses to appear, having been denied my right to face my accusers a week earlier by Judge Woollard thus violating my Human Rights under article 6. Judge Woollard did not even go through the pretence of retiring to consider his verdict. Instead he launched into his guilty speech as soon as my barrister had finished summing up. This is, as usual, hearsay from a proven habitual liar. Judge Woollard probably did roll his eyes for good reason Spiv talks a load of bullshit and lies. Spivey, get the duty solicitor and barrister to confirm what you claim they said, in writing. Who were the witnesses? As for the appeal, which Spiv publishes, I don t know whether or not he has grounds for such action as I am not a lawyer. During my family court proceedings I had signed statements from witnesses to disprove an incident that my ex was alleging against me. I was told by my barrister that if I wanted to rely on those testimonies, statements would not be enough; that the witnesses would be required to attend court and be cross examined. That however was part of civil proceedings. The harassment case against Spivey is a criminal proceeding. The police and CPS obviously felt they had enough for a prosecution. Judge Woollard obviously felt there were no grounds to postpone the trial. We ll have to await the reply to his appeal. In the meantime if Spiv really wants public support he must give full disclosure. We need to see ALL the documentation in full and uncensored. And we especially need to see the transcript of his first police interview and his harassment trial. As for judge Woollard, not only should he publically by revealing the full truth - defend himself against Spiv s defamatory allegations, he has a duty in the public interest for the reasons stated to stand up to the freemasons who are steering this saga. As said there is a day coming when the wheat and chaff shall be separated. The last judgment will be the distinguishing day, when saints and sinners shall be parted forever.. Moving on to Spiv s 8/8/15 post You see, Garry bushell s website is ranked by Alexa.Com as being 1,108,697 in the world. That is a fairly poor ranking as it happens and as such does not qualify him for a UK ranking. My website this website is currently ranked at 210,052 in the world, 10,649 in the UK, 10,968 in Australia and 472,491 in the USA Which trust me, is an altogether fucking brilliant ranking. Another well known journalist with a blog is John Slattery. His website is ranked by Alexa at 7,912,498 in the world Not good at all. Then again, journalist Sonia Poultons website does not even qualify for a ranking. Still, moving on and I have just heard from Ian R Crane, who is going
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