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  Cisco Catalyst 2960-X Series IntroductionWhat is New in 2960-X Series Common features on 2960-X and 2960-XR  FeatureBenefit NetFlow-LiteTraffic Visibility to Plan and Monitor Network FlexStack-PlusSimplifies Manaement wit! ncreased Scale#$%&bps ' members( and )esiliencyMixed Stack wit! *+,%-S nestment ProtectionSwitc! .ibernation ModeSae power w!en switc! is not in use///Sae power durin aps in data streamsLower Power 0onsumptionSaes power and less coolin re1uirement0isco Trust 2nc!orSecured boot wit! Sined 3S mae 4  P, FeaturesPrepared for P, transition What is New in 2960-XR Only eatures su!!orted only on 2960-XR  FeatureBenefit5ual F)6 Power Supply wit! interated Fan7ero Foot print Power Supply )edundancy P Lite ntroducin L8 Features in *k seies0onfiurable $ 1ueues per port9oS &ranularity #Standalone( ardware #nhancement in 2960-X $s 2960-S Common features on 2960-X and 2960-XR  FeatureBenefitFaster 5ual 0ore 0P6 :,%%M.; ncrease in PerformanceLarer T02MLarer table si;e-L*< multicast< Security< 9oSLarer 5)2M-=4*MB ncrease in Speed and PerformanceLarer Flas!-*=,MBScope to add more 3S featuresLarer /ress Buffer->MBBetter 9oS performance*=, nress PolicersBetter 9oS across traffic classesFan Less S?6 #*+,%-@ Switc!(*> Port S?6 wit! $ Po/ ports< non stackableS?6< Two 4& SFP ' Two 4& 0opper uplinks *  Catalyst 2960-X Series %icense &ased S'(s PlatformL2N Lite #Basic L*(L2N Base #L*( P LiteA #L8(*+,%-@esesNo*+,%-@)NoNoes  Sinle 6niersal 3S Software mae for *+,%-@ ' *+,%-@) S?6s  Fixed License S?6s< no license uprade optionC 2960-XR I) %ite eature i*hli*hts FeaturesFeaturesFeatures) P 4 ' *3SPF * ' 8 Stub/ &)P StubPolicy Based )outin3SPF * ' 8 StubP M #SM< 5M< S5M< SSM(P M Multicast )outin # P>' P,(/1ual 0ost )outinV))P for P>5.0P , #0lient< serer<relay(.S)P # P> ' P,(Smart Loin ' TelemetryPer VL2N or Per Port PolicerSS.* 0lientPVL2N Catalyst 2960-X Series +W Characteristics 2960-X%,N %ite2960-X%,N ase2960-XR I) %ite 5ual 0ore0P6:,%%M.;eseses5)2M #55)8(*=,MB=4*MB=4*MBFlas! 3n board,>MB4*$MB4*$MBStackin #module(ND2FlexStack-Plus3ptional moduleFlexStack-Plus3ptional modulePower SupplySinle FixedSinle Fixed5ual F)6 8  )PSNoesNoMax Po/ BudetND2E>%E>%6plinks #fixed(* SFP* SFPGD> SFP* SFPGD> SFP nress Policers per  port No *=,*=,6SB Flas! Storae#type 2(eseses0atalyst *+,%-@ Series Manaement ã *+,%-@ Series proide followin Manaement Ports ã 4%D4%% /t!ernet for 3ut 3f Band #33B( network manaementC ã )H>= 0onsole PortC ã 6SB 0onsole Port< Mini-B ã 6SB Bluetoot! Type 2 0onsole PortC #!ardware ready( ã 6SB 0onsole !as priority oer )H>= 0onsoleC ã Multi color System L/5s used for p!ysical debuin usin Mode buttonC ã Mode Button !eld for more t!an 4% sec will reset t!e switc!C Catalyst 2960-XR )o# ud*et .a/imum )o# &ud*et on 2960-XR switches is fi/ed for the model Model )rimary )owerSu!!lySecondary)ower Su!!ly134W5)orts,aila&le )o# ud*et S-0*+,%@)->$FP5-L4%*=->$E>%S-0*+,%@)->$FPS-L4%*=4%*=S-0*+,%@)->$FP5- S-0*+,%@)->$FPS- ,>%,>%S-0*+,%@)->$LP5-L4%*=-*>8E%S-0*+,%@)->$LPS-LS-0*+,%@)->$LP5- S-0*+,%@)->$LPS- ,>%-S-0*+,%@)-*>P5-LS-0*+,%@)-*>PS-L >
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