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Classification tech on BigData
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  SEMINAR ON A SURVEY OF CLASSIFICATION TECHNIQUES ON BIG DATA  Agenda  Introduction  Classification techniques  Comparative study  Conclusion  References 15-Oct-14 2  Introduction  Classification is the techniques that maps the data into predefined classes and groups  Predict group membership for data instance  Knowledge discovery  Future plan  Predicts categorical class labels  Classifies data (constructs a model) based on the training set and the values (class labels) in a classifying attribute and uses it in classifying new data 15-Oct-14 3  Introduction (Cont.) ClassificationSupervisedHuman-guided classificationPredictive or directedDecision treeUnsupervisedCalculated by softwareDescriptive or undirectedK-means 15-Oct-14 4

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Jul 23, 2017
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