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Routing protocol
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  1 Introduction to Classless Routing CCNA 3/Module 1  2 Overview: Classful/Classless Routing ã Classful routing  - a network must use the same subnet mask for the entire network Network IP Network Subnet Mask Classless routing  –   using more than one subnet mask for a network address ã   “subnetting a subnet” Network IP Network Subnet Masks  3 Overview: (Classful) IPv4 Addressing Limits ã IPv4  –  20 years old ã IPv4  –   even with subnetting, couldn’t handle the global demand for Internet connectivity ã Class B space was on the verge of depletion. ã Rapid and substantial increase in the size of the Internet's routing tables. ã As more Class C's came online, the flood of new network information threatened Internet routers' capability to cope.  4 Overview: (Classful) IPv4 Addressing Limits ã Provides IP scheme with limitations: ã Class A  –  126 networks: 16,777,214 hosts each ã Class B  –  65,000 networks: 65,534 hosts each ã Class C  –  2 million networks: 254 hosts each ã While available addresses were running out, only 3% of assigned addresses were actually being used! ã Subnet zero, broadcast addresses, pool of unused addresses at Class A and B sites, etc.
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