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   GEM GEM is a full Equation of State compositional reservoirsimulator with advanced features for modelling recoveryprocesses where the fluid composition affects recovery. GEM also models Asphaltenes, Coal Bed Methane and theGeochemistry for the sequestration of various gases includingAcid Gases and CO 2 . GEM provides reservoir simulation capabilities that go beyond the abilities of conventional black oil and K-value compositional simulators,including the effects of asphaltene precipitation and plugging. It is also the industry’s leading Coal Bed Methane (CBM) simulator, as it canprovide accurate early time water and methane production predictions, as well as multi-component production predictions for Enhanced CBM (ECBM) recovery. The ECBM features include extended Langmuir Isotherms to model the preferential adsorption of CO  2  and other gases and models for coal shrinkage and swelling. The extensive capabilities for representing asphaltene behavior and geochemical effects make GEM the most robust compositional simulator available today. Hydrocarbon and Acid Gas Injection ãMultiple contact miscibilityãSwellingãViscosity reductionãLowering of interfacial tensionãGas solubility in the aqueous phaseãWAG processãRelative permeability hysteresisãVAPEX processes for heavy oilãMolecular diffusion and convective dispersionãAsphaltene precipitation, flocculation, deposition and plugging Gas, Gas Condensate and Volatile Oil ãGas Cycling and Re-cyclingãCondensate blockingãUnderground Gas Storage GEM G eneralized E quation of State M odel Reservoir Simulator   Dynamic Reservoir Modelling www.cmgl.caPrimary & Enhanced Coal Bed Methane ã Primary Depletionã Coal Shrinkage and Swellingã Flue Gas, CO2and N2Injection for enhanced CBM recovery Green House Gas Sequestration ã CO2and other acid gas storageã Aqueous equilibrium chemical reactions ã Mineral dissolution and precipitation Thermal Effects ã Joule-Thompson near wellbore coolingã Deferential temperature water injection Fractured Reservoirs ã Naturally Fractured Reservoirsã Hydraulically Fractured Reservoirsã Fractured Gas Condensed Wellsã Gas-Oil Gravity Drainage The following is a general list of applications of GEM:  IMEX IMplicit-EXplicit Black Oil Simulator STARS Steam, Thermal and Advanced process ReservoirSimulator GEM Compositional Simulator RESULTS Post-Processing Applications TECHNOLOGY LAUNCHERBUILDER Pre-Processing Applications WINPROP Phase Behavior Analysis Advanced Features of GEM include: Phase Equilibrium Models ã Equation of state for oil and gas ã Henry’s law for gas solubility in the aqueous phase ã Solid model for asphaltene ã Activity coefficient model for ions in the aqueous phase ã Water vaporization into the gas phase Modelling of CO 2 and Other Acid Gases ã Comprehensive modelling of gas solubility in the aqueous phase ã Comprehensive geochemistry: intra aqueous reactions, and mineral dissolution and precipitation CBM & ECBM Modelling ã Standard and Extended multi-component Langmuir Isotherms ã Palmer-Mansoori Shrinkage/Swelling (standard & multi-component) Asphaltene Modelling ãThermodynamic model for asphaltene precipitationãReaction kinetics for asphaltene flocculationãSurface deposition, plugging and re-entrainment Separators ãEOS modelling for surface separators with gas plant separator stagesãOptimize separator conditions for best overallrecovery Naturally and Hydraulically FracturedReservoir Modelling ãDual porosityãDual permeability ãSub-domain dual permeabilityãMatrix-fracture diffusionãMulti-phase non-Darcy flowãRate dependant relative permeabilityãIntegrated to Pinnacle Technologies, Inc.’sFracProPT fracture design softwareãIntegrated to Fracture Technologies Ltd’s WellWhiz well, completion and fracture design software Dynamic Reservoir Modelling For more information or to arrange a demonstration of GEM’s capabilities in your office, contact any of the CMG Marketing and Sales offices worldwide:  Head Office:  (Calgary, Canada) 1-403-531-1300 Fax:  1-403-289-8502 Email: Beijing, ChinaCaracas, VenezuelaHouston, U.S.A.London, U.K. 86-10-6209-854058-212-993-39901-281-872-850044-1491-832-447 CMG’s Suite ofIntegratedModelling Tools Advanced Gridding Options ã Fundamental Grid options: Cartesian, Corner-Point, Cylindrical, & fully unstructuredã Multi-Level, Static or Recurrent Local Grid Refinement (LGR)ã Dynamic Gridding (DynaGrid) – fully dynamic grid refinement and amalgamation Comprehensive Well Management ãFull featured production and injection well controlsãField, group, platform, and well level controlsãTargets, constraints, and monitoringãWell and group hierarchiesãVoidage replacementãGas lift optimization Well, Well Group & Surface Manifold Modelling ãFully Coupled Wellbore modelling via source/sink well model, ãWellbore hydraulics via hydraulics tables or correlationsãMulti-Lateral Wells Multiple Platform Support, Windows, Linux, UNIX GEM supports the following Operating SystemsWindows XP (32 bit and x64) Linux: Red Hat 7.3 (32 bit) and Red Hat Enterprise 3.0 (64 bit)IBM AIX 5L (5.1 & higher) Performance Enhancing Features  ãDynaGrid (Dynamic Gridding) – fully dynamic grid refinement andamalgamation. This unique feature places small grid blocks in themodel where and when required and large blocks throughout theremainder of the model. Typical model run time decreases rangefrom 2 to 5 times. ãParrallel Processing – multi-CPU parrallel processing is supportedproviding significant decreases in model run times. CMG’s uniqueparallellization method enables ANY model to be parallellizedregardless of the complexity of the grid or the location of wells. ãParaDyne – this powerful combination of parallel processing anddynamic gridding multiplies the run time reduction factors from bothoptions, resulting in reductions of 3 to 30 times depending on model parameters and number of CPU’s utilized.
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