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  COURSE SYLLABUS SHEET Programme: Under Graduate Degree: B TechCourse: Construction Materials and ManagementSemester: 2-1 Credits: 4Course Code: Regulation:R-1Course T! e: Core #$lecti%e # Breadth# S&'Course (rea#Domain: Contact 'ours: 4)1 *Tutorial+ 'ours#,ee.Corres onding /a0 Course Code * an!+:/a0 Course 3ame: Syllabus: UnitDetails'ours STONES, BRICKS AND TILES: Pro erties o 0uilding stones  relation to their structural re5uirements. Classiication o stones  Stone 5uarr!ing  recautions in 0lasting6 Dressing o stone6 Com osition o good 0ric earth6%arious methods o manuacture o 0rics. Com arison 0et7een clam 0urning and iln 0urning.8ualities o a good 0ric. Characteristics o good tile  manuacturing methods6 T! es o tiles.Use o Materials lie aluminium6 g! sum6 glass and 0ituminous materials  their 5ualit!.1 MASONARY: T! es o masonr!6 $nglish and 9lemish 0onds6 Ru00le and (shlar masonr!6ca%it! and artition 7alls. WOOD: Structure  ro erties  Seasoning o tim0er. Classiication o %arious t! es o 7oodsused in 0uildings  Deects in tim0er. (lternati%e materials or 7ood6 Gal%ani;ed ron6 9i0er reinorced  lastics6 steel6 (luminum< LIME AND CEMENT:Lime: =arious ingredients o lime  Constituents o lime stone  classiication o lime  %ariousmethods o manuacture o lime. Cemen: Portand cement  Chemical Com osition - h!dration6 Setting and 9ineness o cement.=arious t! es o cement and their ro erties. =arious ile and la0orator! tests or Cement.=arious ingredients o Cement concrete and their im ortance  %arious tests or concrete.>= BUILDIN! COM ONENTS: /intels6 (rches6 =aults - stair cases  T! es. Dierent t! es o loors-Concrete6 Mosaic6 Terra;;o loors6 Pitched6 lat and cur%ed Roos. /ean-to-Roo6 Cou ledRoos6 Trussed roos- ing and 8ueen Post Trusses. RCC Roos6 Madras Terrace#Shell Roos. #INISHIN!S: Prooing Dam and 7ater rooing- materials used. Plastering6 ointing6 7hite7ashing and distem ering  Painting  Constituents o a aint  T! es o aints  Painting o ne7#old ,ood  =arnish  9orm 7or and scaolding.>= A$$%e$aes: Classiication o aggregate  Coarse and ine aggregates  Particle sha e andTe?ture  Bond and strength o (ggregate  S eciic gra%it!  Bul densit! orosit! and(0sor tion  Moisture content o (ggregate  Buling o sand- Sie%e anal!sis  Grading cur%es  9ineness modulus- Grading re5uirements  Practical Grading  Road 3ote. 3o.4 methodGrading o 9ine and Coarse (ggregates  Ga graded aggregate.'igh7a! Materials  Soil6 (ggregate and Bitumen- Tests on aggregates  (ggregate Pro ertiesand their m ortance - Tests on Bitumen  Bituminous Concrete- Re5uirements o Design Mi?-Marshall@s Method o Bituminous Mi? design.A= !EOSYNTHETICS: ntroduction6 9unctions and their ( lications-tests on geo-te?tiles6 geogrids6geo-mem0ranes and geo-com osites CONSTRUCTION E&UI MENT: Crashing or o timum cost  Resources le%eling andResource allocation.=Planning o construction roects  scheduling6 monitoring and controlling  Bar chart  CPM 3et7or lanning com utation o times and loats  their signiicance.=P$RT 3et7ors  time estimates  e%ent slac  ro0a0ilit! o achie%ing roect targets -com arison 0et7een CPM and P$RT  net7or u dating.<Total 'ours Te'(Re)e%en*e B++s: T#RBoo Title#(uthors#Pu0lication 1Building material 0! S  Duggal  3e7 (ge nternational Pu0lishers2 Building Construction 0! B.C. Punmia6 (.. Eain and (.. Eain - /a?mi Pu0licationsFP$RT and CPM Proect lanningand control 7ith 0! Dr. B.C. Punmia & handel7al  /a?mi u0lications. C+u%se %e-%e.uisies: C.codeCourse 3ameDescri tionSem   C+u%se Ob/e*i0es: 1(c5uire inormation on 0uilding materials6 ro erties & there use 2T! e o materials to 0e selected in the use o construction F0tain assurance that the roect has 0een com leted in reasona0l! close conormit! 7ith lans and s eciications includingauthori;ed changes and e?tra 7or. C+u%se Ou*+mes: S 3oDescri tionPMa ing1The! ac5uire good no7ledge and selection o suita0le material to 0e used according to the roect re5uirements 2(c5uire inormation on ro0lems and construction changes.FPro%ide an o ortunit! or timel! remedial action 7here a lica0le. Pro%ide documentation o solutions to   ro0lems or commitments4Planning6 scheduling6 monitoring and controlling o construction roects !a1s in 2e Syllabus - T+ mee In3us%y( %+)essi+n Re.ui%emens: S.3oDescri tionPro osed(ctions1Pro osed (ctions: To ics 0e!ond the s!lla0us#(ssignment#ndustr! =isit#Guest /ecturer#3PT$/ etc T+1i*s bey+n3 2e syllabus(A30an*e3 T+1i*s(Desi$n: 12 Web S+u%*e Re)e%en*es: 10iea 13)ii#/istHoH  buil3in$  H  mae%ials   Deli0e%y(Ins%u*i+nal Me2+3+l+$ies:   ☐ Chal & Tal ☐ Stud. (ssignment ☐ ,e0 Resources  ☐ /CD#Smart Boards ☐ Stud. Seminars ☐ (dd-on Courses Assessmen Me2+3+l+$ies-Di%e*   ☐ (ssignments ☐ Stud. Seminars ☐ Tests#Model e?ams  ☐ Uni%. $?amination  ☐ Stud. /a0 ractices ☐ Stud. =i%a ☐ Mini#Maor Proects ☐ Certiications  ☐ (dd-on courses ☐ thers Assessmen Me2+3+l+$ies-In3i%e*   ☐ (ssessment o Course utcomes *0! 9eed0ac6 nce+ ☐ Student 9eed0ac on 9acult! *T7ice+  ☐ (ssessment o Mini#Maor Proects 0! $?t. $? erts ☐ thers %e1a%e3 by B4RAMESH A11%+0e3 by5#a*uly6 5H+D6


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