Cmu Msc Ihm-itm s2 Mhc Assignment June-sept 2014

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  Cardiff Metropolitan University MODULE TITLE: Managing Human Capital Subject to University Approval   PROGRAMME: MBA/ MSc IHM / MSc ITM   SEMESTER: Semester Two of MBA and semester one of MSc IHM /ITM   ACADEMIC YEAR PERIOD: June to September 2014  LECTURER SETTING ASSESSMENT: - David Hall / Dr Rajendra Kumar DATE ASSESSMENT SET AND LOADED ON TO STUDENT PORTAL:- DATE ASSESSMENT TO BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED:- SUBMISSION METHOD/MODE:- Online via turnitin ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assessment Type:   (Assignment: )  An individual assignment (constituting 100% of the total module mark) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indicative Assessment Requirements for the Module;- One individual assignment (of 4000 words) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deadline for submission- Cardiff Metropolitan University   MBA Semester Two- June to September 2014 term Assignment Word limit: 4000 words “Human resource strategies can be stimulating to produce and satisfying to display, but how can we make sure that they are implemented ?”  Torrington, D et al ,2011, p73 Examine a firm that has been criticised in regards to their management of Human Resources and critically assess the shortcoming of their approach and its impact of organisational performance. Critically analyse how they could integrate a more Strategic approach to their Human Resources Management and how they would benefit from the proposed recommendations. Guidelines :  1.   Thorough literature review must be seen undertaken the support the stand taken by the student. 2.   Discussion and debate on the how importance of adapting the right Strategic approach to managing Human Resources in consideration of the companies organisational strategy and in-light of the external environment. 3.   Harvard style of references should be used. Please ensure that your assignment has    A table of contents    A list of figures and/ or list of tables where appropriate    Introduction (600 words)- 10 marks    Literature Review (1000 words)-20 marks    Critical Analysis ( 1800 words)-50 marks    Conclusions/Recommendations- 600 words- 10 marks    References / Presentation  –  10 marks    Bibliography    Appendices if appropriate  ASSIGNMENT MARKING CRITERIA MARK 29 or less 30 - 39 40 - 49 50 - 59 60 - 69 70 + CONTENT: Has the question been answered? Vague, random, unrelated material Some mention of the issue, but a collection of disparate points Barely answers the question  –   just reproduces what knows about the topic Some looseness/ digressions Well focused Highly focused TOPIC KNOWLEDGE  Is there evidence of having read widely and use of appropriate and up to date material to make a case?   No evidence of reading. No use of theory  –  not even hinted at implicitly. No evidence of reading. An implicit hint at some knowledge of theory, etc. No evidence of reading. Very basic theories mentioned but not developed or well used. Some reading evident, but confined to core texts. Good reading. Good range of theories included. Excellent reading. Well chosen theories.  UNDERSTANDING & SYNTHESIS Are ideas summarized rather than being reproduced, and are they inter-related with other ideas? No theory included. Vague assertions/poor explanations. Long winded descriptions of theory. Some long winded sections. Some quotations, but stand alone. Some inter- connections. Good summary of theory. Good use of quotations that flow with narrative. Good inter-connections. Succinct, effective summaries of theory. Excellent choice and threading of quotations into argument. Good counterpoising of a range of perspectives. APPLICATION Does it show appropriate use of theory in a practical situation?   No examples No/limited/ inappropriate examples Few examples Uneven examples Good examples Excellent range of examples. ANALYSIS  Does it identify the key issues, etc in a given scenario, proposal or argument?   Vague assertions about issues.   Largely descriptive with no identification and analysis of central issues.   Limited insight into issues.   Some good observations.   Good, detailed analysis.   Comprehensive range of issues identified and discussed fully.   EVALUATION & RECOMMENDATIONS Does it critically assess material? Are there a workable and imaginative solutions?   No evaluation. Uncritical acceptance of material. Some evaluation but weak. Little insight. Good interpretation. Some but limited sophistication in argument. Good critical assessment. Independent thought displayed. Full critical assessment and substantial individual insight. REFERENCING  Thorough and accurate citation and referencing   No referencing   No referencing   Limited/poor referencing Some inconsistencies in referencing Appropriate referencing Appropriate referencing  PRESENTATION  Logical and coherent structure to argument and effective presentation No structure apparent. Poor presentation. Poor structure. Poor presentation. Acceptable, but uneven structure. Reasonable presentation. Reasonable structure. Good presentation. Good argument. Well presented material. Excellent argument. Very effective presentation format.    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Module Learning Outcome Upon successful completion of this module the students will be able to:      Critically analyse and evaluate the key functions of Human Resource Management, workforce management , people management, and intellectual capital management    Analyse the systems and structures that support effective workforce management, people management, Human Resource Management, and intellectual capital management in a variety of cultural contexts and through a variety of case study examples.    Demonstrate a critical awareness of research in the evolution of human, people, workforce management of resources and the related challenges facing organisations in a variety of cultures.  
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