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  Protecting Your Future For engine rooms and cargo hold protection Including smoke sampling system for the cargo hold Fixed CO2 Extinguishing System  The extensive use of fixed CO2 extinguishing systems Fixed CO2 extinguishing systems are used in many on board rooms, such as engine and pump rooms, separator rooms, cargo holds, diesel generator rooms and rooms containing electrical and electronic equipment. Ajax-Chubb supplies and installs CO2 extinguishing systems in accordance to current standards and guidelines, from IMO/Solas Consolidated Edition 2004, several shipping classification agencies and other authorities having  jurisdiction. Carbon dioxide has significant benefits Carbon dioxide is a colourless, odourless gas that does not conduct electricity. The density is about one and a half times that of air. It is stored in steel cylinders, and condensed to a liquid by its own vapour pressure.   How does a fixed CO2 extinguishing system work? The extinguishing method of CO2 gas is based on the reduction of the oxygen level in air to a certain level of CO2 concentration. Combustion cannot be sustained in an atmosphere containing a minimum of 34% of CO2. Higher CO2 concentrations are required to deal with certain situations such as deep-seated fires and fires involving the presence of hot surfaces that could lead to re-ignition. The cooling effect of CO2 is of minor importance.When the installation is activated, the liquefied CO2 flows from the cylinders through the distribu-tion pipes to the nozzles under the influence of its own vapour pressure. The installation can be used to protect a number of different areas or objects by direction valves in the piping. The CO2 is sprayed into the area where a fire has been detected as a gas, penetrating quickly and evenly into all parts of the area and providing overall protection. Fixed carbon dioxide extinguishing systems are highly valued for their specific features. CO2 fire suppression results in minimal damage. Furthermore, CO2 does not conduct electricity thus leading to a widespread use in on board spaces filled with sensitive and valuable electronic equipment and machinery. Ajax-Chubb has long term experience and extensive knowledge concerning fire protection on board as well as on shore. You can trust us to protect your marine assets. Protecting your on board equipment  Effective smoke detection The smoke detection system SDS-48 is used for continual smoke monitoring in cargo holds (maximum of 48 zones). For this a network of pipes simultaneously draws air samples from all cargo areas, which are then fed to the smoke detection panel. In most cases the pipes for the CO2 fire extinguishing system are used for this. The fire extinguishing equipment and the smoke detection system can both be con nect ed to the same network by means of 3-way valves.For remote display of smoke alarms and fault warnings, a repeater panel is installed on the bridge and is connected to the smoke detection panel in the CO2 room via a 4-wire cable (RS-485 bus cable).The system in its layout complies with the require-ments of SOLAS chapter II-2, regulation 13-1 (sample extraction smoke detection systems). The system is designed to safeguard against explosion according to IEC 79 and EN 50 020. Warning system and safety facilities At the concentration required to extinguish fires, carbon dioxide has an asphyxiating effect which makes it lethal for humans. It is therefore necessary to install warning systems and provide safety facili-ties to protect any persons who may be working in an area containing a fixed CO2 extinguishing system. The warning system is activated before the fixed CO2 extinguishing system is activated. Acoustic signals warn personnel present in the area in question that carbon dioxide is going to be released, and that they should leave the area as quickly as possible. At the same time as the fixed CO2 extinguishing system is activated, ventilation facilities are switched off, as well as electrical equipment and fuel supply. Areas which can be protected byAjax Marine CO2 systems: ã Engine roomsã Machinery spacesã Pump roomsã Bow Thruster compartmentsã Cargo holdsã Lamp roomsã Galleys and ductingã Engine scavange spaces Vessels which can be protected by Ajax Marine CO2 systems: ã Fishing vesselsã Cargo vesselsã Dredge vesselsã Chemical vesselsã Yachtsã RORO vesselsã Tug boatsã Inland vesselsã Passenger vesselsã Multi-purpose vesselsã Research vessels Benefits ã 100% natural gasã Does not leave a residueã Zero ozone depletion potentialã USCG and other approvalsã Environmentally friendly  More information Looking for more information about Ajax-Chubb products and services? Pleas call us! We at Ajax-Chubb are looking forward to assist you in findingthe best solutions for you Ajax-Chubb Brandbeveiliging B.V. www.ajaxchubb.nle-mail: info@ajaxchubb.nlPostbus 944041090 GK Amsterdam Locations in The Netherlands Head office / Northwest Region Cruquiusweg 1181019 AK AmsterdamTelefoon +31 (0) 20 - 5909 500Telefax +31 (0) 20 - 5909 599 Northeast Region Atoomweg 79743 AJ GroningenTelefoon +31 (0) 50 - 368 2555Telefax +31 (0) 50 - 313 8402 Southeast Region Ambachtsweg 27 5627 BZ EindhovenTelefoon +31 (0) 40 - 290 2424Telefax +31 (0) 40 - 290 2400 Southwest Region Achterzeedijk 57, unit 57, 2992 SB BarendrechtTelefoon +31 (0) 180 - 555 222Telefax +31 (0) 180 - 555 233Bijdorp-West 73, 2992 LC BarendrechtTelefoon +31 (0) 180 - 643 200Telefax +31 (0) 180 - 643 201 Branch office in Belgium Ajax Fire Protection Ingberthoeveweg 3G2630 Aartselaar (Antwerpen)BelgiëTelefoon +32 (0) 3 - 829 0099Telefax +32 (0) 3 - 829 1369 Branch office in Germany  Ajax-Chubb Fire & Safety, Marine Department Hauptstrasse 222145 StapelfeldDuitslandTelefoon +49 (0) 40 - 6082 3401Telefax +49 (0) 40 - 6758 1867 809-164064-7


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