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   Catheryn Edelstein & Roxana Toro Barrientos Collaborative Learning Project  1 Collaborative Learning Project “Online Partners” Second Semester 2014 I.   Participant Professors: Cathryn Cushner Edelstein, Emerson College, Boston, MA USA    Course Title: Intercultural Communication    CLASS A - CC203-1 meets 10-11:45 AM on Mondays and Wednesdays    CLASS B - CC203-2 meets 10 AM -1:45 PM on Fridays only Roxana Toro Barrientos, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaíso, CHILE    Course Title: Entrepreneurial Spirit    CLASS A  –  ILN-217 -51 meets 2-3:30 PM Wednesdays and Fridays    CLASS B  –  ILN-217- 1 meets 3:45  – 18:50 PM on Fridays only  _________________________________________________________________________________ II.   GENERAL RULES    This project will be delivered in English. Students will communicate online in English even if their mother tongue is Spanish.    Final reports might be sent either in English or Spanish, obtaining the ones written in English a better evaluation.    Journals MUST BE SENT IN ENGLISH    In order to get an evaluation on this project student must participate actively in phases 1, 2 and 3    Journal and report format will be chosen by each student, but must include minimum required information: Journal: record of all the communications/interactions conducted and their results. (NO PERSONAL INFORMATION ALLOWED OR REQUIRED) Report: must include an assessment of the experience itself and achievements regarding to the learning activities undertaken.    Journals & Reports should be uploaded on SGDI Web-site on due date no later than 23:30 PM. Evaluation: Journal 10 % + Report 20% = Total 30 %    Evaluation of second assignment Santa Maria Students: participation points to improve your total course evaluation  ___________________________________________________________________________________ III.   GENERAL DESCRIPTION    Classes A & A and B & B will work together in a collaborative learning experience.    This project has 3 online phases.    Chilean classes will be divided in two groups of students.  2    One group will participate doing an Entrepreneurship assignment with a partner from Emerson College on phase 2 of the project.    The second group of students will participate as co-partners & observers/managers of 2 or 3 pairs composed by students of Emerson College and Santa María University.    Each observer will be in charge of her/ his pairs of students during phase 1, 2 & 3 (1.- “getting to know you”, 2 - “getting an online partner” and 3 - “cultural analysis of advertisements ”)      In phase number 1: “getting to know each other” , observers will participate actively in the experience with his/her partner group    On phase 3 of the project all students will participate in an online private group where they will work on the analysis of marketing tools  __________________________________________________________________________________ IV.   PREVIOUS ACTIVITIES:    September 8 - both class lists and formation of cultural partners completed. Email address for each student.    Second week of September-Students are already informed of their cultural partners    Project starts on its phase 1 on September 10 th , 2014  __________________________________________________________________________________ V.   ROLES Phase 1: Getting to know you ( 3 weeks starting Wednesday 10 th , September, 2014)    Partners and corresponding observers contact online to know each other    You will have time to get to know your partner online for 3 weeks before working on your assignment!    All students (partners and observers) write a journal of their communication process in this phase    Each student must submit a journal on the “Getting to know” experience. GENERAL ADVICE: CHOOSE TO KNOW YOUR PARTNER THE BEST YOU CAN!  A).-Introduce yourselves to your cultural partners and get to know each other A good way to know a person or future client is to interview him/her about their culture. Life cycle events and holidays are part of the culture and a very good to start a conversation with someone you don´t know. Life cycle event for example are celebrated and practiced differently among various cultures  –  events such as birth, passage from childhood to adulthood, marriage and death, etc. You can also ask about holidays and their meaning. All countries have holidays and would be a good way to start a conversation with someone from another country and/or culture. Below there is a list of subjects you can ask about life cycle events you can use to know your “online partner”    3 Example, Marriage: Weddings a.   Ceremony, Timing of the event, Food that is eaten, Location of the event b.   Wardrobe/Clothing worn at the event c.   Length of time the event takes place d.   Religious or cultural person who conducts the event e.   Historical/Cultural reason the event is performed or exists f.   Who participates or attends the event You can also get to know your partner asking about his/her career, the place he/she lives (other country than US), about living and studying in Boston, etc. Remember: first part of your assignment is getting to know your partner and you will report this experience. B) Create a Journal    Create a Digital Communication Journal in which you record each time you attempt to, or successfully make contact with your cultural partner.    You must list all dates/time contact was attempted and when responses were received.    Both digital journals (getting to know each other phase and Assignment phase) will be emailed to your professor at the conclusion of the collaborative learning project.    In each journal students will report their experience in terms of: communication process, difficulties/strengths. This part should also be a reflection on what you learned during this task. Here are some prompts to help you write this part. These are just prompts: they should guide you but your reflection will be determined by your own experience and findings during the interaction. Reflect on what you expected about the other partner/ culture before the interaction, and explain how your perspective and attitude have changed as a result of this intercultural encounter.  __________________________________________________________________________________ Phase 2: Getting an online partner (Timing: to be determined) I.    ASSIGNMENT FOR “PARTNERS GROUP”    “CHOOSE AN ITEM OR SERVICE –    DO AN INTERVIEW OR CREATE A PARTNERSHIP” INSTRUCTIONS: PARTNERS GROUP    Look for a product or service; from any industry that you choose, that according to your perspective (intuition, knowledge) could be interesting to be inserted into the American market in Boston. (You can research on Internet; choose something from technology that was created at the university, a product or service created by Chilean entrepreneurs, or a Chilean srcinal product that you would like to internationalize)


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